78: The 4the Mailing list ever
4.23.98 2\43Morn

Here is an old mailing list
Subject: 4th One
hello all. Well, after the poll, most of you wouldn't mind daily mailings and some of you would be bothered by that. Well, i've come to a conclusion: crap!
i will send out mailings when i feel like sending mailings. why waste my time when i have nothing to say? or why say nothing when i have so much to say? this will be mailed when i feel its apropriate. But, remember, you do not have to respond, if that yer problem. I won't send it daily, i won't send it every 2 weeks. So don't worry what ya voted for, i think you will be satisfied.
Our list has reached the 21 people mark!!! But Tyler still can't figure out how to join. I have recieved too questions so i will answer them. WELCOME, TO ALL THE NEW MEMBERS!!
Nate Davis of Paris, Farnce writes:
"Dear Ben,
What the hell?"
Dear Nate,
i really couldn't tell you, you should ask some one else.
Liz gately wants to know exactly who is the china republics.
Here is a run down at last count, but who knows. I will include every body who has been or is. This is NOT the current line up, for i know not what it is.
Me - Lead singer, band leader, drummer
Nate Davis - Backing Guitars, Vocals
Tyler Edwards - Bass, Vocals
Geo Leonard - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Hunter Howe - Keyboards
Nico Muhly - piano
emanuel schanzer- lead vocals
P. Josh Griffen - Congas, Vocals
Eric Remonavich - Glokenspiel
Jon Snow - Metalaphone
Josh Morganstien - Shout out vocals
Sarah Baumgardle - Flute
Javed Memon - Dancer
Christian Austidilio - Dancer
If you have any questions, and hope some of you do, please send them, follow the instruction bellow or your questions will be ignited.
Well, i have 4 finals left till i'm out of school for summer. I have applied to 2 schools, but one of them, i still haven't gotten my application in yet, and i can't say that i'm trying too hard at my exsams. I have an idea of where i might be next year, but i'm not sure, and won't say a thing till i am. But i'll post it on the list when i know.
This weekend, i saw 2 movies: Jurassic Park 2: the smell of fear, and Suburbia. Jurrasic park was cheezy. Though better then i though. Ya minus well wait for the video to see it thogh, not worth $8 a person, but i did get a nifty popcorn bucket. I saw it with brent and hunter and lindsy and loren. I saw suburbia with Emanuel and Cedric. Its by the same guy who made dazed and confused. I dunno what cedric thought, emanuel hated it. I hated it at first, but by the end of the movie, i didn't want it to end. I liked it cause it showed life, it showed real people, like the people who are always on thayre st. They might not be good people, but they are people, and i enjoy watching them. It went a bit deeper than dazed and confused, but went by the same plotless theory. If you didn't like dazed and confused, you probably wouldn't like this. Dazed and confused had much better Sound Tracks though.
The walk for life was today. But silly me, i forgot to get pleges. So will you all plege money for me? its for a good cause. Please help support aids. I forgot to walk too, but we need to support aids, its important. You should have herd the mayor's speech, what he said about miss america, wow! funny, but unexpected
For those of you who haven't herd, i decided to change my first name to Carne De Vaca. That is spannish for Meat Of Cow, or, beef. But, so i don't loose my identaty, i will make my middle name ben, and keep my last name. This will happen when i'm 18, its official. I will show you all my lisence, asuming i will get one ever....
Well, thats all for this mailing, remember to send your questions and comments and what ever to me following the instructions below, get more people on our list, and please close the window. I will include some song lyrics on the next mailing. See ya later, alligater. cha cha cha.
not your friend or mine,
ben garber

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