27 Subj: They Might Be Giant Fruity Pebbles (or something else in the snow)
Date: 97-09-18 18:14:03 EDT

Hi every body. I would like to start and say my count was wrong last
time, we didn't have 43 members, we had 43. But i Mrs. counted. so why
don't i? Because we now have 44 members. Every one, please welcome new
list member Krissy F. of classical high school. (i think they are taking
over the list). can we make 50? just 6 more people needed. (you can
tell your friends to join with the subscribing instructions at the bottom
of this letter) I think this is impressive. I started this list at the
very end of may with 7 people joined. And, if you keep in mind that no
one really was able to join the 5 weeks i was at berklee, 2 and a half
months is a pretty short time for me, your average joe, to get 46 people
to lissen to me once a week. We have lost a total of 5 members. Again,
im pressive, espeshaly considering that 2 of them left because they
cancelled email. That means that out of a total of 49 people, only 3
chose to leave. and 2 of those were people i had never herd of before.
Those 2 thought i was too nuts for them. The 3rd i know personaly, but
he left cause he just didnt have time for the list, he had a lot of
problems... but we are still friends, we see each other frequently
enough. Any ways, i am currently making a pompkin pie. so i will get
back to that soon.

I regret to say i forgot some body's birthday, but list member Jen H's
was a few weeks ago. So happy 16th birthday, Jen!!! sorry i forgot :-(

I would also like to congradulate list member Jennifer B. for probably
making all around division c a few days ago.

I am trying something else this week. Normally, i have you write letters
to me, and i answer them in my letters section. This time i'm doing the
opposite: I wrote letters to 2 people, and they answer MY letters.

I wrote to list member Eric R. of Yo, Da:

Dear Eric,
do you think the red socks are doing better than the chicago bulls
this year? Do you think they will bring Andre to the championship?? Who
should I place my bet on. Also, i am wondering about your dog.

Dear Ben,
I think the red socks should take off their red socks and wave then
at the bulls, so the bulls charge into them and make blood spray
everywhere. HAHA! My dog likes you. I sound nothing like an
over-stuffed banana. I've seen Guster in concert. I like the drummer.
I told him they should tour in California.

I wrote to list member Laura S. of Yam, Ica:

Dear Laura,
I have a question for you concerning your children. Do you plan on
having any? If so, what are their names? What kio clothes will you make
them where? Who will father your children? If you don't plan on having
kids, is this cause you all ready have any? Or why not?

Dear Ben,
Yes I plan on having kids. There names will be determined after I know
their sexes. I'll let them choose their own clothing. The father will
be Jim.

SEND IN YOUR STUFF!!! Write me a letter, send in a review, ask some one
to marry you, a poem, a story, an essay, ANYTHING!!! If you want to
submit something, send it to the list!!! Just follow the instructions at
the bottom!!!

At my new school, we have about a half hour every day for a class called
"reading". What do we do inthis class? Read. Read ANYTHING you want.
I am attempting to read two books. The 1st is an AUTO biography of the
blues great BB King, called "Blues All Around Me". I like it, BB King is
a great. The other book is called "Hammer Of The Gods: The Led Zeppelin
Saga" Guess what its about!!!! I am learning a lot i would like to
share of you but most of you dopn't care, i am sure, plus i dont want to
type up the whole overture. Me and robert plant have the same exact
hair!!!!!Particularly the older plant, like from the page plant reunion.
Did you know that Led Zeppelin were all posesed by the devil??? Well, at
least thats what the popes says. I'm sure many of you have herd that
"stairway to hevan" back words says "Here's to my sweet satan". But led
zeppelin had fantastic music, thats the difference.

Here is a story i wrote for english. We had to write about the most
exciting and/or memorable day of our lives. No part of this may be
coppied or distributed or used in any sort of way with out audio proof of
my permission giving. THIS IS COPYRIGHTED BY ME, ASS HOLE!!!! Here it

The Day Of The Telephone
by Ben Garber

The day that me and John Hopkins invented the telephone was possibly the
most memorable and exciting day of my life. And, for all I know, it was
his most memorable day as well. We had been working all day on a way to
communicate from a farther distance than we had previously been able to.
We had our walkie talkies but those just didn't go far enough and the the
static was often unbearable. But on this day we would invent something
that would change the world.
The day started early, I had set my alarm to wake me up at 6.35, which
it did. I snuck down stairs, trying not to wake anybody, as it was an
early Sunday morning. I promptly headed down to Mr. Pancakes to meet
Samantha and John for breakfast. I hadn't seen either of them in
months, and was so excited i forgot to lock my bike up. I just kind of
let it fall on the side walk and ran inside to greet them at their booth.
Unfortunately, they had not arrived, so i got my own booth. They both
showed up about 15 minutes later, with a third person, who's name I can't
quite remember. We talked and laughed and got all caught up as we shared
a gigantic French Toast-O-Saurus. We left about an hour later, stuffed.
When I got out side, I found myself very uneased when I discovered that
my bike had been stolen. Samantha had a car though, so she gave me a
ride home. this was just as well because John was going to stay at my
house for a few days anayways, so he would have had no other way of
getting there. Samantha was going to drive home.
"Call me," she said as she was leaving.
"What do you mean?," I replied. She never answered though, she just
kind of took off. But this left me puzzled and confused. Call her?
What the hell does that mean? She lives too far away for walkie talkies.
I could write her, that's probably what she meant. I thought and
thought and that's when I came up with the idea for the telephone. I
explained it to John and he was ecstatic, and we agreed to start working
on it immediately.
The first thing we did was walk down to the hardware store down the
street and pick up some plastic and every kind of wire imaginable. When
we got home,we molded the plastic. We got it into kind of a triangular
cube kind of shape, kind of like a pyramid, I guess. Then a long stick
on top, and connected the two with a curly wire in between. We then
connected the wires, red to red, yellow to yellow, green to green... So
we made a 2nd one, did the same thing and then connected the two.
I picked up one of the sticks. "Damn!" I said, "no dial tone." A dial
tone is what we needed to hear when picked up to be sure that these
things worked, it is supposed to be a low buzzing noise but all I herd
was absolutely nothing. We then spent the rest of the day fiddling with
them, trying to figure out just what went wrong. We reconnected every
wire, we tried switching wires, we tried replacing wires, we even tried
remolding the plastic, but nothing worked!!!! We couldn't really do any
more, we did everything we could possibly do, but had no luck. Our
project had been a failure.

This really disappointed John. He was extremely upset. Then he started
beating me, I didn't know what to do. He was just so pissed off that he
took out all his aggression on me, so I ran and ran and ran and ran, and
hopped on to a boat and went to the main land. I got there and set up a
camp in the forest, where i would stay until John went home. Near my
camping sight though, i saw something i didn't expect: A blue and silver
booth with the word "telephone" on it. What was this? Next to the word
was a circle with a picture of the stick inside of it. How could this
be? It was just invented! And at that, it didn't even work!!!! We
hadn't even told anyone yet, this didn't seem possible! I went in and I
picked up the stick. "Hey!" I said joyfully, as i herd the sound of a
dial tone. I decided to call Samantha, this must have been what she
meant about calling her!! I looked up her secret code in the
accompanying book. It rang. I was so excited, and then some one picked
"Please deposit a quarter," she said. I was so excited, I deposited ten
"Please dial a number."
"What?" This baffled me. "Um....." There were letters above the
numbers, so I dialed her name.
It started ringing again, and it rang, and it rang, and then Samantha's
mom picked up and said "Hello?"
"Hello," I said, "Is Samantha there?"
"One moment, please," is what she said, just before I herd her yell
Phone!" Samantha soon picked up and we talked for a few
minutes. But she refused to talk to me any more unless i gave her 5cents
and i didn't so she hung up on me. For some reason though, I didn't even
notice. I was just so amazed. Some how, somebody must have found out
about our idea and mass marketed it. Everybody seemed to have one, i was
absolutely in shock. Governments used these things to talk to other
governments, people used them to talk to other people. If you had a
problem, you could just call some body up and they would help you out.
It was amazing, and it was my idea!!! I told John the next time I saw
him, he was pretty impressed himself. And that was the most exciting day
of my life.

List member Nate D. is starting own mailing list!!!! Email him to join
at powai@aol.com to join!!! This is mainly a mailing list for his band,
Clean and Friendly. Here is what he would like to say about it:

dear Ben "Ben Garber" Garber,
He's on the drums and he's here to stay,
and he goes by the name of Tito Puente
[10-minute timbale solo]
-The Sugarhill Gang, "sugarhill groove"
-natedontheleavemealone (powai)

well, from all of us here at NBC studios, good night!!! Have fun with
your new cars!!!

Bye bye.

the only person who you can tolerate,

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