58 Math Free
2.1.98 5\07Nite

I here by declare my self math free!!! I will be making t-shirts and
buttons and patchs bearing my newly coined catch phrase. Why math free?
Well, let me explain please.

On the other day, i went to school to get me report card and meet with me
advisor, KC. KC said that I have brought up me spannish grade up from a D
last quarter, to a C. Congradulations, i thought to my self. Though my
work wasnt fantastic, my spannish teacher put my grade up because she saw
me put in extra effort. I guess my efforts paid off. But theres a down
on the upside. My efforts in spannish came at a cost, as last quarter's
Bs in math and history both fell to C. My writing grade remained at B
and me economics grade remained at A. But economics is one of those
classes where you can only get an A or F, theres no in between. So who
knows what i should have gotten. This has turned out to be my first
d-free report card since middle school. i gave me a pat on tha back.

So then I had to go sign up for all my classes again, which we desided
would all be the same. But I told my advisor that i dont want to take
math because I hate it and i hate it a lot and i have filled my math
requirment so i dont NEED to take it. he said " I think it would be a
good idea for you to take it. Math is good for you." So I said "look
here, mutha fucka!!! I refuse to take math>" ANd he said "ben, you
really should take it." But i convinced him to let me take journalism
insted, so i have no more math, and I here by declare myself MATH

Friday night I was excited because I was going to go to a party. But I
didn't know when or if it was still on or anything and i didnt want to
just walk up to the house and find her parents weren't going to be gone
or what ever, because it wasnt official when i found about it last
weekend. So my i asked my connection, list member Carl S. to find out
about it, and he PROMISED me that he would call me back durring the day
and let me know. I was depending on Carl, and you know what? He let me
down and never called me and ruined my friday night and didn't even
apolaigised. Can you believe some people?? That made me angry. And
carl didnt forget cause he has a photographic memory all most. If you
see carl, tell him that you disaporove of what he did.

last night I went to my first formal dance: the Classical High School
Winter Ball. It was at Johnson & Whales Inn At The Crossing or whatever.
I do not know, i do not go to Classical. I went with list member Lana
B. About an 8th of the list members were there. For the most part it
sucked and i hated it while i was there. I'm not a big fan or formal
parties. But when I look back at it, it wasn't so bad. it was kind of
fun actualy. Then afterwords we went and hung out with list member
Shannon A and her boy friend. that was cool. Shannon wasnt at the dance
though. All and all, the evening was not worth the 25 bucks it cost to
go. But i'd do it again i suppose. List member Shannon A has convinced
me to go to the prom. Not with her though. I will go to the classical
prom with the firt person to invite me though. And for that matter, If
you (or any one you know) need a prom date for an up coming prom, no
matter what school you are at, i will be happy to escort you, who ever
you are.. You're friends will be impressed with you by bringing such a
wonderful date. I will even dance and get drinks for your entire table,
and will go along with any stories you tell. So if you need a date,
choose me. And I might even pay for my own ticket. But If i am asked to
like 6 proms, i will need at least a partial discount. But i will pay
you in full eventualy, i want to go to as many proms as i possably can.
Thank you.

The first letter is from listmember Leon Z. of Initiol, Blancoukdj.

Dear Ben
Spice girls rule!

Dear Leon,
This is true. Have you seen spice world yet? if not lets see it.

Listmember Marrissa L. of Hucha, Hucha writes.

Dear Ben,
hey..can't wait, my b-day's Feb. 6th...I'll be 17! wihoo!

Dear Marrissa,
That night is the same night Max Creek will be at Lupos. 8 bucks. I'm
there, dude.

Everybody, its time to recruit new listmembers. I have not gotten ONE
NEW LIST MEMBER THIS MONTH!!!!! Please find more thank you.

this week's album recomendation features the hit song Do Ya Think (I'm
Sexy). That's right, it's Blonde's Have All The Fun by the older, cooler
Rod Stewert, not TOO long after he finished singing with Jeff Beck Group.
Its a cool album. If you want it let me know.

come on come on come on come on.

Time to go. see ya later.

your prom date,
Ben garber

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