66: Special Issue
3.1.98 7\14Nite

Welcome back everyone. Here is the special issue I promised. Though it is no more special than anyother issue, it is special in its very own way. So here it is.

Yo, yo, yo!!! We got member number 60!!!! Thats almost 100!!! So I will start saying there are 100 listmembers. If you say 60, people might think you're a nerd. Its like people asking you what time it is and you say "its 11.23." Just say 11.30, because its really 11.30. Only nerds say its 11.23. Anyways, I would like to welcome new listmember Lani R. She joins us from the home town of Conan O'Brian: Brookline, Mass. If you called her a boston native, that would be a lie because she is origionaly from New Jersey. And, even though her students know her merely as a 2nd grade teacher, she works at a club as well. Mama Kin, the club that Aerosmith owns. Welcome, Lani.

Well, I went today to the record store. Among a few other things, there are two 7" records that stand out.
I have been looking for a little while for a 7" single of Radiohead's Paranoid Android, largely due to the fact that it has an unreleased b-side. I am also kind of hoping that the version of Paranoid Android on the single is an edit. Anyways, I went today and was excited to find it, and immediately put it in my pile. So i went to put it on a few minutes ago and I found that WOOps!!! I mistook the Karma Police, the radiohead's other single from the same album as Paranoid Android, OK Computer. They didn't even have Paranoid Android, my brain was just working funny. I wouldn't be as woops as I am now but I all ready have the Karma Police 7", which leaves me with 2. It is backed by an edit of the song "Let Down," from the same album. So if anybody wants it, let me know and its yours.
And another 7" tale: A bout ayear ago, I was lissening to the radio when the Red Hot Chilli Peppers came on. It was a song I hadn't herd before, but I liked it. But at the same time I knew it was a Dave Navarou song, and you all know how much I hate that man and I hate the chilli pepper's work that has been done since his joining. Though one hot minute had some cool songs, such as pea, but that song was all flea. Trandesending and Walkabout were ok, but they were not great. And the rest of the album was horrable. But this song wasn't on the album, so it had to be a new song. And I liked it too, and I was mad at my self for liking a Dave Navarrouu song. Oh well so much for that.

Well, on a some what unrelated note, I picked up a 7" single of the Chilli Pepper's song "Soul To Squeeze." I hadn't herd this song before either cause it is only available on the Coneheads sound track, so its not on any chilli peppers albums. And I was really excited because it featued my all time favorite guitarist: John Fruciante. John was the guitaristt on Mother's Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Its his geious that brought us the wonderous Under The Bridge, and many songs far better than that that most of you don't know. Anyhow, I was very excited when I put it on my turntable and found that the song I herd a year ago was this song. No wonder I liked it!!! I was scared before cause I was a fraid that I liked a dave navarou song. Its never fun to like someone you hate. Good to have that burden off my shoulders. I also got a Saturday Night Fever poster.

And in a sadder note about my favorite guitarist, I've herd a rumor that he has died. I've been expecting that because he became a heroine addict soon after leaving the Red Hot Chilli Peppers back in 91. That would make 2 RHCP guitarists in a row to die of Heroine. The first was Hillel Slovik, also known as the Israli Cowboy. He, as well as the first drummer, Jack Irons, was RHCP's 1st guitarist, though he didn't appear on the first album. They were both on Frekey Stley (produced by george clinton) and The Uplift Mofo Party Plan. Jack and Hilel were the best friends in the entire world, they did everything together. So when Hilel died, Jack Irons went nuts. So nuts in fact that he spent 3 years in an asylum. Thats when Chad Smith and John Fracante joined. Then john left and they went through a hella bunch of guitarists, then kicked out the last one when Janes addiction broke up and Dave Navarou was free, dave becoming their 4th album guitarist. Chad Smith is still with the chilie peppes. Jack Irons is no longer in an asylum, and is now drumming for pearl jam. He is Pear Jam's 2nd drummer.

List member Matt R. took me and non list member Julie something to see Letters to Cleo. It was ok, nothing great. But it took for ever cause Paul & Al were and we needed to wait for them to finish drinking on stage and 2 opening bands until Letters To Cleo came on. It was all right though, but Julie had to leave before they finealy got on. For those who don't know, Paul and Al are the morning team on 94 HJY, a local radio station (its 94.1 from sount county up till boston.) Paul And Al wewren't that great but i giot to meet one of them. I'm not sure which one, but I tried to shake his hand but he coudn't cause he had a beer in each hand. Anyways....

Tonite's first letter is from Marrow R. of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

Dear Ben,
i, rich, would like to offer all the listmembers a little program that
decodes ben's issue "Rock Around the Clock" just email me with your
parents credit card numbers at spluge@ici.net please put the line "praise
"bob"" in the subject of the letter

<start part of letter not to be printed in the list>
hey ben this is morrow your listmembers are incredibly stupid huh thanks
for giving me permission to swindle them
<end part of letter not to be printed in the list>

thanks for being punctual

Dear Marrow,
No problem. You know, it wouldn't be such a bad idea to throw in a couple of those "fuck work" stickers in with the decoder.
Noob noob

The 2nd letter is from list member Jen H. of Caddyshack II:

Dear Ben,
Hey whats up. That lightning scared the shit out of me but it stopped. It hit the towers on the hill that my dad lives on. I screamed because i heard the thunder. It sounded like a tree fell on top pf the roof. Anyways talk to you later.

Dear Jen,
Next time it is thundering lighting, just remember that its not real. Lightning is harmless, it just looks kind of scary. But it is really perfectly safe. So next time that happens, feel free to go out side and have a smoke or two, because lightning doesn't really exist. Its just one of the symptems of cholora.

Please send you mail to the instructions at the bottom.

wow, this mailing is getting long. Sorry its so informative. But every issue I make, it always has to be either entertaining or informative. Either you like something from it or you learn something from it. Its really impossable to do both. This one just ended up being informative, I guess. And too damn long. But as you all know, I'm not a big fan of the editing process. Oh well, there i go informing you again. You can usualy tell the entertaining issues cause thats when I tend to talk in ebonics. Not on purpose, but thats just how i end up writing it. I tend not to think about it much. Sorry bout that.

Well, this week's album recomendation is, as much as I regret it, a greatest hits collection. But every so often, a band comes along who has so many great songs, but the albums just ain't worth it, let alone hard to find. But no motown collection is complete this week's album recomendation: The Jackson 5's Greatest Hits. A motown classic, it sports the wonderful signatures ABC, I Want You Back, Who's Lovin You and I'll be there. Two of my personal favorites are the last 2 songs: Goin Back To Indiana and I Found That Girl. Though there are 1 or 2 or maybe 3 songs I don't like, this 11 song antholagy is a must have. Its beutiful, but at the same time you can dance to it. I strongly urge you all to get it if you haven't all ready.

Anyways, I guess thats about it. It will be a little bit befor e the next list becxause this one was long and so close to the last one. So I will make up for it buy giving you all more time =to hit the ignore button. Anyways, good night.

Your hunting companion,
Ben Garber

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