145: Tigers Are Eating My Face
1;23;99 3\24Nite
Hi, girls! Whats the haps! Any how, i dunno. You know I watched the state of the union address the other night. Man, that was just plain old boaring. I dont know what he was talking about, but it didnt make much sense. But anyways...

You know not so long ago, it was well known that i really just lissend to the beatles, i had every beatles record, and i knew EVERY thing you could possably know about the beatles. But so much beatles can make a man crazy. And dear Lance also wondered what the beatles lissed too, and would often try to find the origionals of songs that the beatles covered, or groups that the beatles saidf were big influences. This has shifted Lance's taste over the past few years, as he drew away from classic rock, and got more and more into rock n roll. You dear Lance also likes early 90s bands a lot, for some strange reason, he likes the strong drive. But so now, what are Lance's favorite bands these days??? Well, for no reason besides lack of anything else to fill the space, here i prsent you with some of my favorite bands and musicians, in no particular order, and i hope youll go out and pick up them all up:

Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
Bill Justis
Duane Eddy
Living Guitars
Chuck Berry
Stray Cats
Beach Boys
Pearl Jam
Rage Against The Machine
(sometimes) Elvis
Max Wienberg 7

Ok well there you go. Also, for those of you who don't know the Max Wienberg 7, they are the house band on Conan O'Brian. They are led by Max Wienberg, former drummer for Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band. Well, the E-Street Band are reunating with Bruce Springsteen for a reunion tour this spring, leaving the drummer chair open. So who will fill it??? Well, my vote goes for the montly crüe drummer who was in the biggest porno movie of the year with his ex-wife, pam anderson. Who is this drummer??? None other that Rocker Tommy Lee. I allready wrote in and suggested it to the staff at conan o'brian, and i hope some of you will help out too. Write a letter to latenight@nbc.com and encourage him to hire Rocker Tommy Lee to fill the drummer chair while Max is absent!!! Yay!

Here is my new schedual for this simester:

12p-1p: NX2: Ear Training 1
1p-2p: Ch25: All In The Family
2p-3p: Ch25: The Cosby Show
4p-5p: D: Drum lab 2

9a-11a: 1A: Principles of Production For Musicians
1p-2p: Ch25: All In The Family
2a-4p: M56: Intro. To Film Scoring

12p-1p: NX2: Ear Training 1
1p-2p: Ch25: All In The Family
2p-3p: Ch25: The Cosby Show
3p-3.30p: L: Private Instruction 2
4p-6p: 315: Contemporary Styles Ensamble

11a-1p: F12: Musical Applications of Synthesis
1p-2p: Ch25: All In The Family
2p-3p: Ch25: The Cosby Show

12p-1p: NX2: Ear Training
1p-2p: Ch25: All In The Family
2p-3p: Ch25: The Cosby Show

So you may now plan your days accordingly. Anyways, the first letter is from listmember Matt R. of Danny, Murie:

Hey Ben, I have an idea for your mailing list. Since it is a new year, an old year has just finished. Therefore, we see top ten lists of everything everywhere, such as top albums of the year. You should have a similar list, only not just your favorites, but the ones of all the list members. Everyone should send in their 3 favorite albums of 1998 and you could gather the results. This idea has many benefits: 1) you get more mail, which you like 2) The listmembers learn more about each other and 3) you get to manipulate peoples ideas and opinions some more. So here are my faves:
1. From the Choirgirl Hotel - tori amos
2. Airbag EP - Radiohead (not really an album but better than just about everything else released last year)
3. Adore - Smashing pumpkins


Dear Matt,
I all ready took this pole, and here the results overwhelmingly pointed at a strong dislike for Emily Rufo.

The second letter is from listmember Dana P. of Brittish, Columbia:

dear ben,

this is my new idea for your mailing list...it is good so listen..i know you entertained the idea of the real world...instant message style and the learning of people through profiles but i think you should have an advice column.,..cause people already write you mail and they could ask you stuff as well...good idea, eh? well, now you are thinking who will write me and ask me stuff...welll cause it was my idea ill write you something....ok...well, im at my friends house now...there are about 10 of us here...well, we were trying to watch a movie...but half the people were being obnoxious so 3 of us left and went to an outer room of the house..which was a good idea because its less aggravating and we were better able to enjoy each others company...anyway,...people keep coming in here and ask us what we are doing and converse with us for some time...they are annoying as well...especially because before i wrote you this i was in the middle of telling a story... now i have to stop because i dont want to tell it to brett also...thats our most recent intruder...besides, we dont get along well because he tries to make me mad at him on purpose- what kind of person would do something like that??? anyway, this is my question...how do you politely tell someone to leave you alone?? thats my question...im loookin to see some good lines hinting to be left alone...

have a better time than im having now,
dana allison

Dear Dana,
Actualy, the best way to get rid of people is with a simple "get the fuck away from me!". I promise you it works!!! And if for some reason it doesn't, just throw glass. As foir the advice collum, i actualy almosty did that before; On a radio station! Local station WELH 88.1 FM had just launched, and i tried my best to get them tro let me do a show, where i would say I'm a doctor, and people would call in with their medical problems and i would give them advice. For example, people might calkl in and say "My throat hurts and i keep coughing up blood," i would tellk them to eat more chease. Some one calling in complaining about a missed period would be advised that she was most likely pregnet.
Unfortuantely, the radio station didn't accept my offer and it never happond. Maybe it was because i was just 14 or 15 at the time, but maybe i should try again. I dunno. Well, anyways, would you like any medical advice??? Just let me know.

Man, this must be the worst list i have ever made. Not intresting, not amusing. What am i thinking?? Well I dunno. I guess i will send it now anyways. ANywaqys, so long.

Carnagie Hall,
Lance Romañce

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