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Good day officer. Well, i dunno. I just preregistered for my spring classes here at Berklee. I was supposed to go Wednesday but i thought it was today, so most of the classes i wanted were filled, and i ended up with a bunch of sissy classes insted. The nice side is i have no classes on Monday or Wednesday, and here is my schedual for the spring (though it is subject to change):

No Classes

No Classes

9am-11am: Principals of Production For Musicians
2pm-4pm: Introduction To Film Scoring
4pm-6pm: Legal Aspects of the Music Industry

No Classes

11am-1pm: Musical Applications of Musical Synthesis

11am-1pm: The Music of John Lennon
3pm-4pm: Drum Lab 2

No Classes

4th of July:
No Classes

This gives me a total corse load of 10.5 credits, which is plenty for me. The only problem is all these 2 hour classes. I mean, look, i have 4 hours straight on tuesday afternoon. But oh well. What are ya gonna do about it?

The first letter is from listmember Dana P. of So, Ap:


my birthday is saturday.... i will finally be 17.....right now im a 16 year old senior. that sucks. anyway, you can get me somethin coool.....like i dunno, something cool....happy birthday to you in awhile too...

dana allison

Dear Dana,
That is the most touching letter i have ever recieved. It was beutiful!! You know, you should be an auther because you write such beutiful things. Or better yet, a poet!!! Yeah, be a poet!!! Or even better, a secratary!!! Also, i was wondering if you could pick me up some dinner on the way home. I'm in the mood for sausage. Thank you.

The second letter is from Martha P. of Tonya, Tucker:

Dear Lance,

You are welcome to your nasty opinions about DMB, and because it's your list it's fine if you express those opinions to us, but I think (for your own good, of course) you should keep your opinions out of everyone else's hair. I also think there are a lot better things to do with your birthday than ruin a concert for a bunch of people who are every bit as entitled to their positive opinions about DMB as you are to your negative opinion.
Think of something more constructive to do on your birthday, like nailing your roommates' ears to the wall, or mailing them back to Texas with a "defective product" label on them, or flushing them down the toilet (for once it won't be YOU who clogged the toilet). That will be a gift to yourself, with lasting desirable results. On second thought, you might have to spend more time in jail for the latter plan, so don't mind me...

love, cornflake

Dear Martha,
You know, you changed my mind about protesting DMB, but then you pointed that the room mate idea wouldnt work, so its back to plan DMB. Thanks for setting me straight!!! I will have a proud birthday!!!!

Send in your letters!!!! INstructions at the bottom.

So i dunno. Here are my favorite numbers:


I would like to send a shot out to listmember Dana P. for her stupid birthday thats comming up, so happy birthday. I, my self, am also in search of an elvis watch. Anyways, untill next time, so long!

your antlers,
Lance Romañce

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