144: Top Ten Movies Of 1998 (at the bottom)
1;17;99 3\59Nite

Howdy, kids. Today is sunday and theres not a lot to do. I am back at school and my new room mates, Dave and Rushad, are still here. Dave is ok, he can getr anmnoying some times but hes not a bad kid, much better than the last 2. David plays Bass, is from Los Angeles, and thats about it. Rushad is pretty cool. He is a vegan, plays cello, and is from Karmel, California or something. They are both entering students. Rushad is kind of funny. And he has his friends who come over enough, but i was all ready friends with them so its good. Now, my very favorite thing about these guys though, is that they take messages!!! Thats right!!! If you call and i'm out, you can leave a message. No one will hang up on you, or take messages and never give them to me, or tell you that they are me. You can call my humble phone number of 617-747-6222 and you will indoubtedabelly get in touch with me. Hoorah!

Your dear lance is pleased to announced that I am getting married. Despite the advice of the Big Bopper, your dear Lance Romañce is getting married to listmember Laura S, as well as to non list member Maura M. Your dear Lance has decided that he will marry as many people as he can. How ever, me and Laura S. have actualy planned the wedding. It will be at valentines day at the zoo, and we will be married by a hippopotomous dressed like Elvis. Our honey moon will be to Pangia.

Well, in other good news, your dear Lance has seen the new mid week rendition of 60 Minutes, called 60 Minutes II. Though the likes of Ed Bradley, Mike Wallace, Leslie Something and any one else i may be for getting, are scarce and often non existant (well, Mike Wallace was on), but the show was pleasing. It had a report about how the Russians make lots of plasma by Dan Rather and Charlie Rose reported on something else that i dont remember. But the thing i didnt like was the end. Now, i love Andy Rooney. This is an old man who does nothing but complain, and he complains avbout the things that should be complained about, such as celberaties who advirtise. Andy Rooney is fantastic, and you should watch him at 7.50pm every sunday on CBS. On 60 minutes II, they have some one who serves his same position, but hes not very good. Rats. I was hoping for more Andy Rooney.

On a sad note, they appear to have stopped airing my commercial as of new years eve. Rats os cats. Well, if time truely does heal all wounds, then it should be back on the air in no time. It still may be on just not at the same time that it has been. But eiether way.

the first letter is from Mike P. of Salami, Sandwhich:

Um, Lance, could you change my address on your list from
michael_plotz@brown.edu to mplotz@cs.brown.edu? For some reason my
regular e-mail stopped working. Thanks much. Happy Passover.

Dear Mike,
i will do this happily and, in fact, have all ready done this. How ever, i will have you know you will to pay the full subscription fee again for your new address, as your last payment was only for the last address.

the 2nd letter is from Martha P. of Long John, Silver:

dear lance -
You should read this book by Stephen Fry, Hippopotamus. It's good.
love, cornflake

Dear Martha,
I all ready told you: I can't read. But none the less i will give you 4 million dollars. Deal?

This week's hot hippo fact comes all the way from listmember Eric R:

>An angry mother hippo is the most dangerous animal in the world

And there you have it, new hippopotomous information.

As promised, here are my top 10 movies of 1998.

10. The Wizard Of Oz
9. Ghostbusters.
8. Back To The Future
7. Frighteners
6. Spice World
5. Life is Beutiful
4. Kurt And Courtney
3. The Backstreet Boys
2. Rage Against The Machine
1. Tour Of My House

and thats it!!! Next week i might have another installment of The Real World Of IMs!! Anyways, until then, gazoontite!

Andy Rooney Jr,
Lance Romañce

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