42 Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 18:50:11 -0500 (EST)
Subject: My new movie!

hey everybody!!! I am making a NEW movie!!! This one i am making
myself. It is my own origional thing, and i am the writer, directer,
a star, like mel brooks or woody allen. Its about me and some friends
and we are just chillin on Thayer st, when one of us gets kid napped.
then we have to go have a big chase and end up in seekonk square. Thats
where we have a big fight and don't get the kid back and the kid dies.
But whats the twist? The twist is through out the whole movie, disco
inferno is playing and every one is dancing what ever they are doing.
wether they are running or driving a car or dying or just being chill,
they are dancing. Why? Cause EVERY body has the fever. SO WHY DO YOU
CARE??? You care cause i need YOUR help to make this a success. Yes.
YOUR help. WHat do i need your help with? Well, first I need actors.
And the only way you can be a n actor is if I like you, which means
body on this list can be an actor. Just let me know. But i need at
LEAST 2 actors with driving skills, including a car. (this is for the
chase seen). If you can provide driving skills, you automaticly get a
good part. 3rdly, I need a video camera. I might get a cheap used one
for my birthday, but thats not a garentee. I will also need video
editing capabilities. I need to make sure everything stays with the
music, so if you have good video editing capabilaties, which i wont have
till my graduation present arives, and have experience editing video,
can help me as well. This will take a lot of time though, but if you
would like to be in this movie, let me know. Sillyness is a plus.

I have not inducted a 50th member yet, sorry. But the 50th member gets
special prize, and so does the person who convinces the 50th member to

Well, i got my grades today everyone, i was sirprised. My normal grades
consist of One B 1st quarter and all the rest of the year it is all Cs
and Ds. Welll, this year i am at a nicer school, and my parents arent
my back much and i'm happier in general and i got my self 3 B+s and a D
and my 5th class isn't giving grades this quarter but I would have an A
if he did, said my teacher. Wow!

I am also sad to announce that REM drummer Beetle Baily left the band.
am not a gigantic REM fan so i don't care too mmuch, but i like rem
sometimes. They had their ups and downs. But they just didnt have the
fever. Poor saps. Fuck em all.

WHO LOVES MY BIRTHDAY???? I know I do. I'm turning 18 on december 7th.
Did you know that? I knew that. What can YOU do about that? I know
all want to wish me a happy birthday in a sweeter form than the internet
allows, right? That is why I have set up a few ways you can wish me a
happy birthday. The 1st way is calling The Ben Garber Happy Birthday
Hotline (401-421-4003), where you can leave messages on my machine or yu
can wish me actual birthjday happines right to my ears, or you can just
get a busy signal. The 2nd way, which isnt as nice or loving or in the
happy birthday spirit, but will still be nice of you is to send me
or a prsent or something. Home made cards are the best though. You can
send them to Ben Garber Or you can give them to me personally. But
before you knowit, there is 98 Elton st. yet a 4th thing you can
You can come celebrate my birthday with Providence, RI 02906 me.
That would be the ultimate
thing you could do in the jolly USA old spirit of my
birthday. Or you could do all of those, or none, its up to you really.

the first letter this week is from the brain of Jill. M of Yo Mama.

Dear Ben,
i wasn't sure if this was the right address to write to for the mailing
list thing or whatever you call it, so if it's wrong, fuck it! sorry,
i'm sick and delusional. i'm not in school (not that thats bad) but i'm
gonna have a ton of makeup work that i'm not looking forward to. like
care, tell me to shut up any time now. anyway...i'm so sorry to hear
about your shower, i hope the problem is corrected soon. also, i wanted
to thank you for not helping me with cliff, you did a great job :-).
i must depart now, i will talk to you later...just remember, if a
comes along, you must whip it.

Dear Jill,
Did i mess up the whole cliff thing? I hope not. Oh well, anyhow, my
shower is still broken. If you are sick, i will make you some toast or
something. Would you like that? I dunno. Blah blah blah, ramble ramble
ramble.... I hope that solves your problems. Better luck next time.

The 2nd litter is from Emily S, also from Yo Mama.

Dear Ben,
you write:
> Carl, you were ment for Richard Berret, you were fantastic in that
action thing
> we were in. I forget the name, but you remember? with christy the

That was "Lights, Camera, Murder!", Ben. It was rather funk-de, I
thought. I ran lights for it, and Missy Allard got to shoot off the cap
gun. I was upset about it, but we drank absurd amounts of Jolt, so it
OK. And Richard jumped up onto the stage after running around the
auditorium. And I gave a tee-shirt to Buddy. Fun stuff. BYE!

Dear emily,
You ran lights? I vaguly remember that. Who ran the camera though?
ran the murder? Those are questions that i feel i have forgotten. A
of orange juice and a stickey note are not what I'm looking for. Buddy
cianci? Whats that guy gonna do with a t shirt? When ever i see him
naked. Oh well, bye bye, pumpkin pye.

This week's album recomendation is Kriss Kross's 2nd album: da Bomb.
just kidding. It is really a nice pretty album called Judy Garland's
Greatest Preformances. For those of you who don't know who Judy Garland
is, she is someone we all grew up watching every weekend. She was
Dorathy in The Wizard of Oz (remember seeing that 100 times when you
little and not seeing it since?). Anyways, this is a nice album, it
includes some where over the rainbow, but also some others you may or
not know. My favorites include Sweet Sixteen and The Trolley sSong
(clank clank clank went the trolley, ding ding ding went the bell....).
This was introduced to me by friend Brent, and one day about a year ago,
while walking down Wikiden street, I found a box full of records just
sitting on a garbege can out side a record shop. The records included
some Edbert Humperdink, 2 Chipmunk christmas albums, some Bing Crosby,
the sound track to The Sting, and the rest of it was all crap really,
i took them anyways. But this record was in there and I love it.

You know that we have 3 sibling pairs subscribed to this list? Well,
do. There are Mike and Martha P, Jen and Val H and Ragina and Jen B. I
just thought you would all like to know that. If we could get Matt R's
sister Emily, Jon S's sister (whos name i know but eludes me right now,
but his mom's name is wileen and his dad's name is steve. Steve is a
lwayer, who, if i'm correct, helpped get Buddy Cianci kicked out of
office back in 1981 for beat that guy up, and ever since, cianci has
sending death threats to his family), and if we could get Carl S's
Mary, that would make for 3 more sibling pairs, bringing the total up to
6. How intresting would that be?????????? I'd give it a four.

Well, i guess thats about it for now.

1. 50th member needed.
2. Actors and props and crew needed for my movie
3. My birthday is 12-7 and i will be 18.

See yall later, bye bye.

Ben (not to be conffused with the word Hen or the number Ten, or
friend Ren)

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