54: Subject: Happy Ned Year!!!!
Date: 97-12-29 14:00:49 EST

Hello, everybody!!! You know what time it is??? I dunno. I went the
other day to the DMV to get my Photo ID but i forgot my Social Security
number. My mom was VERY VERY VERY angry. Then we went to New York this
weekend. New York still stands as the GREATEST DAMN CITY IN THW WORLD!!!
I love it there. But i could never live there, there's just too much
going on there, i wouldnt feel relaxed. There is ALWAYS stuff to do and
so i would just be too over whelmed, ya know???? I don't know. Oh
well..... But the best thing about New York City is you and me. So
start spreddin the news!!!

I really like aerosmith. The Fan Club said that if was a member, i could
get a seat to their shows with in the 1st 30 rows garenteed, and so I
spent the $16 it cost to join, just so I could get better seats to their
show this summer. 2 weeks after I joined, they announced their tour, and
their 2 nights at great woods this summer. So i called and they said my
account was invalid and ll that so so much for that. Now they are having
this big old 2 or 3 night run at the fleet center in Boston until new
years, and the fan club doesnt even bother top tell me. I found out from
the Pheonix, and by then they were sold out but oh well, i wouldnt be
going any ways, but what a crappy fan club. DON'T JOIN PLEASE!!!!!

Hey, New Years eve is gonna be another one at 1st night again. ANYONE
WHO WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US IS WELCOME!!!!! There will be maybe 30 or 40
of us maybe??? I dunno. We are gonna meet at 9 am at the Westin hotel
for an ALL YOU CAN EAT BREAKFAST!!!!!! Just for us!!!! We will meet in
the 2nd floor dining area. Its great, we do it every year. Then we go
around 1st night, and then we are getting hotel room that night and we
are all gonna stay in a hotel room. Is this cool??? COME ON, JOIN
US!!!! But, how ever, if you PLAN to com, it would be helpful to send
me a note so i can tell Emmanuel, who is in charge of the whole thing.,
and we need to have a postulative number so we know how many people the
buffet will be prepared for (its JUST FOR US!!!! NOT HOTEL GUESTS!!!)
However, i guess its ok if you just show up, but it would just be
helpful if you can. And also don't tell 50 billion people about it cause
again, we can't sereve 50 billion people, unless we know ahead. Who else
will be ther??? Well, names some of you MIGHT recognise might be LARS
DREW or CARL SMITH. Do those names entrance you??? Well, then come. Or
come anyways, and meat those names, damn you.

ok, well, here is one from Rachel S. of Safari, Kalamazoo

Happy day, we finally bought that new computer! (Maybe my ferarri is
coming next!) However, the new computer is being v*e*r*y difficult about
getting its modem installed...suffice to say, I'll be offline for a
little while. Hope to back on within a week or so. Happy holidays, and
watch Scream II, it rocks!

the ever-suffereing

Dear Rachel,
Your words a bigger than god. Please refrain from speaking so damned
lagely. Anyways, I got a new modem my self. It was VERY easy to
install. Just plug it in, and double click on the installer and
PRESTO!!!!! I'm traveling at 56k!!!! Not that you care.

The 2nd is from Ankle, Toes of Sean M.

I don't think I am going to go this summer, but I got accepted for next

Dear Sean,
What the hell are you talking bout, bother?

I have gotten VERY filled up on rcords. I found some great ones,
including the soundtrack to Revenge of The Nerds. But one of my rarest
finds was something that was released in 1995. When I first saw the ad,
i was disapointed to see it wasnt being released on vinal, but then I
discovered it just 2 days ago at Tower Records in NYC. Minus the red
blinking light, i found Pink Floyd's PULSE.

But of all the records i got in the past week, the best one is so damn
good, called "The Cars". Its by a group called "The Cars." I love it,
i've lissend to it 6 times though or so since I got it, just 3 days ago.
And I have been away so i haven't lissend to much. Its cool, its got a
lot of Moog Organs and Guitars that sound like Moogs and damn its so
cool. Catchy bass lines, fun with distortion and "call and response"
style singing. Songs you might know??? over half of them are!!! When I
first put this on i thought it was a greatest hits collection. Songs
include "Let The Good Times Role," My Best Friends Girl", "Bye Bye Love",
and more!!!! Its so good!!! Get it!!!!

I would like to dirrect you all to
http://www.tiac.net/users/yahtzee/rehkids.html because thats where you'll
find a list of all my records. Be dazzled by my collection, cause I want
to show it off, i'm very proud of it. If you want any tapes, just let me
know and I'll try my best, babe.

Any ways, here is something ELSE that I wrote. So remember the
Your Jaguar slaying fiend,
Ben Garber

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