35 Subj: my MoViE
Date: 97-10-22 22:37:19 EDT

well, i have some bad news. I did not get that fantastical part i was
trying out for. But, hey, it was an honer just to be nominated. But i
still have a not bad part in the film. Though i do not no what it is
yet, they still want me in the film, just not as the big role. But thats
ok. Thinking about this whole thing, i thought of a story i like to call
The Pretty Goose. See there once was a tribe of goose in a lake. And a
new thingy of goose were all born one day, and were all ugly little
fuckers. Except for one. This one was beutiful, like a ray of beuty,
the arch of a rainbow, this was the prettiest fucking goose this side of
the Chatahoochie. Because he was so beutiful, the other goose made fun
of him, called him naughty names and things like that and out cast him.
The goose cried and cried and wonderd off and fell asleep. When he woke
up, his tribe had gone and he was lost. So he saw some passing ducks,
and just kind of followed them around all day. It was a mother duck and
her baby ducks following her around. So he just kind of got at the end
of the line. And he fit in. The duckilings loved him, because he looked
like a duck. And so the goose became a duck and was happy from now on.
I thought that kind of related to the situation, ya know? I wrote it my
self. Thanks, thanks, very much. But you may not use it cause it is

I would like to apolagise to list member Quack42, as he is a pretty goose
too??? idunno, blah blah blah.

Hey yall remember my comercial i made this summer? It woill probably be
on TV constantly by the end of the year. A movie and a commercial, lucky
me. To bad the comercial sucks duck crap. oh well, watch me.

Another inresting thint is a movie i saw last night, called Spike And
Mikes Sick And Twisted Animation Festival 1997, or something like that.
There were some pretty good ones. Like "No Nexk Joe". No neck joe is
this little guy who has no neck. He has a chest, then a head, and his
arms stick out of his ears. His friends bought him a present, and joe
was happy. Joe wonndered what it was. AMaybe its a ball? Or a toy
ruck! Or rollar skates maybe? He opend it up and frouned. He heled up
his gift, and it was a button down shirt and a neck tie.

Another good one was Dirty Birdy. There were a bird and a cat on a tree
branch. Then the bird turned around and mooned the cat, and this
wonderful music started playing. And he kept mooning him like 3 or 4
times, and the music kept playing. Then the cat punched the bird off the
tree and the music just stopped.

Then the bird came back up to the branch. And you know what happend? He
mooned him again!! and the wonderful music started playing!!! And he
kept mooning him, until the cat kicked him, and the music stopped again.
That went on for about 3 more minutes. It was so god damned funny!!!

NO NECK JOE!!! There were a bunch of neck joes. There was one when Joe
was with his friends. And they are all just standing there, looking up
at the clouds. Well, joe isnt. He wants to, but he can't bend his head

Then another one i liked was a take on little red riding hood. And it
started off and she said " I used to be little red riding hood. But I've
grown up. Now i'm little RUDE riding hood." And she was a hooker. SHe
was on her way to grandpa's though, not grandmas. And she had to hitch a
ride, and i dunno, it was rather sick but damn it was funny. I want to
show it too all of you.


The first is from lsit member Emily S. of Jacksonville, Paris

Dear Ben,
The Crucible illustrates that people's private motives often have
concequences far beyond their own lives. Select three characters from the
play and show how their personal motives contribute to the outbreak of
hysteria in Salem.

Dear Emily,
John procter chose to beat his peers upon the face when ever they came
neer. This caused him to loose a lot of friends. Anna Boxembaum chose
to cast spells on little girls. This caused her to become a witch. And
thirdley, I choose Carl "Oldie" Olson. He didn't do anything, yet they
hung him anyways.

The 2nd is from Kate P. of Applesauce, Yum.

i just got that REM album for my birthday! i've wanted it forever and now
i have it. yay! : ) by the way, i am in 10th grade, i wish i was a
junior damnit!!! it is no longer my birthday... : ( oh well . i also
got the soundtrack to labyrinth for my bday which i have been looking for
for years and someone has finally found it. it is the best cd in the
whole world! everyone should own it. the movie kicks ass too. well, thats
all. bye! k8

please send your mail to me. Follow the instructions below.

Tonite i'm tired. I have an alnbum suggestion that i all ready picked.
But i'm lazy, i have a whole big thing to write about it. So i will
suggest something else. Um.... Hw about Magic Bus, by the who. Thats a
pretty good one. You wannit. You wannit... i dunno, tired me. gosh damn
it, i gots ta wake up. But its 10.30 and i was up late last night and i
have to be up by 6.45, so i dunno. I guess i will now go sleeping.

Night night.


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