157: Once Again Its On!!!!!
4:27:99 12\49Morn

Remember back in nineteen naughty III and hip hop hoporay were rippin up the air waves? "Put me on a planet, damn it, where all the girls look like Janet" Well, 5 years later, another Naughty By Nature record has arriveds. Working at tower records, on my way out tonight at midnight, i notice a release partry. All the new releases for April, 27 1999 would be available at exactly midnight. There were new releases by robert cray, the cranbarries, ben folds five, tom waites..... the cranbarries are ok, but man naughty by nature!!! I asked them if it was on vinyl and plop, there it was. And with my employee discount, only $5, the same price as my record. I have never been to a record release party before, and i probably never will again. So i am now one of the first people in the country to hear the Nineteen Naughty Nine. And, let me tell you its great!!!

Britney Spears, Lauen Hill, Nas..... all the chart toppers.... They are all gonna be displaced by Naughty. Well, i dunno if Nas weill, but Naughty will definately be up there. It will definately be considered one of the best album of the year twards the end of the year when all the critics favorites lists are released. All hail naughty by nature!

the most hip hopinest guy this side of sugar hill,
MC Hawkeye

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