73: I Ate A Vegan
4.1.98 10\09Nite

Yep, thats what I bumper sticker I saw said. I found it to be amusing.

I thought I would present you today with a nother special feaure. Today's feature is called "Ben-Tang Clan." What is Ben-Tang Clan????? Well, a short while ago, i would knock at people who spent a good deal of their money on clothes, or loved to go go clothes shopping, as i thought it was silly. But then one day i woke up and thought "Ben, you love to buy t-shirts. In fact, one could say you collect t-shirts."
I thought about this for a minute until i replied and said "Ben, you're right. Shopping for clothes or spending money on clothes isn't such a bad thing." And that actualy opened my mind a lot more past that as well. Now rather than getting into where that prejiduce came from, i'd much rather tell you what it is that i like. I have thought and thought and declared my personal style "progressive". So here now is a run down of Ben's progressive style, from past to present. And now, I am proud to present this week's special feature, "Ben-Tang Clan." Here goes....

Hat - Now, my hat has been an on and off thing, largely due to schools not allowing hats. But for my 10th birthday, i recieved a biking hat with the phrase "System U" writen all over it. I wore that till mid 5th grade probably. Then no hat...durring 7th grade a picked up another hat which I started waring on weekends and became a staple over the summer: A black hat with a chicago bulls hat on the front. That hat faded, and then twards the end of 8th grade, I found a hat that on the front said "Wayne Stock" and on the back said "Shwingfest." That became my staple that summer and i loved it. But sometime that year my army hat popped up, i dunno where it came from but i found it in the house some ware and started waring it sometimes. It became my offcial hat that summer, though not a staple. Then all my hats just kind of stayed put for a while, until the end of this past summer when it did become a staple. Though I am starting to put the hat away in exchange for the item below.

Glasses - I used to ware glasses when I was little but I truely hated them and no matter how much they said I had to ware glasses, I didn't care and I would constantly break them and leave them places cause they drove me nuts. I declared that I didn't need glasses, i could see fine, but no one believed me. But a 4 year old Ben Garber refused: they hurt his ears, and I cant remember what else but they were just annoying and uncomftrable. So i went with out glasses till maybe 3rd or 4th grade when I bout a pare of cheap sunglasses at disney world. I loved those, but they sadly washed away at the beach. I tried other sunglasses after words but i just didnt like any others, so I went with out sunglasses. At age 15, my love for the beatles peaked, and as many of you know, i idlise John Lennon. Though more so then, as I had 3 pairs of sunglasses that summer that for some reason or another kept breaking or falling in the water, but I always replaced with those same Lennon styled round specs. I felt so cool in them. Again though, away with the glasses. Until last week in washington, picked up a pair of sunglasses for $1.25, and I am in love. Most of you havent seen them uyet, but if they arent on my eyes, i'm probably waring them ABOVE my head. They have orange eyes. Nothing can ever replace these. Lets see how long I stick with them.

Shirt - Now, every day for the past 10 years and longer, my upper body ware has ALWAYS been a t shirt. T shirts are great. I hate plane t shirts though. I like shirts that advirtise something, a t shirt is a way of say "my props go to this". I do not ware product eendorcing t shirts, with the exception of spam, but about 80 or 90 percent of my shirts endorse some sort of musical phenominon. The rest are simpsnons, far side or just some thing random, like "Baywatch at Seaworld." Last year, during the winter, I started waring thermal long sleaves under my t shirts. This is my longest lasting staple.

Pants - This is a very changing one. I dont remember so much before, but in 7th grade, i was noted for ONLY waring black pants. Thoug by high school, i had a little more variation in pants, all my pants looked the same. And since, my pants have become more "dressy." I like dressy pants I think, they are actualy kind of comftrable. I have recently started waring army pants, though many are in more dressy clolors (like dockers baige). So right now, I am expanding my color variaty in pants, finaly.

Undies - I wore tighty wighties until i was 10, when I switched to plain white boxers. Good. I have only 2 "fun" boxers: A pair of Ren and Stimpies that say "gritty kitty" all over, and a pair of Jurrassic Parks that say "T-rex - The largest carnivor to ever walk the earth." Then in the lower corner, they cleverly say "There's a T-Rex in these boxers." Sadly, that is an untrue statement, but it made me laugh. And it was even more untrue at 13, when I got them. I would still where them but they are both really ripped. Lately, i have not been whereing boxers shorts as much, or any under ware. I where under ware to school now, but not on weekends, nights, vacations, ect... Now some may ask "But doesnt that hurt when it scrapes against the zipper?" Yes. But a majority of my pants have "zipper gaurds" on the inside. And, even more comfertable, are the button flies on the army pants I have been waring more frequently as of late.

Socks - No comment.

Shoes - I used to just ware Basketball sneakers. But in 8th grade, i became a converse only kind of guy. I think converse makes FANTASTIC shoes. I do not buy any real sneakers though, just off beat ones, and a few pairs of chucks. But i like shoes that nobody else has, which is why nike and rebok are out of the question. Converse choice of styles seem unlimited. But what I like best when I can is sandles. I ware sandles most of the year. But you all ready knew that.

So theres how i dress I guess. There are also, of course my usual blue nail pollish, back pack and army jackets. But I am currently revamping my style, part unintentional, but I am trying to find more things that I like, and widen my colors. I dunno, we will see what happens. I am exploring. I think my hair cut set something off.

The first letter is from Lauren S. of Jingle, Bells:

Dear Ben,
girrrrrrl... you'll be a woman sooooon...

Dear Lauren,
YAY!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!! HOOORAH!!!! HOOORAH!!!!!!!!! I have not herd better news since ever!!!!! Yay! Yay!!! I cant wait!!!!! I will by you a house. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. oh, wait.. You said girl??? I am still a boy. I guess you werent talking to me. Damn. :-(

PS. So when will I be a woman?

The second letter is from Marissa L. of Gorbachav, Butafuco:

Hey Ben
Just wondering if you want us to pick up the tix tomorrow morning, if it's too short notice, and you can't do it, or whatever, no prob. I'll check my mail. I've been periodically checkin in with Newbury for that guy you've ben looking for, no luck so far, but I'm keeping my eye out wherever I go. Later.


Dear Marissa,
Sorry, I all ready sold them to some girls at star bucks. John Fruciante stuff can be hard to find. But, hey, maybe you can find some one else to get you tickets????? I dunno. Good luck, dude.

So what do you want to know you didnt all ready know? Well, when I was in 5th grade, I would stay home from school sick, go to my parents room and watch the price is right. But durring the 2nd half of the show I would het antsy, so I would some times go into my mom's drawer and try on her bikini. Most of you probably expected that, though. But, man, that sure gave me a hell of a hard on.

Anyways, WRITE LETTERS AND GET NEW MEMBERS!!!!!! those are my instructions. Thanks.
until next time, see ya later.

channel 6 meteorolagist,
Ben Garber

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