36 Subj: XTC vs. MARKEY MARK
Date: 97-10-26 14:39:40 EST

First of all, please stop apolagising i didn't get that part in the
movie. I aerenbty would have had the role, but they desided to do some
more searching in new york. You can find anyone in new york, so
naturaly, they found siome one better. But so what? I'm still in the
movie, and I start shooting on thursday. I am one of the people who
hangs out with the role I was trying for, so i bery well might have a
line or 2. But thats not cirten, but i still am going to be in the damn
movie, and i got a pretty damn good role too. So stop your fussin and
see my movie, damn it.

Last night i was supposed to see They Might Be Giants but I lost my
ticket :-(

My record player is finaly officialy broken. Its unusable. Fortunately,
I was finaly able to get a new one. I managed to get a bit of advance on
my movie payment and my birthday, which is commin up., and i got THE rec
player. A Techniques SL-600 or something like that, this is the record
player all DJs use, be them scrachin DJs or radio DJs, they all use this
model. WHich is why it was sold out, so we ordered it to be shipped to
me, which is good because that way I don't have to pay tax, insted I pay
shipping, which is hellah cheaper. If i get enough money from this
movie, I plan on bying a 2nd one. the bad news here is that it doesn't
come till wednesday, so i can't lissen to my records till then. I also
picked up a vinal bag, which is ment to carry 12" records around in the
rain and protect them from damage and things, so I got that too. I am
now all set, or at least i will be on wednesday. The good news, however,
is that I found my They Might Be Giants ticket just in time, and rushed
down to lupos as quick as I could, only to be greeted havily by my fans.
The opening band, Lincoln, sucked. But the rest of the show was really
cool. Hi-lites were The Guitar, Particla Man, Ana NG, S-E-X-X-Y, New
York City, Actual Size, Twistin, Istanbul, Birdhouse In Your Soul...
They did most of the greats. No covers though. IN teh middle they
started playing latin music and got every one to do a conga line. When
the conga line ended, i was about 20 feet from the stage and they started
playing The Guitar, and i went in as close as i coulkd, i fought to about
5 feet away. That was prettyy cool, but i was smooshed between all these
people and all i could smell was perspration and who knows who was
swetting on me. About hlfthe lst was there.

I would like to wish a happy birthday this week to list member Wierd Al Y.

Thew first letter is from list member Leon Z. of Rumford.

Supreme Dictator Benjamin-
I, supreme ruler of the Maltese Empire, declare war on Elephant Country.
Being the ruler of the empire, I am also commander of the Maltese
Liberation Army, whose power is unmatched by any country of the modern
day and age. Now, its main task will be the conquest of Elephant Country.
The bombing will begin in five minutes. Civilians will be the first to
go. (then your house)
-Supreme Ruler of the Maltese Empire,
Comrade Zeff

Dear Leon,
Though it may be true you are unmatched by any country of the modern day
and era, keep in mind that Elephant country is from the future. Be
prepared to die, mortal feend. Secondly, if for say you do rage war on
elephant country, after it exists, you will not be able to destroy my
house, cause I will not have one. I will have a cassle. And 3rdly, with
our security provided by list member Eric R, you have no chance.

The 2nd leter is from list member Matt R of Eg, Ypt

Hi Ben. You can let everyone I'm going to New York City for a couple of
days, and will not be available for services until I come back.


Dear att, I am letting people know, but considering you sent this letter
in June, I am wondering why you want me to let people know. I like your


To set the record streit, I would just like to make it known that list
member Jessa S is now 16. got 62 more to go now, have fun!

This week's ambum recomendation features the man who did orchastral
aranging on R.E.M.s Atomic For The People: John Paul Jones. His then
band, Led Zeppelin, put out my 2nd favorite ablbum of all time, their
last official album, about 18 yars ago or so. It is called In Through
The Out Door. It was released under 6 different covers, but covered in a
paper bag, so when you bought it new, you didn't know which cover you
were getting. I have collectr the covers. The CD now gives you all 6
front covers in the booklet, but I think it emits the back covers and the
sleave. Led Zeppelin tended to put to gether excelent packages.

The album is more driven by Jones than any other zep album. It starts
off with one or those obscure organ intros that you would find on many
albums at the time, like steve miller or pink floyd, done by jones here.
the 2nd song, led by piano, was again led by jones. He plays a big part
in Foll In The Rain, the album's only single and probably the only song
youll like the first time you here it. Hot Dog is more jimmy, but the
next song is definatly Jones, as it is an epic led by keybord. Then the
last too are both based upon Jones's keybord orchestra, providing them
with nice string leads, and a horn solo. All Of My LOve is the 2nd song
you will like. This is an album that takes time to apreciate. But it is
the most visual album ever made, i can see everything it plays, its album
that requires low light too. Or no light at all, its a dark album. It
also displays some of Robert Plant's best vocals, and definatly his best
lyricly. I really like Hot Dog and Fool In The Rain's lyrics. I never
though o him s bing a great lyrisist for the most part. Hot Dog displays
some great work by Jimmy Page, and Bonzo has some fantasytic great
rythems here. No other drummer wooild have come up with such a
complimenting rythem to fool in the rain, and thats a really tough one
too. And jones also laid down some cool bass lines.

Though many of you have probably herd of the fantastic shows Led Zeppelin
would put on, you probably missed them. And even though page and ptcame
on tour again in 95, that was only half of led zeppelin. and you
probably that too. I know I did. But don't fret, because they are
touring again in 98. And rumor has it that jones will be on this tour
too, which is as close as youl;l ever get to seeing Led Zeppelin since
Bonzo died years ago.

I always ;liked the idea of burning whiches. This is why I'm having the
anti-which lawas restated io the national government. Do you support
this too? write to your senator.

Any ways, I'm offa to a do a nothing. Maybe some work.... I dunno. See
you all later. Remember: Get new people to join and write letters. See
all of you later.


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