151: Snow Day Balls
2;25;99 5\19Nite
Aloha, children!!!! Today is a snow day so I dont have my class that I would normaly have. But i dunno. We went down and had lunch for like a whole hour maybe, but now im back in the room lissening to a Duane Eddy record, and writing a list, then i am off to Mystery Train II records. Mystery Train is one of my favorite record stores. My all time favorite record stores are Mystery Train II, the In Your Ear on thayer st, which tie for first, and the Newbury Comics on Newbury st. comes in 3rd.

Well, i guess i should start this mailing off by introducing the newest listme4mbers: Listmember Casy A. Casey is from Jamaica and he is an acrobat. Hes amazing!!! HE can swallow fire and do back flips at the same time!! And while hes doing that hes juggaling knives!!!! Ne wlist member Marc O. comes to us from the land of chocolate. He is the mayer.

Ah, burlesque. The art of old men telling jokes and pin up girls dancing a tease stripping. Sadly, many of the country's burlesque houses have been replaced by strip clubs. Though not a totaly bad thing, the essance of burlesque seems lost. Well, today I bought my self a video called "Striporamma" starring the 1950s pin-up legend, the effervessent Betty Page. A good movie. It was pretty funny, and the teasers could often be very teasful, but none the less a great demonstration of a lost art form. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to announce that when I become the mayer of providence, I shall knock down the Gap in favor of a burlesque house. Keep providence beutiful!!!

And of corse an update on my record:
-I dropped off a copy of my record at a small record lable called "heavy rotation records" recently.
-I have 2 more songs ready to be put on the record. They include "Whooping Cough Blues" and the ever-lovin classic "A Tribute To OJ Simpson". I have been using other people's tape recorders for these.
-I also dropped MY Tape recorder off to be fixed so ity should hopefully be done with in a week or so, in which case i have several songs ready to record. THese include "The Crustation Song," "Peter the Great," "Las Marracas De La Chica" and a possable re recording of "Magic Fingers.".
-The 9 songs all ready on the record ARE available in MP3 from this sight: ftp://ha:ha@
-I will not repeat that address again. Thanks to Eric R. for hosting the sight. In order to play the the MP3's, you will need an MP3 player for your computer. Mac users should download MacAmp from www.macamp.com and windows users can get WinAmp from www.winamp.com
-I hope to have the record finished, duplicated and ready to distribute by the end of april.

Ug, this list is getting boaring lately. I know it must be because I have no letters to put in the letters section, so write in about something of somesort, who cares what. There is no letters section this week because there are no letters. So.

I don't really know much what to write today. I guess I will talk to you about what seperates frogs and toads.

-Frogs have teeth, toads don't
-Frog's legs are a delacacy, toad's legs are not
-In the winter, Toads die, while frogs go south
-toads hate ants. frogs hate antalopes

and thats how you tell the difference. ANyways, i will not send out another list until I have come up with one that is amusing. So until next time, cowabunga!

The Romantic Barber,
Lance Romañce

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