30 Subj: good morning philosophs
Date: 97-10-03 18:01:41 EDT

Lets start off with a big round of aplause for our newest member, another
classicalite, Pete M. Jr. Welcome, pete. Thanks for joing. We need
just a few more members before hitting 50!!! When we do, i have a big
surprise for all yall. But youll have to wait and see.

Who here has herd of the Squirl Nut Zippies? omon and raise your hands
please. I know some of you have because i saw at least 4 of you at the
concert the other night. And i know more of you wanted to go. That was
a great show, i saw a billion people I know, young and old. I met the
guy from Combustable Edison, joined a conga line, met a billion new
people and danced all night. VAHT A SHOW!!! i know many didnt go cause
of rosh hashannah. HAPPY ROSH HASHANNAH!! But i managed to fight my way
out of it. And the zippies were MUCH better Cantor Cahannah. Have you
all been repenting? Not me, i'm sin free. Oh well, i don't really
believe any of it anyways. Thats what I told my mom, she was pissed. My
theory is that if you told an acient greek that thir gods didnt exist,
and there was only one they would be s0o offended, they would think you
are crazy. Same today, if you told my mom that ypou believed those
acient greek myths, she would have a fit. But i think they are bible
myths too. I'm not saying that none of its true, i just don't believe
it. There are so many different theories that its impossable to say
which one is correct, so until i find out which one is correct i will sit
and wait. For now i just leave all that stuff up to scientists and go on
with my life. But happy rosh hashannah anyways.

now that summer is chronologicly over, it sucks. The mornings are often
ra6ther cold, but its suns up by after noon so my jacket becomes a
hassle. At night i can deal with the cold better, i barely notice it.
But winter is right around the corner. It probably won';t snow till
febuary then it will keep snowing till april but never enough to cancel
school, just enough to be wet and icy and piss you off if you have to
walk a half hour every morning to get to kenedy's pizza then wait for a
few minutes for the next bus so you can go to school and wait out side
till the bell rings then do the same trip backwords to go home. And then
the snow plows forget about us pedestrians, so there is never anywhere to
walk anyways because they plow there snow where i want to walk or they
dont even bother shoveling. Oh well, new years will be fun. ANother
year witha skirt. woo-hoo!!!! Emmanuel, let me organise new years this
year!!!! i want a shot at it. I just want you call people and deside
where to meet and make lists and scheduals and, oh hell you do it again.
But we have to invite Crazy Henery. whats up? let me know, please. can
we stay at your house?

Who wrote a letter??

Jen B. of Goat, Land writes:
Hey Ben-ster,
How the hell are you? I have a question for ya, if you had three wishes
what would they be? (besides wanting to get with me). Have a nice day: )
Love your bestest friend,
Jennifer B.

Dear Jennaliah,
My first wish would be to use up all 3. That would make me happy.

The 2nd one is from Ben G. of Puffy, Combs:

Dear Ben,
Why doesnt more people write you? Is it because you are a fool? Or
maybe it is that no onne really reads the list. I know I never do. Bye

Dear Ben,
I dunno =,(

Please send your letters to the instructions below.

My school is so small that for gym we have to go over to Centeral. So
they put on the radio, usualy kix 106 as thats what most of my school
likes. I was sirprised to here the Police, as it is a top 40 radio
station. I love that song though, yay!! But wait a 2nd, Sting never
rapped on that song. Maybe this is a bootleg version? And they hired a
rapper. But then they had these girls, who werent real girls, they were
just the rapper singing into an FX Prosessor, making him song like
harmony girls. Wow, it was really really really bad. Turns out it was
puff daddy? I have a bone to thug with him. What a horrable cover. I
am insulted!!!

Anyways, this weeks album recomendation is the Backbeat soundtrack. It
features a band made up of Dave Grohl, Thurston Moore, Mike Mills, Dave
Piriner, Don Flemming and Greg Dulli. They only sing old rockabilly and
motown songs that the beatles covered, no beatle origionals, and make
them sound more like punk music. Backbeat was a movie about the Silver
Beatles. The biggest default though is that Mike Mills prooves himself a
really good bassist on this record. Stu Stucliffe, the origional
bassist, wasn't that good at all. Thats why paul wanted him out. But he
was John's best friend, john said "if he goes i go". But stu left anyways
and ent to art school. Paul took over on bass. Anyways....

There is something else i wanted to, OH YWAH!!! a few weeks ago, we went
to trinity to see A Midsummer Nights Dream. It was really good,
undiscribable, but all go see it. It was far from shakesperian, or at
least what you think of as shakesperian. Oh well, i'm off. Good night,
write back.

Pack it up, pack it in,

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