31 Subj: news to say "YAY!" about!
Date: 97-10-06 20:00:11 EDT

We have 2 new members. Though i do not now there names, I will call them
Spiderman and Aquaman. Though i do not know who they are, or where they
from, i will intruduce them as being from paris. Though Aquaman was
origionaly born in Siberia.

Here is a story that ends with a happy beginning. NOTHER NEWS MATTERS!!!

I got a call friday telling me that there was an audition for a movie at
the Cranston Street Armory. I forget the name of the movie, but but it
takes place in 1974 and Alec Baldwin (from the chase and hot shots) is
in it. So you know thats a big plus. So I went sunday at about 1.30 or
so, whering my happy days t-shirt, and waited. I saw Lars there. I
lerned Lars cant act for his life. And Kira Neel was there too. But
that no matter, anyways, we awaited all day. But we are non union, and
union actors get to go in 1st, no matter when they show up, they have to
get a chance or the people get fined. I herd you needed a monolog if you
wanted a speaking role, so I made up a monolog on banning dogs from TV.
At about 4 o so, the gy came up to us and said "you guys hang in there,
cause you got the look". WOO HOO!!! So we waited till 6, which is when
the auditions were over, and had to go. They said we could leave head
shots, which i dont have, or come bback tomarrow. That tomarrow was
today, so i came back, and i was nervous today. I was stumbling on my
monolog, but i didnt have to wait long, and i walked in to the ACTUAL
audition room, nervous as all hell. The 1st thing some one said was
about my shirt, they loved my happy days shirt, it is perfect. i will
show it to you some time, but then the other person said opend his moth
and virtualy cast me on the spot, he said i had the perfect look.
woo-hoo!!!! He had me read somethiong, i did ok. But he said i will
almost definatly be in it, i just need to get a head shot. And then i
have to go to the 2nd round of auditions to find out wether i'm going to
speak at all, or just be a major extra (he garenteed camera time :-) So
i will keep you all updated, but i am in a movie, everybody!!!!! I am so
excited i could explode. And on top of that, i get paid a LOT (like 3 or
4 hundred a day!!!!(suposedly)) and i get to miss school. this is

if none of you believe me, you will get to watch the credits.

With nothing more to say, i will move to letters.

list member martha P of who, cares writes:
Benji -
That's not junior, just pete.
And lookee here I'm at school way far away from Providence and missing
everybody on the list, even those I've never met. I wish you people would
all write to me. My e-mail is mplotz@mail.smith.edu, and my snail-mail
(even better because I like to open up my mailbox and find real live
snails) is

Box 7273
98 Green Street
Northampton, MA 01063-0100

Send chocolate.
love, cornflake

Dear Martha,
I am in a movie!!!!!! please see it!!!!!

Marissa L. of Imina, Movie writes:

Hey Ben~
About what that other member said about no one reading the letter,
just wanted to let you know, I love all this stuff, keep it coming!

Dear Mariss,
I'm in a movie!!!!

please send your letters in. But write now i don't care about anything
but one thing. So you are unexcited.

This weeks album recomendation is the soundtrack to my movie!!! i don't
know whats on it, but the movie takes place in 1974, so guess.

this weeks thoughtis presented by Leon z.

Dear Ben,
Downloading is the process of transferring a program from an America
Online software library to your PC. Once you have downloaded a program,
it becomes part of your personal software library and is available for
your use when you're not connected to America Online.
-Leon Zeff

goody, good by. i am an ass hole tonite. i am a stuck up movie star
from now on, that is my calling. See you later, i will be back later.
more news for yews. bye bye.

Your hero,

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