155: Getting Fired
4;19;99 11\50Morn

Well, as you ,ay or may not know, your dear Lance is currently working about 30 or so hours a week on the third floor of the naborhood Tower Records, located on the corner of Mass Ave. and Newbury st, just one block away from my current residence. I have never been proud of it, and was planning on leaving in about 2 weeks as it was. But check this out: I've probably been fired. Why? Well, i guess there is this thing that if you get writeen up 3 times you get in trouble. I have been at tower for maybe a month and a half and i am sure i just got my 3rd. I was 5 hours late for work this morning and the 3rd floor manager didn't look happy and he said "whats up?" and i just said my alarm fucked up and i knew i was in a lot of trouble and he said "yup. why don't you go home, we've gotten this far with out you." and so i went home. But getting fired isn't nessisarily bad!!! Sure, i'll loose money, but ill have much more free time. And damn it i'm proud. So don't be telling me "sorry youre getting fire", just be proud of me :-).

Did you know that all of you got listed in my thank you notes???? If you buy my album for $5 and open the book you will find that YOU have been thanked, as i did take the time to thank every list member.

2ndly, the 2nd album looks to be a success. I have ideas for 4 new songs! Plus one that is all ready written. I won't start working on it for a little while probably, but it could be out as early as the end of june, but probably a little later. I also plan a double CD of out takes, b-sides, alternate versions and remixes to be out some time this summer too. That would mean that I would have three albums out by the end of the summer, one of which would be a compilation.

Jon S. of Snow, Pawtucket writes:

I would love a copy of the album. Please send it to me at the following address:
Jon Snow
Young Judaea Year Course section Gimel
PO BOX 24111
Haddasah Youth Center
Mt Scopus, jerusalem, 91240


Dear Jon,
When will you be back?

2nd letter of the week= Martha P. of Tinky, Winky:

lance -

I want a tape of your album. I'll pay you $5 or something to cover the cassette and postage, but I can't pay til I get home from school (May 9 or so). my address here is:
Smith College Box 7273
98 Green St.
Northampton, MA 01063-0100

btw, have you seen that movie Happiness? It's by the same guy who directed Welcome to the Dollhouse, but it's darker. I've been trying to get to it, but time, money, and a movie theater never seem to coincide.

love, corny

Dear Martha,
You crazy goon.

You know a lot of guys shave regularly, like every day or so maybe. A lot of these guys, particularly the black haired types, have this big thick but subtle black line running down the sides of their faces. This thing annoys the hell out of me, I can't look at it because its disgusting.

Also in other news: I have decided to grow long hair again. When I started high school, EVERY one had long or at least longish hair. That was in 94, at the very end of the alt/grunge era. Well, as this period in time faded out, most people seemed to get hair cuts. Even Anthony Kiedes cut his hair. Even your dear Lance has cut his hair several times. For a short period in time, the only people who had long hair still were known as hippies. This was one reasen Lanc cut his hair, is not wanting to be called a Hippy. But time has gone on, and even all the hippies have cut their hair. Realising this, Lance has decided to go back to what he liked the best. But there is a trick to it that youll have to wait to see.

Anyways, i dunno. I guess thats enough for now so I'm gonna go now and watch the Boston marithon, which, by the way, I would have missed if i had to work. So until next time, fuck you. Keep those letters a commin and visit the web site at www.giantrats.com and have a good day.

The Essence of Blackness,
Lance Romañce

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