26 Subj: Other Great Savings
Date: 97-09-14 20:46:35 EDT

Hey everybody!!!!! welcome back to another unexciting issue of the list
of ben. I would like to welcome 5 new members!!!!

The first one is Regene, the 2nd is Michelle, the 3rd is Jen L, the 4th
is Jennifer and the 5th is Jennifer. As far as i know i dont know any
body, but welcome aboard, comrads.

this week has been a hellah week, but notta thing has happond, i started
school. I had enough credits to put me up as a senior so i am graduating
and going to Berklee. the new school is cool i guess.... we dont do a
thing. There is a smoking break between each class!!! but i dont smoke
anyways. And we can go any where in the world for lunch, so thats cool,
and wonderful, Then friday we had a party on thayer. The drummer from
the 1st 2 kinks albums was there: Crazy Henery! what else.... my
parents are going away for 5 days!


list member Carl S. of Honk, Honk writes:

dearest fellow cake-lover and ri funkmaster general benjamin,
you must inform all of your list members that the newly established
falafel facility is most of the delectable nature. the menu is
super-saturated with tasty inticing reflections of nonpooh. the eatery
earns my unconditional and unpluperfect support. you should have one you
stinky bitch. okay, that was all. i love you like a milk shakin' sex
machine (but not really).
the most thoroughly appealing person there is (just in case some of you
havent noticed yet - you will), carl smith

dear carl,
i can not quite think of you as a buddy as you are a loud talker. Please
refer to Genesis 6:12 for further instruction.

List member dave. McC. of Whale Oil, Beef Hooked writes:
I have seven minutes to write this, so I'll try to say a bunch of neat
things.... I remember hearing something about listing your favorite
movies or something, If not, I'm doing it anyways...... All back to the
future movies, All indiana Jones (NOT the 2nd one), Shawshank
Redeemption, Grease, Staying Alive, Charlie and the chocolate factory,
Little shop of horrors, Seven, ANYthing with Sean connery as James
Bond..... Speaking of James bond.... I love him... I think my ideal
person would have to be very similar to James bond. Why am I talking
about my ideal person, well... I have to do a persona of my utopian
character for english, and oddly enough my character ended up being a mix
between me, einstein, god and James bond... Kinda weird huh? And I'm
making him look like what sean connery looks like now... I have a great
photo...... Well ben I hope your happy... This has been the oddest seven
minutes of my life..... Here's a request.. .everyone... Instead of
sending just Ben mail... send some to me.... I love getting mail... it
makes me feel loved or something.... Just tell me what you like and If we
don't (or do) have something in common, I'm sure I can find something to
talk about...... Hey... suddenly instead of 7 minutes, I have ten,. when
I just used up seven... how odd. NO I'm not a slow typer.. .I had to
think of what to say first... As a poet... yes a poet... It's natural for
me to think and then do and then hate what I write... so I geuss I hate
everything I just wrote... hmmmm how odd.... (oh and it you want poems,
e-mail me... Rocket13@aol.com ).... I think Ben is cool... I'll devote
these last few lines for a list of reasons why ben is cool.... He give
emmanuel new OS systems.... He randomly writes me Im's making me happy,
He writes cool letters in a unique manner copyrighted and trademarked by
himself, He has a list of over 50 people who deem him worthy of allowing
him to send mail to them... and He invites me to random concerts 2 hours
before he wants me to go... Ben.. you're cool..... um... Oh I just
thought of more movies.....
Schindler's list, School ties, Star Wars... all of them, Basketball
Diaries... IT... the new x-files movie even though it hasn't come out
yet.... .um.... .all done
Ben is this what you had in mind?
if not... tough

Dear Dave,
i am touched, dave. But to set things straight for the rest of the
people, i would like to note that dave was kidding. your mail belongs to
me and me only. And there are only 42 people, not yet 50. Can you get 8
more??? You know I love the back to the future series. Here is an
intresting fact: a few years back, i got the whole trilogy for $20. back
To The Future is one of my all time favorites. Gosh, i hate what i'm
writing too!!!!

Now this letter wasnt written to me, but rather to list member Lana B of
Classical, High, so i will include it.

List member Sarah P. or Toll, Gate writes:

I have a questioin for new member Lana B. : were you in the SEVENTEEN
school zone shoot? and when did they do it?

Dear Sarah,
I can answer this since i have the issue here. 17 magazine visted local
Classical High School last May. out of the billion kids at classical,
Lana was not one of them, However, list member Jerry St. J did get in,
you can see a picture of him on page 155, with Eliza Parker, some one
else i know (kind of) who is not on the list. I know about half the
people who made it in. List member Tyler E. used to play Bass for Sweet
Adaline, who's leader, Charles, is on page 156. Page 154 has I think
that is Dan Lennon??? He went to my new school for a day then
disappeared. And John Loo on page 153, the 11 year old, has moved on to
RIC. (that kid is too damn smart). I knowother people in it too but they
don't matter. But hooray for list member Jerry!!!! but i hate it when
they say blue nail pollish is trendy!!! its not trendy!!!!
Love, Ben

PLEASE SEND YOUR LETTERS!!!!!!!!! follow the instructions below.

I have a new album recomendation for some of you. It is by a man named
John Frusciante, who is my all time favorite guitarist. He is some one
who proves you can still do awsome guitar things and play the funk, as he
Joined the Red Hot Chilli Peppers when he was 17, to be the guitartist on
Mother's Milk and Blood Sugar Sex Magik. he left in 1992 though, and got
really depressed and started shooting up heroine. But he recorded
constantly, and put to gether a 90 minute album called Niandra Lades And
Usualy Just A T-Shirt. It is just a compiling of basement tapes, just
overdubbings of guitars. No bass or percussion or something, its not
what you would expect from a comercial release. It sounds like a boot
leg, but its really good if ya like that sort of thing. Though many of
your probably wouldnt like it, but don't get it expecting to here
anything funky, this is NOT RHCP, this is totaly different. i didnt like
it the 1st time i herd it. But get the tape, cause it has more songs on
it, its like twice as long as the CD. But try it out, its something to
lissen to when you are in the mood for, its not any thing music, its very
experimental. but most of ya wont like it. oh well. i still prefer
buddy holley. And radio head!!! i have a new fasination with them!!!
and bb king.

anyways, thats it for now. Maybe next week will be more exciting an
issue. maybe not.

have a nice kjhfjbk.fbkj.ekgjkb

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