33 Subj: Arthritus Of The Gods
Date: 97-10-16 22:33:14 EDT

Good morning, Al. Sam is gone, I'm the new quantum leaper. Right mnow
i'm a 42 year old man from Quebek. My name is now Joshua Rydmann. I am
a school teacher. I teach history. I am having troubles and we may
break up. Breaking up would cause our son, Jamie, to leave his no
well-off life, and turn to heroine. He will OD in 3 years if I don't fix
this marrige with in 46 minutes. This is my job. I am a quantum leaper.

my first role of buissness is to send out Joshua Rydmann's mailing list.
So I am doing so now.

Did you know.... That Providence, Rhode Island is one of the top 20
musical cities in the entire country. THough i'm not sure where we rank,
we aperently are much higher than Nashville. This is according to SPIN

Tomarrow I go up to Berklee for an interview or something. I dunno. But
i get a new record player too!!! yahooo!!! This one i Have now is like
20 years old. It could have lasted longer but you know it got kind of
fucked in transport to berklee more than ever. But it has always been
slower. It now buzzes annoyingly and the left channel keeps cutting out.
It drives me nuts. I hope to land a Techniques DJ turntable. I know
where they have themn used and cheap. If i'm luckey i can score 2, and a
microphone! But i think i would really like to get a vinal vacum insted.
I dunno. If this movie comes through i can get all, if it doesn't i
will have to wait and save up.

The movie goes i dunno. I got called in to read a "key role" as they
call it. I went in and I read it for the casting people, then they sent
me to read for the directer. The director said he liked what I did and
asked me to come back and memorise what I had read. The kid who
went before me was NOT asked back, so that was good. On the way out, i
couldn't find my sleave and couldn't get my jacket on, and the directer
said to someone else "I'd like to make a scene just of this kid putting
on his jacket." I think that was a very good sign.

So I went back yesterday. I memorised it, i spent a lot of time on that.
I auditioned for someone who was not the director, just one person this
time, in a hotel room at the Builtmore. I don't think i did so well this
time. It was hard to doi, cause this time i couldn't read, i had o do it
from memory, and i only had 2 days to learn it, and evben less time to
actualy speak it. Plus i was nervous. So the guy said afterwords "All
right, well I will have Jeff call you. You worked hard. It was nice to
meet you." Jeff is the calling guy, i've talked to him before. I figure
that was a bad sign. Though he called me a hard worker, so that as a
small plus, but a biggerno than anything. SO he walked me down and out
side the hotel and just before i left he said "You did a good job. You
should be proud of yourself." so i said thanks, bye and walked home. I
was now totaly unsure of what to think. MAYBE i got it. MAYBE I didn't.
I haven't herd back yet though. Damn it, i'm nervous. Let me know
now!!! the longer I wait, the more i wonder if i got it. The directer
seemed to love me. So did the origional casters. This last guy i'm not
sure. Oh well, i will let you all know upon the news.

Here's a fun one: Montly Crue came out witha new album called
Generation Swine. They got the Eat Me Now beverage company to help them
make their own soft drink to help premote the album. This energized
soda, called Montley Brue, aperently has a few side affects. Whatt are
they? "you ask". Well, firstly it stains your mouth blue (or blue).
Secondly, it stains your feces blue (or blue.)

Penny Marshall tore off Big Bird's wing at a fassion show (by
accident!!!). everyone was naturaly scared as hell, until Big Bird assure
every body not to worry, "It'll grow back."

"I am a happy 4 year old who gets up every morning hoping to find a
wrote newt gingrich in his 1996 tome "To Renew America." Gingrich's
salery as Speaker of the House is $171,500.

Yall know The Discovery Zone? Its like the place where its just the balls
from Chuck E. Cheese? Well, discovery zone is opening up a new place
called The Night Zone aimed at kids our age. aint that great.............

The above 5 or 6 are all learned from Spin Magazine.

A few death's would like to be recognised this issue. The first are 2
young sisters who founded the Weezer fan club:Mykel and Carli Allen.
Them, and their sister Trysta ened up going off the high way, and all 3
were killed.

The 2nd killing was a resent plane crash, killing a musical legand: John
Denver:-( Suddenly, that monty python bit about sufficating John Denver
with a pillow just doesn't seem all that funny any more. Good bye John.

Letters are from:

Jen B. of Tosal, Farms

Why are men so aggravating? Why do they think they know everything? Why
do you men think youre so damn great?
Jen B.
P.S.-- Men suck...but Im not bitter...according to Pete M. im just "a bit
on the tart side."

Dear Jen,
We suck because poliece arrested a florida man and we are all upset
about this. Our revolt is to suck. Sorry for the inconveniace that this
may have caused. But that's life for you, hun. Have a bad apple!

Nate D. of Ronzio, PLazza writes,

dear benny-boy,

"If mom says no, ask Grandma."


p.s. "built for speed" was my favorite record all through elementary
school. i also tried to make my teachers call me elvis. i wrote it on
all my papers. they disnt really approve, though. power to the people!o

Dear Nate,
Grand ma said no too. I guess that means i'll have to sleep in YOUR bed

PS. Ya, i know the feeling. In 8th grade, i got the whole middle school
to call me Kathey Ireland. People even singned my year book "Dear
Kathey..." I'll show you some time. Some people didn't even know my
real name.

Please send your letters and stories and poems and compaints and pictures
and paper airplanes and you know whats to me. maybe i will include what
you write in the next issue, though no garentees. Please refer to the
near the bottom of the leeter for the propper way to send something to
the list.

Speaking of SPIN magazine, I would like to commend it as being the best
one out there. I have been paying more attention to it as of late. They
are the only mainstream magazine that allows so many reader submissions
to be published, so many things that go contrary to popular belief. They
go more into the underground and local scenes than any other mainstream
magazine. I suggest you all pick up an issue. Yoiu will learn a lot you
wouldnt find out other places. ANd it is cool things. But true things.
You can even submit your own articles. Thats pretty cool, Rolling STone
used to do that, but Rolling Stone has gone too mainstream since.

This week's album recomendation is the first not real album, but rather a
Best Of. ?Best of who? "you ask"? Best of The Animals. They are a
legandary rock/blues band from england in the 60s. Mainly the mid 60s I
bhelieve. Famous for the songs "Hous Of The Rising Sun," and "We've
Gotta Get Out of This Place." A fantastico record, My favorite is "Bring
It On Home To Me." This is recomended primarily for the rock and roll
fan. But this is sometjing i'd like to see in all of your collections,
even though its not a standard. You know the standards: Nevermind,
Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Sgt Pepper.... Everybody has those. everyone
should have this one too. Its well worth it. I got it for just $2.50.
But keep in mind its just a Best Of. its not the full album experience.
But pick it up and this is the end of my rambling.

How many of you like to jump off fast moving sled dogs? This is a poular
hobby to some people. Are you one of these people? LEt me know, and you
could be a guest on a future show.

Anyways, I'm off to go to bed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed ed or some
where else (dunno where else. But i guess not bed considering i dpon't
have a bed). Anyways good night. i got to come up with a better issue
next time, now don't I? Well, bye bye.


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