79: Peddles
4.26.98 5\39Nite

Yello, everybody. How are you all????? Here is another mailing list. Well, I am fine, thanks. Please write in mail and find new members.

I will start off this week with some shots. A shot goes out to listmember Lauren S. who turns 16 tomarrow, and another shot to list member Lani R. who's 27th birthday is tuesday. Happybirthday, kids. Lani is moving to new york soon, and to get there, she is selling hand made hemp jewlery (i.e. bracelets, necklaces, pants, fadoras....). Lani is making them all her self, and they are good too, i just bought 4. So i encourage you to by them cause they are fun to ware and it will help oyut a friend. And i know how much you all like hemp, so email lulu428@aol.com and tell her you are intrested. Or you can tell me, and I will get the order done for you. But do it, damn it.

On thursday I bought an electric bass. Largely because I have a gig coming up next friday. Next friday? Yes. Itll be my first bass gig, and I'll be singing too. Where am I playing? Its actualy moses brown, with list members Carl S. and Marrow R. and some drummer, who all go to Moses Brown. It will be at 7 pm that friday and there is no admission i think (if there is, bring money just in case.) To be honest, its going to be pretty bad, but itll be fun anyways, mainly cause i'm singing. And i'm pleased to announce we are only doing origional numbers, no covers. So come see my first bass gig, and boo and hiss as loud as you can.

I am lissening to the rock and roll hich school sound track right now. Its pretty good.

I am writing this list cause I havent sent one in a while , not cause i have soomething to say, cause I dont. I guess i'll throw in a special feature. What can I do??????? Hmmmmm...... how about i press every key on my key board, then press shift, then press option, then press option-shft.


Ok, good. I hope that a\ll comes out in your side. Alot of times, the option-buttoned characters dont show up in emails, or they convert them to regular letters. Like © (option-g) will turn in to (c). Or ™ (option-2) will turn into (tm). THat bothers me.

the first letter is from Lauren S. of Hootin, Anny:

i have often been finding myself liking trendy music... i mean... i like those one hit wonder tunes and it's bothering me... i am still forver and always loyal to my boys in Phish, but this "i like trendy music thing: is bothering me... can you help?

Dear Lauren,
are you trying to tell me that phish arne't trendy?? I don't understand. Oh well, happy birthday you son of a bitch. Good night.

second letter is from listmember Tom C. of the French-Pacific Islands:

Dear Ben,
How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

Dear Tom,
Ask mr. owl.
Damn Straight,
Love, Ben

Wow, i am so not in the list writing mood.

Here is something else you never knew about me. I cant think of anuything towrite. Watch the simpsons tonight cause its the 200th episode. Here is a story I wroote to fill up space Actualy, here is my report card from last simester of the 96/97 school year, at the yucky yucky PCD.

Garbella CURSE: MEH TEACHER: Carol B. Conrad
SEM: C Exam: D Year: C-

I believe Ben finally began to see what we meant by organization and effort. His term paper was a model for meeting deadlines and research His interpretation was good but did not take into account the broader historical context of Escher's time period and later influence. His exam demonstrated with consistency what are his strengths, a good general interest in historical questions and answers, but also highlighted in his weakness, a lack of reasonable familiarity with factual information to put those questions and answers to good use. The bottom line is that Ben has the skills to successfully attack individual assignments, even long term projects such as month long term papers, but does not have the will to attack each day with the same focus. Thus his year long, or even unit, understanding is full of holes. When he finally decides to attack each day as he did on the term paper, he will reap real rewards.

COURSE: Conceptual Physics Teacher: St eve Reeve
Sem: C- Exam: C- Year: D
Ben's efforts in this class improved dramatically during the fourth quarter. He seemed to be much more focused in class, and his efforts outside the classroom were reflected in his work as well. Ben is still very disorganized -- I don't recall ever seeing him take notes in class -- and he still shows a great deal of ambivalence toward his schoolwork, but there has been progress. I hope this trend continues for Ben next year.

COURSE: Spanish I Teacher: Kyleen S. Carpenter
Sem: C Exam: C Year: C
Ben - I will certainly miss our great conversations and all of your interesting contributions in Spanish 1 this year! I wish you luck next year, wherever you end up going to school. You have a lot of great qualities, and I recognized them this year both inside and outside of class. You are enthusiastic, honest, earnest, creative and full of life. You have a min d that is unique, and I am sure that you will find many uses for all of your talents. You finished the year respectably and I appreciate the work you did in the course. I was especially impressed with your Spanish version of the los lobos paper. On the final exam, you had some trouble with vocabulary, but conceptually you were very strong. Your strength is in your writing. Ben, I am glad to have had the opportunity to teach you. ¡Adiós!

COURSE: Geometry TEACHER: F. Forester
Sem: D Exam: F Year: C-

Ben worked well with his group as his fourth quarter grade would indicate. His failure on the final exam is certainly cause for concern. I wish him good luck next year, and I'll miss his sense of humor.

COURSE: Sophomore English TEACHER: Peter W. McCalmont
Sem: D Exam: D Year: D
This has been a long frustrating year for Ben --and, I suppose, for me too. I Recognize in Ben much greater intellectual potential than he regularly produces. His poor study habits and erratic effort have wrecked havoc with his performance and his grades. Too often Ben is not prepared and doesn't even have a book; he is late submitting work or completes only about half of the required assignment. Generally he has stumbled on the vocabulary. I know Ben has been looking at schools and I thought he might toss in the towel --but to his credit he did not; he 'hung in there' in the final marking period and managed to hand in all his work and finish with a passing grade. Ben is a pleasant person and I enjoyed his wit--but he is a very frustrating student. I wish Ben the best next year.

Absences: 3................11

Anyways, so long.

your idealess mentor,
Ben Garber

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