22 Subj: This Ain't No Disco
Date: 97-08-29 18:03:35 EDT

-Hi everybody!!!!!! All 35 of you have been home sick so i have made you
all some nice warm soup to make you feel better. If you want any, you
must be crazy.

-Rmember that part in waynes world where wayne goes to that club and he
goes "who's playing tonite?" and so the guy goes "Uh... Jolly Green
Giants and The Shitty Beatles." So wayne goes "The Shitty Beatles? Are
they any good?" and so the guy goes "No, they're pretty shitty." That
part was funny.

-Anyways, the past few weeks have been weekly. I saw Arlo Guthrie
AGAIN!!!! and he played Alice's Restaraunt AGAIN!!! and he talked A LOT
and he played some of his father's songs, who is Woodie Guthrie. I went
with list members Mike M, Jeremy K and Tyler E. Last saturday i saw The
Ralph Nader Band, featuring list member Tyler E. (aka Something "Shabaz"
Jenkins) on bass, and i got to sit in on drums for one song, and the
night before i went with non list member Lanna B. to seem some wird
french movie about loosing a cat. yall should see it. Tonite i'm going
with Jeremy K, list member, to see God Street Wine and Hot Tuna.

-List meber Sarah P.'s brother is going top URI. WAY TO GO!!!!!

-List member Val H. brings to our attention that AOL will soon be
charging for chat rooms! about $2/hour!!! At the same time, they are
charging venders to keep their chat room up (seventeen has to pay for
their chat room, so does rosie o'donnal). In my next issue, i will have
a special on how you can get everything aol offers with out being on AOL.
I would suggest yu all get a FREE email account at www.hotmail.com for

- List member Emmanuel S. is looking for a wife. can you help him?

- Letters:

List Member Shannon A. of Longhoots, Nebraska writes:
Dear Ben,
What are your middle name and street adress?
Love Shannon

-List Member Nate D. of Blubblub, Blub writes:

>hey, meester benjamin-boy.
> now's my turn to display the best records of the 90s:
>drumroll pleese- buddabuddabuddabuddabuddabuddabuddabudda!
> 1. fEDERAL rOOSTERS-"couches of the countryside"
> -actually, this album does not exist, so i cant count it.(it would've
>been grate, though)
I liked this album too!!!!!!!!!
> 1.Charles Mingus- reissue of "live at the BOHEMIA""
> -you all have to go out to a record store and buy a mingus album if you
>would like to hear the most amazing composer of all time(espechlee you,
Never herd of it :-( I'll check it out.
> 2.Frank Zappa- "LfTHER"
> -this is a three CD set that was originally an 8-sided album. the record
>compaNY wouldnt release it, though, so the zappa family released it in
>'96. amazing version of Gregarry Peccary.
I will get it. I dont have any zappa now, i used to not like him much,
but i will check it out. I want to get Hot Rats.
> 3.Beck- "Mellow Gold" and "One foot in the grave"
> -i think beck is the rock n roll "birth of the cool". [for you silly
>people , "the birth of the cool" by miles davis was a breakthrough into a
>new realm of jazz.]
I like beck, you should have seeen him live!! Hed where its at for a half
> 4.minutemen- "Double nickels on the dime"
> -the best post-punk record ever. d. boon(r.i.p.) and ,mike watt write
>amazing songs, and play them with the utmost flannel pride- 42 songs in 70
>minutes. (shh. dont tell anyone it was released in the 80's)
I herd of them, never herd them.
> 5.the rev. horton heat- "smoke 'em if you got 'em"
> -was the beginning of my rockabilly band, and a just plain good album.
I know the fun lovin crimnal's version as well.
> 6.nirvana- any album
> - i have to give credit to nirvana, even though they're not my favorite
Never mind was fantastic but it was all the same, i get sick of it if i
lissen to it more than 3 times a year, but other wise its great. Lot of
beatle rip offs.
> 7.los lobos- "collosal head"
> -by far their most varied and most original album. i slap it on my player
>when i'm happy.
I did a report on them for spannish.
> 8.sonic youth- "experimental jet set, trash and no star"
> - an amazing variety of sonic youth. y'know what i mean? probably not.
i dont lik sonic youth much
> 9.red hot chili peppers- "bloodsugarsexmagik"
> -some of the funkiest sheet to go down in this decade. butt rockin'!
> 10. Allstonians- "go you!"
> -i don't care what you say, ben, ska is FUN!!!!!!!!!
>honorable mentions (in no pertikular order):
>-roy hargrove's crisol
>-chemical brothers
their cool
>-Tom Waits
>-p. funk
only good live (they be at lupos soon!)
>-beastie boys (not their early krap)
>-cibo matto
>-the rhyming domino's pizza man
Thats the ooey gooey pizza man!!! I dont think he works there any more.
We should ask geo.
>-jon spencer blues explosion
havent HERD theyre stuufff, though i have herd of them el mucho grande
>-danny gatton
>-amoebic ensemble
>-mike watt
>-money mark
i prefer marky mark
>-basie and mingus big bands
>-soul coughing
yes but their old drummer was better
>-clean and friendly
yes man!
>-and of course....... John Tesh!
Booh yeah!!!! We should see him next tour!
>the....WORST of the 90s-
but they are so cute!! and their jewish!
>-dave matthew's band
>-no doubt
every one laughs at me but i like that album, i disagree here
>-billy corgan's voice
hate that
>-oasis (just to piss you off, ty)
Remember when javed through a shoe it Liam and they got off the stage?
>-alanis morisett
I like the song You Oughta Know, thats about it.
>-dinosaur jr.
>-boyz to men
you dissen Motown Philly?
>-mariah carey
i like jewel
>-marilyn manson
Although i dont like the song very much, or the band, i think they have
more talent than they are credited for. I think they are good at
arranging. How many bands like this have a middle 8?
>-almost every single new song on the radio these days (except for wgbh)
>well, i know there are many more, but im dirty and the warm shower steam
>is calling me.
> -nate d on the zoomoozophone(powai@aol.com tell me what you think)
over all i'm pleased.

-EVERYBODY!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK OF MADONNA??????? Please let me know.

PLEASE SEND YOUR LETTERS IN. instructions at the bottom, i am running
low on material. (that is why the list is loosing flavor, help me keep it
intresting) Anywys, i hope you all enjoy your selves and dont keep
getting so damn sick, i-ight?

love ,

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