94: IMPORTANT please read
6.19.98 6\46Nite

Hi everybody. It has rained here everyday for the weeks, the northeast has
become the northwest. The rain has often brought thunder and lightning, which
hit here today and finished both my computer and my microwave, so i will not
be on for a little while.

SO IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME please feel free to call me at 4014214003,
collect is all cool. I will be bored, and it is my very own line, so no
worry about bothing anybody or getting any wierd parents. And you can call at
any hour cause i tend not to go to sleep very much. And i will except collect
calls, just people call and keep me entertained please. If you get my
answeruing machine, I likely wont be able to call you back, so if you do leave
a message, please call me back anyways cause i likely wont be returning
messages (i will explain why another time).

ALSO THIS IS IMPORTANT: I really really really need a ride to the DMV, so if
you live near by and can give my a ride, please give me a call, you know my
number cause its right above. I need to get ID badly, and who ever gives mne
a ride will get a free meal gpotta go now, so good bye. PLEASE call, and
please give me aride.

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