117: fuck work
9/28/98 12:39 PM

Good morning all and welcome to the breakfast club. Im gonna go put on a record, so hold on a sec.

Ok i'm back. I am lissening to Alan Freed's top 15. It is a compilation of the 15 best rock and roll songs, according to alan freed. He did a pretty good job.

I would like to welcome new listemember Vikki H. Vikki is the lead guitarist for van halan. Van halan sucks. She also built the eifal tower. She did a good job. The reason she built it, though, was cause kodak was working on that advantix camera and they need something like that for the commercial. So the eifal tower was built for a kodak comercial.

What a pain in the fucking ass. I had to work yesterday till 1 am, then write a paper, then paint my nails. I didnt get to sleep till nerely 3. I had a class today at 9 am so, i expected to sleep till 9 am. But my room mates didnt aggree, they thought it would be best to play N64, talk loudly and lissen to progressive rock. I couldnt deal with all the noise when just waking up, so i went into the shower. That didnt do me much good. There is no ventalation in our crampy bathroom, so after about 5 minutes i couldnt breath well enough to stay in the shower, so i just left. Oooooooog.

And now.... Alan Freed's Top 15:

1. Kansas City - Wilbur Harrison*
2. Fanny Mae - Buster Brown*
3. Dance With Me Henry - Etta James*
4. Sleepwalk - Santo & Johnny*
5. Story Untold - The Nutmegs
6. Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight - The Spaniels
7. Hey Little Girl - Dee Clark*
8. Dedicated To The One I Love - The Shirelles
9. Get A Job - The Silhouettes*
10. Shake A Hand - Faye Adams
11. I Love You Madly - Charlie & Ray
12. Ya Ya - Lee Dorsey*
13. A Thousand Stars - Rivileers
14. Heavenly Father - Edna McGriff
15. Speedoo - The Cadillacs

Of corse, this is the top 15 as of hmmm... no year given.

But for those don't know, Alan Freed is the person who namef the style of music "Rock N Roll" Here is what Alan Freed writes:

In reply to the thousands of requests I've recieved asking what my favorite rock n roll records are, I've selected 15 of the hundreds that I play over and over again at home.
It is impossable for me to presnt this album with out thinking back to 1951 in Cleveland, where I named Our music "rock n roll". The critics said it would die as quickly as it was born. But I take note of the fact that rock n roll is perhaps the livest corpse in the history of popular music. Tunes that were recorded many years ago and launched many a youngster on successful careers are still in great demand.
"Ya, Ya" by Lee Dorsey started a career that has flourished through the years.
One of the biggest selling female well the rest of Alan freed's letter doesnt matter. I just liked it cause of what he said about the corpse. That was pretty cool.

There will be no letters this week cause all my letters were on a subject that Im trying to do away with. So send in some new letters, and while your at it, new members.


The person to answer the following the question correctly wh will win a free record. What record?? the Amazing Royal Crowns self tiitle, on limited edition red vinal. A great album by a great local band, and its bound to be a collecters item as the royal crowns gain more and more national recognition.

Fill in the blank: A wop bop a loo bop ba lop bam ______!

Send in your correct answer and you could be the winner!!!! There mnight be more than one winner.


love, your server for this evening, Lance Romañce

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