49 Subj: Lord, Take This Make Up Off Of Me
Date: 97-12-09 20:38:43 EST

Hey!!! I just typed up the list and lost the whole damn thing, but was
able to recover most of it. So here it is best I can get it. Though some
things might not make much sense as I am a bit to lazy to proof read and
edit out ALL the key strokes and things I deleted. But I would like to
welcome new list member Megan M of virginia. And I want to make a goal
for all of us to hit 75 members by the end of january and 100 by mid
march. I KNOW we can do it so let's stick to gether and do it. Prizes
WILL be awarded. NOW you will get to see just how little time i spend
carefully thinking about what I write.

I would like to send ourt a few shots. First to list member mike M. who
turned 19 the day before thanks giving. My first shot goes t out to list
member John L, who died 17 years ago tue monday (december 8th. ). John l
L. was one is one of my here . In fact, he came up with this week's sun
ct, it was his parody of Bob Dylan. omAnother shot goes outr to de
Derik Y. of , who turnedlist member 17 on sunday. Another shot goes
out to ME who turned 18 this sunday. , And last n= but not least, List
member Dana Nolastname. She changed into a 16 year old on saturday??
Anyways, this list issue is dedicated to both John and Dana, 2 people who
I have never met.

Anyways, since the last letter, stuff has happond. Not long after
sending it, list member Car rl S. and Emmanuel S. showed up at my house
and took me out. I ran into We wondered and ran into A non list member
Alyssa R, list member Nico M, non list member Hillary J, list member
Rachel S, list and non list members Lars D. and Jen ?. Nolastname.
Blah v blah blah. Then the next day was the day of birthday.Sylvia S. ,
Which i met Ben T, non list member. Anyways, blah blah blah, non list
member Jim, then I met 2 new friends : Megan and Candice of west
greenwich. Hung out, went home. Then wa ent out with list member Lana
B. for qa bit. Thats the outline.

M What did people get me? Here are the f gifts I got so far :
Parents: Record Player, B Roling Stone Book, Cake
Pete List members Pete M. o and Martha P: a letter from leo Pope Leo X
and son me one else.
Kist member Emmanuel S: A Classical high school drug info thing
List member Lana B: A slice of Peperoni Pizza
List Member Jen B: A 2 bottles of sparkly vodka and a patch with a frog
playing G guitar
List member Jon S: Brown university trading ardscsports
Va List member Val H: list custody of her sister
List member Ben G: some records
non listmember Ira G: Tried to throw out my shoes, that whore!!!!!

Have i gotten you YOUR gift yet? Send it a long:
Ben Garber
98 Elton st.
Providence RI 02906

But I honestly don't want a gcare a bout a gift. I Though the ben Ben
Garber Happy Birthday Hotline is closed, I have O opened the Ben Garber
Belated Birthjday Hotline. at 401-421-4003. A happy birthday is nicer
than a present. don'tv

anyways, now that that that that that is out of the way, lets answer some

The first is from Pete M. of Katchad, Up. P.


hapee birtdae! i would love to be in your movie, if you would want me.
i can drive, but alas have not a car. i also could help emmanuel with
technical stuff.
are you going to first nite? thats where we met, remember? we danced
the night away, and you gave me a bruise on my head from the tango.
in sibling pairs, you forgot me and liz g. we're not related, but ask
anyone, we're brother and sister.
would you mind putting a little advertisement in your mailing? im
having a play on the 12th and 13th of december at the classical high
school auditorium (between westminster and broad). its called "Noises
Off". its funny. its cheep ($4 in adv./ $5 at door), and i run around
in boxers. white boxers, with red hearts. (oh, at 8:00). i really
hope you can come. (and liz - you too).

pete :)

Dere Pete,
i If you would be in my movie, I would be in your car. But t oh, never
mind. Yet , you can be in my mo vie. I plan on meet going to 1st
night, but no promise. But I plan on it. I have to see what ec xactly
is happening else we here 1st (night). But I'm soprr rry to inform you
that I do NOT advirtise on my mailing list. Bye the way, please buy
lucky charms, for the best tasting marshmellows of any in a boz x.

the 2nd letter is from Jill M. of Hyats, H 83

hey sexy! my birthday is on december 30!!! i won't be little anymore!!!
hahaha. now i can conquer the world (anyone who would care to help can
email me at MysticVamp@aol.com)!!! so anyway, i was on thayer today cuz
we were on a feild trip and our teacher told us we could eat lunch
anywhere we wanted (we ate at spike's of course, the kick-assest
resturant in the world). it kicked ass cuz i saw little kid who i haven't
seen in like forever. yup, i guess thats all i really need to say.
ok, i will talk to you later! bub-bye!!!
<3 ~ Sweety

Deaf r Jill,
I would like to concqer the worl as well, but i do not want to help you/
. I want to do iy y self. Happy birthday anyways though, I . WHat the
hell would you do witha field trip to thayer street?????? Spikes is
Just to go to spikes? I syu upose its worth it... Say hi to Jordi next
time you are there. I dunno, I know most of the guys there. I get free
hot dogs some times!!! and cookies aso sometimes and stuff. anyu ways,
what was the point of this letter? Fu ljsjlhfdskln'fekl

ok, this issue is bad enough as it is, but here is the story of list
member Dana Nolastname:

im supposed to be writing a 10 page paper right now on maya angelou- but
who wants to do something like that on their birthday weekend. i live in
a boring town in the chicago suburbs which would not be anything like
longhorse, columbia, but if you like decieving the people of the list,
then by all means do so. my birthday weekend was not so great because i
was supposed to go downtown on saturday with jessica- who is also a list
member and my best friend, and her stupid ex-boyfriend wanted to come so
we said wed wait- but hes stupid as most guys are, no offense to you, so
we ended up waiting 5 hours for him and by that time it was too late. im
in cross country and track but i havent run in two weeks because im lazy
like that. i got electrocuted twice when i was little- once when i stuck
a knife in a socket ot try to unlpug a radio and i melted the knife and
once when i touched the prongs of a vaccum cleaner that was plugged in
and my foot started to shake. the only food i eat is salad with doritos
on it- for breakfast and diner- and chocolate icecream with magic shell.
how do you have time for this mailing list if you are workin on a set
all the time. is that your job?? how was your birthday weekend? i hope
it was better than mine- but from a newly licensed person point of view,
it does make a difference that you can drive. i dont know where you live
in rhode island and if you even need to drive anywhere but its worth it.
and i am impressed by both you and dave- whoever dave is besides the guy
with the tapes. and you didnt tell the list what you were in the movie
except for the fact that you were in it- and i do not know what you look
like so how will i know- perhaps maybe you should give us a ben garber
profile. well i must get back to my paper now. have a good birthday.

why are you impressed???

This week's l album recomendation is by far the best authorised Jog hn
Lennon album out there (though his BEST stuff is only on boot leg). I
It is called Walls and Bridges. None of his GIGANTIC h songs o are on
here, thpo ough some of you might recognise the sonm gs "Whatever Gets
You Through The Night an " and "#9 Dream". I My favorites off the albuj
m are "#9 Drea,m am and d "Scared". I thin But it is a prettty
album, a sad album. One to lissen to with the lights off late at night
just before bed. I tre recomend it.

I was walking home from school today, thinking of what I shopuld do now
that I'm 18 that I couldn't do before. Then, like a sign from brown, I
saw a sign advirtising a blood drive today. How perfect!!! Because you
have to be 18 to donate blood and it is a goiod thing top do anyways. So
I went and donated blood, good for me!!! but I soon learned that you
actualy had to be 17 to donate love. What a waste of a year. blood
Oh well, good for me.

anyways, seeing as how this mailing has nothing of much intrest to say, I
will send it off now and w send the next one off when it ios has at least
some quality. Bye bye now. SO long.

Love, your as
your ang list writer,
Ben Garber


fun> /h1><I= s>n wit===

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