118: Pretty Fly For A White Guy
9/30/98 4:25 PM

Hi there. everybody. Welcome to my next mailing. I think you will all be as happy as I am to find that we have a new memeber joing us. This member has no name. On top that, this member has no face, gender or allience. Anyways, find some new members.

You know ever since i've gotten here to Berklee, I really havent eaten much meat. Its wierd cause before i got here i ate a lot of meat, but i think ive eaten meat twice since I got here one month ago. All i really eat is an occasional grilled chease, but mainly just pizza and cerial. My average meal meal is a bowl of cerial and a slice of pizza, then some times just the pizza and a coke as i told yuou before. But i dunno, maybe i do eat a lot of meat. I mean, do you know how much lard there must be in coacoa puffs??? I guess i tricked my self. I probably eat much more meat than before i just don't know it.

I think I have found a possable carrer choice. This is not my major, but rather, the career I hope for: A Jingle Writer. I want to write Jingles. I origionaly wanted to be a subway driver but then i was just look at this thing of careers that berklee was suggestiong and i like Jingle Writer. What do you think????

Yay!!! ! King missle's new album is a commin!!!! You probably all remember the song they sang a few years back called "Detachable Penis," thoughh they definately had many better songs. They have a new song they play on the radio sometimes now called gay/not gay, the radio versions funny but the album version supposed to be twice as funny. It sucks that a lof of King Missles music has to be edited so much before the radio. They had a great song about Martin Scorsese and the radio just killed it.

The first litter today if from listmember Pete M. of PeteM.Ville

lancey boy!

howdee! did i win the crowns record? i really hope that i did. :)

did you get tmbg's "severe tire damage"? it's a live compilation, and
it kicks ass! i am listening to it now, istanbul is on. now it's ana
ng. it's really good.

is john lennon's sperm coming to boston or thereabouts? if he is, or if
cibo matto is, please notify me in advance. if i find out about a prov
show ill tell you. sean rocked major league on june 7, and i wanna see
him again.

i hate internet explorer 4.0. i have always beena netscape guy, but to
be easy i always just used IE. 1.0 wasnt bad, but i got 4.0, and i
severly hat it. i really do. if there is anyone out there who has the
new netscape on disk, ill pay for postage, or if you're in the greater
providence area we can meet, or ill come to your house. but please, the
download is huge and long for those of us who dont have an ethernet
connection. :( (ooh! spider is on!!!!!) please help me!!!!

your favorite martian,
pete :)

ps- particle man is on

Dear Pear,
I beleve that you were adasently wrong. The answer was not boom. 2ndly, mr. water color, you know as well as I do i don't buy CDs, as I can not stand them. Yucky, they sound like bad drum machines.
Lancer, Donna and Blitsen

2nd lettah from mutha fuckin list memba Kate N-L of Hadareesha, Mofubo writes:

Dear Ben,

I'm glad to hear you're starting up a new band that doesn't seem to suck. (Not that all your others did...) I was just wondering how it was going. I'd be interested in hearing about the other members.
Keep cool and enjoy the popsicles,
Kate (the doll!)

Dear Kate,
What doi you mean my other bands didn't suck???? Youve missed the whole point of the federal roosters. The whole point of the roosters was to suck as much as possable. I don't know about you, but i've never been so insulted in my entire mutha fuckina life. No popsicle for you, bitch!!!

Thank you. And now, write some more letters, and induct some new members.


LAST WEEKS CONTEST WINNER: Last weeks contests asked you to fill in the blank in the following phrase: A wop bop a loo bop ba lop bam ______!

I got many entries but there is only one person got the correct answer. List member Marth P. filled in the blank correctly, making it this:

A wop bop a loo bop ba lop bam I don't want that record - I don't have a turntable!

Martha, you shall have your record as soon as you can.

For those saddend that they didn't get the write answer, I am going to be awarding constapation prizes to the first 2 wrong answers. These prizes will go to listmembers Marissa L. and Leon Z. The constapation prizes are either a pack of black pens or a bottle of blue wet n wild nail pollish. The first one of you (leon or marrissa) to write in and claim one of the pizes gets that prize, and the other one of you gets the other.

This week's contest is another contest. This week you have a chance to win a 12 pack of coca-cola. Here is this week's question:

Fill in the blanK: Goodness gracious great _____ of fire.

Send in your answer ASCAP and hope for a prize!!!

By the way, the songs in the last issue with the *s next to them. * denoted being awsome.

Here is a paper I wrote for English.

Sometimes, the way people speak can be deceiving. Everybody talks in different ways and many people base a lot of judgment on the way in which people speak, particularly when the way some one speaks is in a way in which people aren’t used to hearing. People from the south speak with different accents than people from the north east, and they pass a lot of judgment about people just cause they talk in a different way.
Southerners talk very differently than the people living up here in the north east. Compare to us north easterners, southerners talk much slower, and pronounce things differently than we do up here. Also, more than just pronunciation is what people say. Up in the north east, a common way of saying hello is "Yo, whats up?" Down south, you probably won’t here that much. Your much more likely to hear the phrase "Howdy, yall." You won't here that much up here.
Based on the way people say things, people often pass judgments. Someone who talks like a southerner will often be pre judged to contain some of the following traits, based souly on the way in which the person speaks:
-They are Baptist
-They like country music
-They are white
-They live in either a trailer or on a ranch
-They are racist and homophobic and anti Semitic and support the klan
-They all where cowboy hats and boots

These judgments are based souly on the way in which a person talks. But my room mate, a native Texan, as well as his friends, who are also Texans and who spend much time in my room, are all southerners. How ever, none of them contain any of these traits. As they definitely vow that there are plenty who live up to these stereotypes, and far more so than you would find here in the north east, its not valid to just assume these things about people who talk southern.

North easterners tend to talk faster and fail to pronounce their Rs. We are also tend to wine and use weird words like "Yo," and "Guido"As a north eastern my self, its harder to know the stereo types as well, but for the most part, these are some basic prejudges of us north easterners:

-We are black, Italian or Jewish
-We all where our hats back words
-We only eat sea food

Personally, I hate sea food.

Judging people by how they talk, how ever, isn't a problem at all, how ever. Though people are often pre-judged by the way they talk, people usually know that what really matters is what people say, not how they say it. Though people do have their prejudices, they do not serve as a problem and there for is not something that really needs to be addressed.

Things like "proper grammar" are irrelevant because it really isn't proper. As proved by the video "American Tungs," there is no such thing as proper English, no matter how much school tries to tell you different. The lesson I have learned from doing this study on language is another argument on how the American school system tries to take away identity and squeeze kids into a mold. This has made the whole idea of learning grammar in school an even bigger waste of time. I mean, learning all these things about sentence structure and what ever, it all seems useless, cause no body really talks like that, except maybe on the news. If you want to learn how to talk correctly, talk with your friends and you'll pick it up. You don't need some teacher telling your incorrect thats just demoralizing. And demoralization doesn't help school performance. How are you supposed to do well in school if school doesn't let you feel good??? They make you feel like a bad person and expect you to believe that you can be a good person by doing what they say????

The way that people speak doesn't really matter to most people. Though people do have their prejudices, people usually put them aside, as people listen more to what people are saying as oppose to how they say it. The school system is teaching the prejudice, teaching that certain ways of speaking are wrong or improper. The school system is teaching the prejudice. In a day and age where we people are supposedly more excepting and open minded than ever before, the school system seems to be holding us back.

Anyways, until next time, so long. Remember to find some more members and write some new letters and some new members and more members and letters. Thanks, darling.

A Head of Lettuce,
Lance Romañce

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