154: today's new releases
4;15;99 3\47Nite

Today we have two new releases. Our first new release is Lance Romañce's "Sonnets Set To Music," a 23 track album lasting just under 58 minutes. An album versatile in muscal style, touching on your basic bosssa nova, such as the opening track "Urinal, Urinal (my love is astounding), to the primus style funk song called "carolina". There are also remnants of cha cha cha, indian foilklore, pancake music, educational music, some exclusive live material, punk-folk and of corse some rock n roll, and much more. All tracks were recordrd by Lance Romañce on an 8-Track tape recorder and burned on a friend's CD Burner, making it completely home made. The album, costing five dollars is now available on compact disk, and $2 for a casstte tape, makes it a swell deal. Also in cluded with the album is a "cd booklet" as well as a comic strip.

To coinside with today's April 15th CD release, Lance Romañce has re incarnated his website. Though its pretty much the same as before, it now has its own domain. The new address is www.giantrats.com (pronounced Giant Rats).

This week's first letter is from list member Liz G. of Roman, Rulers. She asks about Lance Romañce's Mp3 availability. Sorry Liz, Mp3's are currently unavailable. I would recomend buying the album. HOT SELLING POINT: Most band's sell their records between 7 and 15 dollars, usualy around 13$. For that money, you are lucky to get 30 minutes of music, sometimes you get 45. Lance's $5 for a full hour of mnusic is a good deal. The reason bands charge so much is so they make their money back from the cost of making a CD. Lance's CDs are home made, so each one costs him around 2.50. The other 2.50 I make from each CD pays for the free coppies i send to record companies.

THE 2nd letter comes from listmember Nate D of the Saxaphone, who asks mne for a copy of the tape. I ask him a question in return: now that the CD is out, would you rather have the CD?

Also of note, i get out of school in about 3 weeks or less.

Anyways until next time, buy my CD.

No Joking,
Lance Romañce

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