51: Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 21:06:40 EST
Subject: This One's For The Children

Fuck the children, this one if you. I'd like to welcome you all to
another issue of my mailing list. I am mailing it. No new members
today, but if you would like to tell any one how to sign up, please tell
them to do so. Joining instructions are at the bottom.

Elton John's song Candle In The Wind was origionaly written for Maralyn
Monroe. As you all know, it was resently re-dedicated to princess
dianna. Rolling Stones guitarist Kieth Richards said about elton john
"He makes his living off of dead blondies." I am hoping that Elton, who
was named after my street, will continue his tradition by singing the
next rendition of candle in the wind for the now late Chris Farly. The
ex-SNL star is dead. Though I haven't heard exactly what yet, I have
herd 2 rumors: one is that he had a heart attack. This seems likely,
drank and smoked hevily and was 300 lbs. But the other rumor also seems
quite possable, is that he ODed, but they aren't saying on the news,
cause people don't want him to be remembered as a drug addict. My
favorite things of his were when he was in wayne's world and when he was
that guy who would call up arnold swartzenager on SNL, he was a talk
host, and he would call up arnold and say "you remember that scene in
terminator when you were on the motercycle?" "Yeah," Arnold would say.
And Chris Farly would say "That was awsome." And that was all he said
durring these sketches pretty much, they were really funny.

so where have i been???? around. nothing to say though. well,
maybe one thing. I saw a movie in thursday called Wings Of The Dove, or
something like that. It was an indie movie at the Avon. I didn't like
it. It was a brititish film that wasn't funny (they exist!) that took
place in the 30s. But i couldnt hold my attention for long enough to
figure out what was going on. God, how boaring it was. I also saw
scream 2 last saturday. I am not gonna talk about it though, not till i
here from ALL of you that ALL of you have seen it.

i forget what else has happond so here we goes:

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