148: Oh Crap!
2:9:99 11\49Nite

Well, this issue sports some good news and some bad news, homies. First the bad news.

Well, judging by the hickey on my neck, it seems safe to assume i have a girl friend. A girl friend is bad news. However, there is a small bit of hope that it could just be a fling (which would be good), as the issue hasnt been brought up, but it might just seem most signs point to girl friend. Drat. Well, anyhow, shes a green haired, four eyed, flying tener saxist from Simi Valley california and she lives down the hall. Her name bes Leslie P, however, i prefer to call her Cecelia, and occasionaly Grechen.

And whats the good news??? Well, i hate digital, and i get saddened more and more the more i see the world turn digital. They even digitaly remaster records, which is stupid, because they have great analog recordings, and i buy the record cause i want the analog recording. If i wanted a digital recording i'd buy a CD. But they do that because the word "digital" sells.


Well, digital has its limitations. The computer industry, which invented the format, is realising that the limitations may be closer than they seem. How cxlose are they???? WIth in about 10 years, digital will have hit its limits. SO whats next??? A form of analog, known as quantum, seems to be the format of choice. Hooray!!! Digital sucks!

Ah, and what else is new, not much. Thats all i really wanted to say, so see ya later. Toot toot!

Lance Romañce

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