41 Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 01:17:10 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Hi everybody!

This is your lovely chum ben again. whats up? Sorry about last week's
mailing. I read it over afterwords and was kind of embaressed by it,
what an awful mailing. I apolagise. But, on a brighter with a lighter
note, we now have 49 members: Mike P, brother of long time list member
Martha P. He is a marster of jugling any thing, even children. He can
juggle children. It is cool to see. Do you remember a few months ago,
set a goal to reach 50 members by my birthday? Well, I think we can do
it. Just one more!!! And i will have a VERY SPECIAL sirprise for all
you once we hit 50, so get those moters tumbling. And for those of
who have forgotten, my birthday is 12-7. So you can send prsents if
you'd like to Ben Garber 98 Elton st. Prov. RI 02906. But presents
mean a thing when I've got friends like you righht? This is why I've
up the Ben Garber Birthday Hotline, where you can call and leave me a
special birthjday message, or maybe even get to wish me a birthday of
happyness to my ear, or a busy signal.You can call the Ben Garber Party
Line ate (401)-421-4003. But better than a present, better than
come to my birthday party!!! Hang out with me on my birthday, and that
is all i could ask for. Thank you!!! You make it all possable froom a
grant from public funding and viewers like YOU. Anyways, on with the

"what has been up to all week?" some of you may be asking. Well, I will
start off this mailing by going through my week day by day and telling
you about it. Since nthe last mailing was on monday, so lights and
camera and some action, jackson.

Monday - Just so you don't forget, I am skipping monday.

Tuesday- It was veterans day. I was supposed to have a drum lesson, but
i didnt cause the drum room was closed for observance. So i took the
night off.

Wednesday - I started taking my first official by choice piano lesson.
This excludes what I had before the age of 4 and in music theory corses.
This was my first take at jazz piano. For those who wonder, my teacher
is Rod Luther at the music school, at Nathen Bishop.

Thursday - My funk ensamble. Last week, i had trouble with funk
be cause i just wasnt feeling the funk. But I had spent the whole
evening lissening to saturday night fever. Disco isn't really funk, but
its closely related, so when I got there I was ready to start funking.
We all got funked up, it went really well, better than ever before. I
wish I had a tape, we played some James brown and just grooved around
I learned an important lesson this night: If you know have to play a
cirten feel of music, its good to lissen to that feel in preperation for
it, before you get there. You can't lissen to Bob Dylan and then go
something funky, cause your feeling isnt all there, you still feeling
folk, when you HAVE to feel funk. And it makes it that much better.
That was one of the most highest feelings i have felt in a long time
playing that night, that was really fab. I am really feeling the drums
lot better than I used to. I am merging, like a musician should. I
I am merging. I am being proud of my self.

Friday - I met list members Liz G. and non list members Nico M. to go to
moses brown to see a play starring list member's Matt R and Carl S.
play was HORRABLE!!! Sorry guys, but no one could act, it was a bad
to begin with and god damn it was bad. I have never seen Matt in a play
before, matt, you should do a better group to join. Carl, you were ment
for Richard Berret, you were fantastic in that murder action thing we
were in. I forget the name, but you remember? with christy the
directer? Nico and Liz desided, and i was happy to agree to leave. But
(this was durring an intermission), i was stopped by list member Rachel
S. And ended up staying cause i guess I would hang out with people. I
met some new people that night, tthey were cool. Well, some of them. I
ended up staying there till 12.15 cause a girl named julie's parents
never picked her up, so she asked me to keep her company, so i did.
was kind of cool, i am proud. But it was cold as ass. Can you believe
it snowed?? It shouldnt snow this early!!!! Not till late december!!!

Saturday (today) - Well, I was gonna see list member Tara's play, but
desided I would take the night in, and california was to long a drive.
But about 9.15, list member Lana S. invited me to see the movie Ice
Hornet or something like that at the avon. So we went and saw it. Lana
works at the avon, so she got us in for free, and she got me a popcorn
and soda, that was nice of her thanks. But oh well, t was free anyways.
Anyways, Ice Hornet had the girl who played Wednesday in the adams
movie, only this time she played Wendy. The movie, which took place at
the end of the Nixon thing, was confusing at first, but ended up sad.
:-( It ended up very sad, actualy. But it was good, i think yall
see it if yall got the chance. It was like a mr. fantastic, but it was
good, its worth the down payment. Anyways, I just got home and its now
an hour intro sunday morning, and I am talking to list member Shannon.
Hi shannon. Anyways, I don't have anything to say about sunday yet.
well, yeah i do. On sunday, i talked to list member shannon A. and
a list. anyways, its time to answer letters.

List member Pete M. of tacoma, aroma writes :


Sexy sadie, what have you done? benjamin, i was just wondering
if you could help me. you see, ive been tired for the past 15 months,
and i dont know why. could you help me? also i dont know punctuation,
but thats okay. i dont count. i missed that day of first grade.


ps - bottles and cans. just clap your hands.

Dear Petey,
i think what you should do is. That helpped me when it happoned to me.
Here is an example. You see how easy It is? Good luck.

List member Jen L. of Mister, MR writes:

Hey Ben
There should be more people like you who don't know me yet still wish me
a happy and speedy recovery just because they're good people. Your
HevanScent letters made me happy while I was in pain (or in another
because of pain killers)
Thanks a bunch!
Luv ya

Dear Jen,
What a touching letter. You know what I like? Pizza.

Gosh, that movie put me in such a soft kind of mood, jude.

If anybody here wants to here a song I wrote earlier today, it goes like
this. But remember, I own the rights and you are agreeing to the terms
at the bottom oif the letter by reading this. here it go, joe.

when it snows
when it snowsit rains
it always rains
when it snows

when it snows
it rains
so its to school
that i still have to go

whem it snows
it pours
and the snow
just turns to slosh

When it snows
it rains
and i get cold wet
slosh in my socks

When it snows
When it snows
It rains
twice as long

When it snows
and rains
It never is
any fun

(spoken ending: HEy!! it's snowing!!! Yay! Yay! Its snowing and its
not raining!!! It a Blizardo!!! yay!! Oh, fuck!!! Its satuday.....)

well, I have mmonday off from school, and tuesday, and wednesday and
thursday. Can you believe I go back to school on friday? damn, the
weekend goes by too fast.

This week's album recomendation is Madonna's Erotica. Sporting the
track, a cover of Fever, and a nice song called bye bye baby, deeper and
deeper, i really really like it. Its a different kind of pop music for
madonna on this album than her previous ones, she has grown up, yet kept
that kind of young madonnaesqe atitude. It sports more funk and more
sampleing than the previos, and is more beat driven than pthe previous
ones, which are more based upon cachy melodies. You know, some where, i
have a tape of Madonna performing fever witha full orchestra on the
arsenio hall show. Annd it was a special show, cause it was is 1000th.
And it was at the Hollywood bowl. And she came out again and sang the
Frank Sinatra's The Lady Is A Tramp with Anthony Kiedis. But i cant
that tape. But get the album, its really good.

Well, it's 1.15 now, so i will be gone. Please send me your recapies of
distruction. Bye bye.


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