131: The Ren And Stimpy Song
11;20;98 3\05Nite

Hey hey hey!!!!! Well, i was gonna complain about more of the evil things my room mates have been doing to my friends, but i thought i would delight you with much better news: they are moving out!!!! I dont know where to or anything, but who cares, cause they are BOTH moving out TOGETHER. Now the fact that they are moving out is one thing, but it just might be much much better. Why? Cause I have a 3 person room, and its one of the biggest rooms in the dorm. Excluding the bathroom, its a fantastic room and its large. And i might just get it all to my self, at least for a little while. I mean, housing could very easily send some one else in to live with me, but i camnt imagine they will send 2 together. But in the end, all that really matters is that Kyle (the texan) and Jason (the big one) are moving out, and that, my friends, gives me an erection.

So how are you all on this glorious day!!! Things are good here i guess. Well, now they are at least. Yesterday i got my very first A. i got a 90 on my writing skills quiz. I would have had a 100 but i mistook a quarter note for an eigth note, which through the whole rest of the bar off by half a beat. But oh well. How are you doing? Hows your day?

I am not sure what to write. The fact that my room mates are moving out is making me happier than ive been in months, so i dont really no what else to say. Um, i dunno. I guess I am signing up for classes for next simester. Here is what i am hoping to get:

1. Country & Western Drumming Styles (heh heh heh)
2. Basic Keyboard Techniques 1
3. Legal Aspects of The Music Industry (heh heh heh)
4. Principles of Production For Musicians
5. Midi Systems For Music Technology
6. Drum Lab 2
7. Private Lesson

Chances are I won't land all of those. But we'll see, a smaller schedual can't hurt. The other thing is I will NOT take any classes that start before 10. And thats not every day. I will have my 10 o clock days, my 11 o clock days and my even later days, maybe even a day off. I mean, i could make it so i could have fridays off. And with my own room, man it just doesnt get much better. Well, yeah it does. It would be better with out any classes i suppose, but you know..... i cant complain. Well i can, but just not as much.

The first letter this week is from listmember Kristen S. of Spike, Lee:

Dear Lance,

I had these two bitchy little roommates who were always playing K-ci and

JoJo or Mary J. Blige when I was watching tv and they used to bring their

friends to school on the weekends whe I wasn't there and I could swear that

they let some person sleep in my bed, but I could never prove it. Anyway, I

left those two hoes behind and moved in with some chich from NY whose joints

crack in her sleep. There was no point to that, just thought I'd mail you...

Kristen S>

Dear Kristen,
I am very sorry that you have room mates. All i can do is laugh. If you would like, i will buy you a popsicle.

The 2nd letter is from Corey ?. of Shabot, Shalom:

I wholeheartedly agree with the DMB defiance. "Yes! We are a band that
can play instruments! We are also god-figures to people who claim
hipness by means of a hemp neckless strung with a clay mushroom! We have
a SAXOPHONE! Thank you!" I know a number of nitwits among the DMB fan
crowd (sorry for the redundancy)and I am tired of it.
To any who might be reading now, DIE?
Ack. By means of proper Jamaican English, I shall make an announcement:
"I be one wrong MoFo."
Say, Lance, have you ever read 'Fool on the Hill' by Matt Ruff? You'd
make a good Bohemian minister.
Chaotis, clone #5

Dear Corey,
Corey, your a good guy with good moral values. DMB doesn't even deserve a saxaphone. Saxaphones should only be given to those who wear sun glasses. Hence my former room mate, Jason (the big one), who is a a saxaphone principal. This guy lissens to billy joel and rush and dream theater and emmerson lake and palmer. Notice something funny about these bands???? THEY DON'T HAVE SAXAPHONES!!!! Why is he a sax major??? He plays piano too. Matt Rufo wrote a book????? I will not buy it.

And for the rest of this letter i will just paste in some things from websites.

>In case you were wondering, Marilyn Manson has no plans to commit suicide.
>At a press conference Tuesday in London, Manson said there would be no
>need because "I'm fortunate enough not to be married to Courtney Love."

Well, with the year coming to an end, lets have your favorites polled. You know how all the major publications have the "years best" readers polls and all that crap, and because this is a major publication i have to do it too. So start sending in your votes for all your favorite things. Also, send in the things you thought sucked the most (though we all ready know it was the list).

Anyhow, untill next time, visit www.troom.com and learn!!!

See ya later.

The Entire Staff of Madison Square Garden,
Lance Romañce

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