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2.11.98 9\52Nite

howdy, partner. Its ben again with the latest fassions in and style in the world of your mother. Today's guest, Patsy Cline. Hello Patsy, what's new?

Hey ben, its Patsy here. I'm cooking Pasta. Back to you ben.

Thank you Patsy. My vacation is over but i have another week off next week. I can't take all this time off from school!!!! I'm gonna go nuts if i don't have to work!!! I can't take it!!! I would now like to hand the microphone to beache boy Carl Wilson. Hi Carl, how are you?


GOOD LORD!! CARL WILSON IS DEAD!!!!! That's right ladies and general men. You ever lissen to the beach boys and you here that high voice? That's Carl Wilson. I believe he was also the lead guitarist, and he took over as the main song writer when his brother, Brian Wilson was no longer able to write. What songs were his??? The most well known example would probably be Kokomo. Carl Wilson died this past weekend, i think it was the weekend of i believe heart falure and a brain tumer. I tried to warn him but he yelled ta me and said "its not a tumor!!!!" but then look what happond.

Did you know that when I was 6 years old, my parents and their friends were driving on Block Island, and I was in the way back. The radio was on and Surfin USA came on. My parents and their friends thought it was funny for some reason, but I fell in love instantly. When we got home, I demanded to get the tape, which was just like 4 bucks or so back then, and i didnt ask for much so my parents desided they would get it for me. I lissend to that tape again and again. Then at camp i was talking to people about how great the beach boys were, and they all said they loved California Girls, so that was my next tape. OOOOOOOOH i loved that too. Then i just started collecting, and hence my love for music and its collection came to be. The beach boys were the only band I got into thouhg, the only tapes I bought until I discovered the fat boys a short time later. I then was in love with both the fat boys and the beach boys, and no one else. Then on the 4th of July when I was 8 years old, I was watcching the walt disney world 4th of july special, and at the beginning they said there would be a live preformance by the beach boys as well as that fat boys!!! Can you imagine how happy that made me?????? It was hosted by Vanessa from the cosby show and the host of Double Dare, I still might have it on tape some where, and i wtached and waited through a lot of crap and stupid perades, but finealy it came. A live performance. But not by the beach boys OR the fat boys. it was even better!!! What was it????? I live preformance by the beach boys AND the fat boys. I probably wet my pants. They did the whipe out rap. wow, that was something else.

It was only a couple of months later that Kokomo was released, and a supporting tour. I went to see them in concert!!! i probably wet my pants again. But my musical taste started to draw me outward and on to bigger and better things until finely, some time after I turned 10, my love for the beach boys disapeared, and by 11 I hated them. thats the sad truth. And I hated them till I was in the 8th grade when someone in my music class did an oral report on the beach boys (we all had to do an oral report on a musician or band, I chose Dr. Dre). After that report, I went home and put on my beach boys tapes again, and I was in love again, but that died after a couple months. And it stayed dead for years, until about 2 months ago, i became slightly intrested in them again. I really like the album surfin USA, but the rest of albums i i havent liked as much in my resent lissenings. But my record collection had not a single beach boys record, as hard as that may seem to beleieve. The this past weekend Carl Died. Today, I purchased Fun, Fun, Fun and little duice coup, and they are now in my record collection. (Though I won't be posting them on my record webpage until tomarrow sometime.)

So in conclusion, I would like to say farewell to non-listmember Carl Wilson, a man who, in part, was responnsable for my love for music. Or i like to think so. See ya later, dude.

I would like to welcome letters containing beach boy and carl wilson memories. And what the hell, fat boy memories too. Did you know the fat boys were gonna get back together in like 96 or so, but Prince Markey D (one of the members) died. But please, pay your tribute to carl here in my mailing list.

The first letter this evenin:

listmember Jerry St. J. of But, Ler.

Grrr Ben,
My very own, one of kind, once in a life time, 18th birthday comes and
goes (February 7th) and do i get anything? NO... NOT EVEN A HAPPY
BIRTHDAY or anything. Well, I guess you sure showed me how much you
care, so much for the king of the lions.


p.s. how did the hair (or lack there of) thing work out?

Dear Jerry,
Its kind of funny that you say that, as i have absolutely no memory of you ever wishing me a happy 18th birthday. I guess you showed me how much care too.

p.s. is my hair working? what a strange question.

Listmember Rachel S. of Choo-Choo-Choose Me writes the following.

Dear Ben,

You mentioned Surge, the new soda in the green bottle, in your last letter. i think you should know that Surge is horrible, evil, diabolical, corrupt, and even downright bad. It poses as a normal soda, but do normal sodas give out samples? Do normal sodas come in green bottles? Are normal sodas called Surge? NO!!! Surge has recently been exposed as part or a huge conspiracy to take over the world. Don't drink it! Ban Surge! Ban Surge! Death to the green bottle! Unite for Freedom, Justace, and Pepsi!

love always,

Dear Rachel,
Actualy, Rachel, if you look on the bottle, you will notice that Sploosh Soda is made by Coca-Cola. You know, you never wished me a happy birthday either. As a result, I have reopened the Ben Garber Happy Birthday Hotline. Please, anyone who would like to wish me a happy birthday, call 401-421-4003.

PS. happy fucking birthday jerry.

Please keep sending in those mutha fuckin letters.

A few months ago, i had a shoking realisation about list member Lana B. What name in the history of the world sounds more like the title of a beach boys song than Lana (with the exception of Barbra Anne, which is actualy not theirs, it was origionaly by the Monotones)? Thoughj I knew of know beach boys song called Lana, I desided to look for one, cause you know a name like Lana has to be a Beach Boys song. I looked and I looked and there it was. The song Lana lies on the album Surfin USA, which happens to be this week';s album recomendation. So pick it up if you don't have it. Its not as poppy of an album as some of their other stuff, the b-side has a nice mix between pulp fiction style surf (in fact, they cover the song that was the theme for pulp fiction) and four-seasons stle music. Its cool like dat.

I hate bell atlantic. Remember when we used to have New England Telephone and phone calls costed 15 cents? Well that was cool!!! But remember when they became NYNEX and phone calls cost a quarter??? That was ok cause we all used quarters to make calls anyways and we never got change, so it was like it had been a quarter to make calls in the first place. But now they have murged with bell atlantic and phone calls are 35 cents. A 10 cent increase was outragous in the first place, but when you think about it, the price has really doubled. why is this? Cause we all pay in quarters, and rarely have the nickles or dimes required to make a 35 cent call and when we put in 50 cents, we don't get change, but we often have no choice. And 50 cents to make a phone call is absolutely outragous, especialy if you get an answering machine!!!!! That means that if you need to call some one and they aren't home, so you try another number and they aren't there either, you just lost a dollar. And dollars are useful. It costsa dollar to make 2 phone calls. And if you put in 15 cents, that doesnt count twards your time durration. You still only get 3 to 5 minutes beforethey expect more money or else they cut off your call. Bell atlantic is a horrable company and I hate them. Too bad I don't have any choice as to weather i want to support them or not. Everybody, we just got screwed.

Anyways, thats all for now really. The next issue will be special. Anyways, see yall later, mannnnnnnn.

Good night and thanks for the bread.

your bread giver,
Ben Garber

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