122: The King Of The Surf Guitar
10/19/98 1:16 PM

Oh my!!!! What a day saturday was. List Member Dick M. and myself went up to Hot Rod show in Fitchburg, Ma. Looking at hot rod's and chevies from the 1950s is all good but who really cares??? We went to see Dick Dale play a free show, and man it was just awsome. He only played for 20 minutes though, and he didnt play Lets Go Trippen, or Night Rider, or even Miserlou, but that was ok. I got a guitar pick that says Dick Dale on it that he threw into the crowd, and after the show i got to meet him and he signed me a personal autograph. It reads "To Lance Romance" then he dign his name. But it gets better. Man, this was just great. I got a hug from dick dale!!!! Man, thats just plain old cool. And i have a picture of me getting a hug from dick dale, who is the king of the surf guitar. Oh, man. That was just great. Listmember Dick M. is getting the pictures developped, so anyone who stops by will be able to see the picture hanging on my wall.

The next issue will NOT be senrt from this addres of HevanScent@aol.com!!!!! I am deleting this name cause i dpon't like it enough, and it wasn't my idea. This screne name was some one else's idea. Starting next issue, i will be sending this mailing list from tendonitus@aol.com so update your address books. I will soon be deleting hevanscent.

I will also begin updating my web site again soon. So have fun!!! See yall later!!!

The first letter is from Pete M. of Bumble, Bee:


i remember your 17th birthday. you were over brent lang's house, and
emmanuel, jerry, mike and i showed up at his house. i dont know what we
were doing in the neighborhood, but we were in jerry's car, and that's
all that matters. that's the night i met brent. come to think of it, i
think that's when i met you!! was it? yeah, it was! wow. that's
before i "met" you at first night. ahh, i remember that. you weret
wearing your help shirt. i said i liked it. you gave me a hug, pointed
to me crotch, and said "i respect that!" then at clean and friendly,
you won the dance contest, then i stopped dancing with liz gately, we
were making fools of ourselves, and i tried to waltz with you. you kept
banging my head and i got dizzy and sick. wow,

i have to publicly apologize to you. i have been yelling at you since
june that you didnt wish me a happy birthday on your list, figuring you
were with me when i turned 18 at sean lennon. but tonite i looked in my
old ben lists, and i found that you indeed did wish me a happy birthday.
i am sorry. wait, no! im not sorry! you didnt say that i was at the
concert with you! just for that i wont tell you that sean lennon is
going to be in boston soon (maybe this week. screw you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love always,

pete :)

Dear Pete,
I don't think i met you on my 17th birthday. I met listmember Shannon A. that day as well as some of Lydia Whitcomb's friends, but i believe thats really it. I didn't meet you till new years eve. I danced with Liz too! I embaressed Martha.

Screw me!!!!!!

The second letter is from Dave M. of Oh, Ley!

unfortunately Ben, margaret was injured playing soccer and is unable to perform her duties as a waitress at newport creamery. I think she will be returning eventually, and I will let you know when that is, since I have Drawing and Paiting, as well as english with her. In the meantime you can say hi to Jennet Sambour or Mika Clark. You can mention that you heard of them through me and they won't spit in your food... in fact b/c they're such wonderful people they'd never spit in your food anyway... that's why I love 'em....
have fun

Dear Dave,
She plays soccer??? Oh, man. I just lost respect for her. I will stop by the creamery and ask for your new waitresses next time im in providence. You know, all the good creamery waitresses left. There was this one named Katie and she was really cool but she left. Damn it. Who runs that place anyways. I think i know why they leave though. They leave cause its awful awful..... beh.

I would like to spit at listmember Matt R. because he bought tickets to see the Dave Mathews Band. This is of corse a major rule broken, as Dave Mathews is not permitted. They are trying to stop cigarette smoking and cancer and all that, but Dave Mathews is the real disease, far more dangerous and costly. Matt R, i dispise your evil ways, giving your money to the enemy.

If you even mention Blues traveler your gonna be killed.

Anyways thats it for this mailing. don't forget the address change!!! The next mailing will be sent from Tendonitus@aol.com so remember.

Your little surfer girl,
Lance Romañce

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