29 Subj: You Know That I Adore You
Date: 97-09-28 15:02:50 EDT

hey you.

I am standing here on sunday lissening to Bjork. What are you doing?
Here is a letter I wrote you. I hope you love it.

I would like to start off by wishing a happy birthday to non-list member
(though if she signs on thatd be great!) Irene Abrimov (I hope i have the
spelling right. She turnned 16 a few days ago, and on friday night, list
member Lana B. through her a sirprise (not sirprise) birthday party.
Thats was a lot of fun. Thanks Lana!!! List member Shannon A. was there
too. Then last night list member Jerry St. J. drove me and lars and eepa
and mike baker and brent and list member Loren E. around. Wewent to the
Fire On Water thing or what ever it is called, when they light down town
providence on fire. yall know what i'm talking bout? Thats where we

anyways, this week i start a new segment that I call "The Real World of
IMs". I took 2 list members who didnt know each other IM each other than
send me the IM. This week's is with Nate D. and Regina B.

Regina 112: Hi, what's your name?
Powai: nate d
Regina 112: Hi nate d, i'm regene b
Powai: hey regene b. where are you fromo
Regina 112: north providence, u?
Powai: prov... where do you attend skool
Regina 112: nphs, u?
Powai: whlr
Powai: whats nphs?
Regina 112: North Providence High School, what's whlr?
Powai: wheeler
Powai: haw haw
Regina 112: thought so
Regina 112: grade?
Powai: 10
Regina 112: what do ulike to do?
Powai: i like to skatebawd, play jazz music, beat up tyler e, play the
geetar in the roosters, and chill in my crib
Regina 112: kewl
Powai: what about you?
Regina 112: tennis, rap, earth stuff
Powai: what kind of rap?
Regina 112: dre, snoop, puff daddy, bone, mase, 112,lil kim, etc
Powai: what about woo tang? hee hee.
Regina 112: yup
Regina 112: kinda
Powai: apocalypse is now!!!!
Powai: sorry
Regina 112: HELLZ YEAH, do u like rap'?
Powai: i like old skool rap like the sugarhill gang, the fat boys, kurtis
blow, and new stuff like a tribe called quest and the digable planets
Regina 112: I REmember them
Powai: waddya think of ben? (he said he's gonna put this conversation on
his list)
Regina 112: ben is cool, i wanna meet him, have u ever met him
Powai: hes phat! im in his band, the federal roosters
Regina 112: Not ah
Regina 112: cool group name
Regina 112: i'm in a band
Powai: what do you play?
Regina 112: We are called the Albino Crossdressers
Regina 112: nah, i'm just kdiing
Powai: hee hee!
Regina 112: i can rap well to songs i know
Regina 112: maybe i should rap wheni get older
Regina 112: :)
Powai: alright, im gonna send this to ben, b/c i gotta go.
Regina 112: k, bye nate d
Regina 112: :)
Powai: we out
Regina 112: bye:)

and now for letters.

List Member Sarah P. Of Communication, Breakdown writes:

dear ben,
hi! I would like to share a FRED memory....I few years ago, I was
fortunate and actullay met the "Other Great One", yes! you know who I am
talking about! FRED THE BAKER!!! wow what an experience! I was the grip
on the local tv show that interviewed him, and I got his million $
also I have a question for you:
if you could meet any non famous person, dead or alive, wh owould it be?
karma ckameleon
you come and you go


Dear Sarah,
If I could meet any NON famous person, dead or alive, it wouldn't be
anyone you know. See ya later. Bye bye.

List member Lauren S. of Hamilton Sq, NJ writes:

Dear Ben,
Lately I have been having erotic dreams about you and all the list
members... what does this mean???

- Sleepless in Seattle

Dear Lauren,
If thats your dream, then try your best to ful fill it. If you never
reach for your dreams, you wont get anywhere. Reach for the sky and grab
a star.

Anyways, thats it for today. This week's album recomendation: Clean And
Friendly's Random Acts of Music. Write to powai@aol.com for more infor.
See Ya leter, bye bye.


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