143: BAck to School 1-12-99
1:12:99 5\42Nite

Hey kids. Just letting you know I'm back at school. Its actualy much nicer here with out my old room mates. However, they sadly live DIRECTLY accross the hall now. I have 2 brand new room mates. One is here, is a bassist from LA and his name is David Hoyt or something like that. I met him and his dad and they seem good all ready. I think things will be much better this simester, things were off to a bad start from the beginning last time, now they are off to a good start. The other guy is named Rushad or something funny and he hasnt shown up yet. I'll let you know though.

Ok, so now that I'm back, i'l remind you of my addresses. My phone number is 617-747-6222. My address is:

Ben Garber
Box 1632
150 Mass. Ave.
Boston, MA 02215

So call and write and everything. I think that if you call me, this time i will find out (sorry to those who called to get my room mate who would hang up on you, he is gone)

Anyways, i gotta go, this is just a quick mail. But yeah, thank you, write, and call. Thanks, so long.

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