149: Back To The Future
2;15;99 11\44Nite
Howdy, muther fuckers. Now, im not one of them people who sits down and watches the whole star wars trilogy or star trek movies.... i'm not a big fan of either. But today i decided that i would sit down and watch the Back To The Future trilogy. Man, im such a damn nerd. I got the whole trilogy on video about 5 years ago for 20 bucks. 've seen the first one a billion times, more than any other movie, its been one of my favorites since i was 13 or 14 or so. The other 2 i dont think ive watched since i gopt them. Its about time i did, eh??? Well, after the first one i decided i would stop by some one else's room, but my room mate was excited to watch the 2nd one imediately, so i popped it in then watched the 2nd one. Man oh man. I just finished the 2nd one and im in no mood to watch any more TV for 6 more years. But i dunno. I will watch the third one tomarrow i guess. But now i have to kill time cause my friend is at work till 12 so i figure i might as well get a mailing list out.

Good news, every body!!!! mstk3 is being killed. List member Pete M. alerted me to the good news. Last simester, Jason, my fat room mate, during the first 2 days of school, insisted we rent mstk3 the movie. I didnt really know what it was, but he said "its a lot like bevis and butt head but its more inteligent." I love bevis and butt head!!! SO we rented it. MAn, what was that mother fucker thinking!!!! Man, i saty there for about 3 minutes before getting so bored i couldnt sit down. I managed to watch for a half hour or so then gave up on it and left. What a bad movie. So the TV Show counter point is being destroyed, hoo rah!!! Now, there is a thing under way to save the show. But why wasnt there a thing like this to save Bevis And Butt Head?? WHy not one to save the creater of Ren And Stimpy??? Why not one to save Taxi?? Its all bull shit. They only try to save the crap.

The first letter this week is from list member Kristen S. of hoo, hah:


I would think that a girlfriend who plays the saxophone has it's

advantages...(wink wink)

Kristen S.

Dear Kristen,
Are you just saying that because you play the saxaphone????

The second letter is from list member Mike P. of How, Dy:

Oh, lance? Have you been reading Mac OS Rumors again? Quantum probably
ain't going to be practical for another 20 years at least. Quantum
mechanics is just another buzzword like digital.


Dear Mike,
Rats. I'm always wrong. Then what is gonna replace digital??

Agg, i need something to drink. Anyways what was i gonna say. Hmmm..... Oh yeah!!!! The federal roosters album. That has come along well. I have aproximately 10 songs completed. Some new, some old. None of them have been put on the computer yet so i cant send them to anyone, but i plan on doing that this week. Ive had trouble getting a hold of a good tape player. Everyone's, hey theres a fight out my window! Damn kids. Anyways, yeah. I dunno. I might not bill this record as being by the federal roosters. WHat will it be billd as??? Well, i could do Lance Romañce, but i am not sure how hip i am to that. I was thinking about being the Silverman Brothers or something and i could just tell people that my brother is dead. But i dunno, im still thinking. I was also think of being Dr. Dre, because i figure if there are 2 alll ready, then why not have 3. But i dunno. I might be able to do some shows. I know these 2 cats up here who are in a band called Ca$h. They said i could come up and do a song or 2 durring there set, they want to play on my album too. But if i gig at all, they will probably be back me. SO i dunno. But in the end, the album will still be free. And if you are a list member and i have your address, you will be getting a free copy sent to you in the mail. Unless i see you in which case i will probably give it to you personally. But yeah youll all get coppies eventualy.

But for now thats it. Send in some letters and get some new members and have a good weekend. Thank you!!!

Your Autobus Grande,
Lance Romañce

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