108: I Hate Honkeys
9/6/98 9:56 PM

Hi every body!!!!! Lance Romañce here, writing the first news letter from my new home in Boston City!!!! I am now residing in room 630 at the 150 Mass Ave building of Berklee College of Music.

Before i get started, i would first like to introduce the latest induction to the Listmember family: Louise E. Louise is the son of super star Faye Dunnaway, but was cast out of the family when she came down witha nasty case of lepracy. "We don't lik leppers in this house," said an angry Faye, and so Louise set out on her quest for a new home, with nothjing one of those hobo sticks with the hanker chife at the end. Anyways, Louise has found her new home, and is now libving on my mailing list, so welcome aboard.

Here a few things about m at berklee that you will want to jot down.

My address:
This is where you will be sending me gifts, money, bills, subpenas, fish, nails, hammers, hookers, cards, letters, and perhaps the nicest of all: mail. I like getting mail so please send me some. This is where you send it:

Ben Garber
Box 1632
Berklee College Of Music
150 Massachusetts Ave
Boston, Ma 02215

My tele communications code:
These are the numbers you would push on your dialing box if you would like to talk to me through voice or leave a message. This is also sometimes known as a "phone number." It is as follows:


You may also stop by at the front desk 150 Mass Ave and just have them call me or something, i dont know how that works exactly.

HOT TIP: Want to call me but dont want to pay long distance fees??? Well, if your in the providence calling area, then you can call 421-4003 and leave a message on my answering machoine. I will check my answering machine regularly and will call you back as soon as i get it.

Answering Machine Messages:
Those of you who still long for my old classic answering machine message that you have been hereing for the past 4 years, your in luck, its still there. havent herd it and want to??? call 421 4003 and hang up. Calling long distance??? Call collect 401-421-4003, then hang up, and its absolutly free to both of us. How ever, i have a new answering machine message here in boston, so if you want to here it, call 617-747-6222 and just hope no one picks up. I dont know if i will keep this one, but i dunno. Its VERY hard to tap my last one, im very proud of it.

Note: if you tried calling 421-4003 in the past week, you didnt get a message. The problem has been fixed, so feel free to call again.

Anyways, i dont have a lot to say. One of my room mates is from texas, hes ok. The other one is from around here, he lives 20 minutes away, and hes ok. I start classes tomarrow. List member Sean M. is here at berklee too, he lives in another building though.

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS TO EMMANUEL S, TARA ?, Allison J. and an upcoming to Bat M. (in case there is not another list by then)

Anyways, i donmt have a lot to say. Çome and vist, call, write, what ever. the web site hasnt been updated in a little while. But its still there.

Anyways, see yall later.

your girlfriend,
Lance Romañce

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