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10/4/98 7:50 PM

Hello everubody!!!!! Welcome back to my mailing. This issue welcomes the welcoming of two more list members. The first one is new list member Lara W. A dirrect desendent of the apes, Lara has been called an ape for generations. She has joined the mailing list cause she feels its the only place where she feels like one of the crowd (cause your all apes. But not me, im a bull dog). New list member number 2 is the Jen G. She invented the ghetto.

My room mates were goner for the weekend!!! Yahoo!!!!!

You know, since ive gotten here to Berklee, i havent done a lot of things. Here are just some of them:

-Been inside a car
-Gone hunting
-Hurt dogs dogs
-Taken a long shower
-Slept on the floor
-Worn under wear
-Worn Pants
-Well, yeah ive worn pants
-But not under pants
-Got a hair cut
-Thrown up
-Been to Texas
-Gone to boston
-Wait, yeah
-Been inside a car
-Gone hunting
-Hurt dogs dogs
-Taken a long shower
-Slept on the floor
-Worn under wear
-Kept Kosher
-Easten Chinese food
-Seen a white person

So how are you all this evening. I am in another new band. This time. We arent really a band yet, weve been trying to play since about midnight but we keep getting thoings in the way but we will get it together. This time i think we will be better, and we have a better kind of music in mind: Surf. The guitarist is this guy from puerto rico and he was playing diuck dale and some latin hard core. Hes pretty good, i think this will be a lot better than the other one im in.

the first letter is from list member Kristen S.

Hi, I'm "the new member" My name is Kristen S. and I have no official

alliances, but I have unofficial alliances with Pete M. and Martha P.

Kristen S>

Dear Kristen,
Do you know any gang signs? If you do, that's your alience.

List member Eric R. writes:

The mayor bulldozed public gardens and community buildings where public events are held so the space can be sold to businesses and large corporations. today, swarms of people made a pirate radio station and crowded onto Broadway and turned the street into a giant protest/dance party. People dressed up, danced, threw glitter and flyers about. Then the police came. Everyone laughed at them. They tried to arrest people. They were consumed by large quantities of angry people. The riot police tried to go through the ccrowd on bikes but they failed because they could not endanger the guy on the tall tripod they built. if any of the three people holding it let go because of the police, the police would be at fault for the guy falling. i danced and shouted stuff about the mayor and ate free food. the rioters sat down at one point when the police tried another charge no one moved. the party eventually went mobile and marched down the street that was when the police were getting clever so we did too. Everyone wanted to "take back the streets" because the mayor is selling our public places. i think the world should know what the mayor of new york city is doing.

Dear Eric,
I smell a rat. The mayor was pretty good his first term, but now hes turned around and gone crazy. The mayor is trying to "clean up the city." For some reason he thinks thats what people want. But hes damn wrong. The reason people love New York is cause its not some family city. Every one is sick of all this family crap, we all want a good dirty city. And its true!!! Plus lots of indipendent buisness, and you can find all sorts of things you wouldnt find any where else. But now the mayor is trying to take away what new york is and turn it into a gian star bucks. Hes been closing down all the sex shops and local clubs and stuff like that. And what goes into those spaces after they are closed?? Most likely a star bucks or a gap or a mcdonalds or something. But hes taking away buinesses that people depend on to make a living. Imagine you owned a sex shop in NYC and it got shut down, so now what do you do??? Its been making you plenty of money for 30 years, but now how do you make money??? But hey, star bucks needs money, dont they??? I think the mayor is taking bribes, personally. I think the mayor is selling out. I dont think any mayor weho wanted to get re elected would sell so much public space to big coorperations unless he was making some other sort benafit. Hes in it for the money. Well, at least new yorkers are still cool. Protests are cool, espeshaly when its all of new york fighting corperation. Thats cool.

The funny thing i always thought about new york is that every thing is so expensive, like 3 bucks for a slice of pizza. THen they have high sales tax on top that so its like 4 or 5 bucks. You know what i mean, right?? Everything is more expensive in new york. And if you only have a quarter, you cant by anything in new york, except a peep show. I always thought that was funny how the peep shows ere the only things reasonably priced.

For some strange reason, every one has been emailing me in the word "balls". Its kind of annoying.

Last weeks contest for the case of coke-a-cola went unclaimed, as no body got the right answer. The question was as to fill in the blank of the following phrase: "Goodnes Gracious Great ______ of Fire!". Nobody got it right.

I will put the coke up for a 2nd week, but i will have a new question, here it is:

Fill in the blank: "Middle _________"
Send in the answer and you can win a 12 pack of coke a cola.

I gotta send a shot out to a list member who wishes to stay anonymous, but she knows who she is cause she was doing her hair yesterday.

Also, the Bomboras will be at the Met in downtown providence, along with three other surf bands, so be there or be square. They will be there tuesday, i forget what time, but it will be awsome!!!! They arew cool cause they dress like zombies and they glow in the dark and they are all instrumental.

Anyways, i dunno. Write in and tell me what you want for the next mailing, im kind of low on ideas right now. So let me know. And of corse, write in some letters and find some new members. It wont be long before we hit 100 members. When we hit one hundred, i will give evry list member ten dollars. So find some new members today!!!

father time's father,
Lance Romañce

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