21 Subj: Zippidy Doo Dah
Date: 97-08-19 12:19:41 EDT

hey every body, wassap? We have 2 new members: Jerry St. Jaques (is
that right Jerry?) of Classical High School in providence, entering
senior year, who i know through list member emanuel and his wreckles
driving tactics, and is it sarah i think, from toll gate high school in
warwick (i met a lot of people from your school last night). I met her
online through list member Marissa L. i think, i dunno, its kind of odd
like that but well, lets get on with the letter.

I have a lot more to say all the sudden so these are comming out fast,
but i am making syure i send them out no more than twice a week, i dont
want to send out too many, some people are bothered by that, not too
little cause some people always want more. I cant satisfy everybody i
know but i can try for as many as i can.

Letters from yall:

list member Leon Z. of Texas, Iowa writes:
Dear Ben,
Life is nature's way of telling you: "Hey, you're alive, bucko!"

Dear Leon,
Thank you for your insightful and fulfilling memoir. I will use that on
my epitaph.
Yours Truely,

list member Dave C. of Hells, Grannies Wrote a LONG letter so i am going
to breat it up and reply to various parts as he says them. For those of
you NOT using aol's mail system, it will be easy for you to tell whats
dave and whats me because i will use quoting. For those of you using
aol's mail system, daves stuff
>will be written
>like this
and here it is:

>Hey Ben,
>I have a bunch of things to say, so I'll start off with the simple stuff,
>and work my way foward until my head explodes.


>First, I can't remember
>thte damn order of your ?! things to "inscribe" stuff into your news
>letter. So Change it- maybe to ???? or !!!! or just HEY YOU!. Something
>simple that my aching brain can remember.

I took care of this, davey, look at the bottom. to send a letter now,
insted of "?!?!!", the subject is now "hey you!"

>Second, I'm still enjoying your letter, so don't stop.

I am still going

>Third, you're always talking about music and
>playing with ensembles, so what insturment/s do you play. (Personally I
>sing, play guitar, and piano, and can fake playing sax).

Dave, I play the drums as my primary instrument, and have also been
taking Bass lessons, and theory for the past year. I have tought my self
how to sing, and this year will be starting official piano lessons, and
Lars wants me to join his chorus. I plan on majoring in fim scorring at
berklee college of music. Dave, you sould come over some time and we
will bust a groove, ok?

>Fourthly, I
>totally agree with you that 1996 was a crappy year for music, but along
>that line, the rest of the nineties haven't been that great either. I'm
>going to now give you the list of music which if you know about you're
>cool, if not get and become cool. These are my favorite albums from recent
>years In NO particular order:
>1) Anything by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. Especially "Live Art" and
>"BF and the FTones". If you don't know who they are, buy their album
>anyways, they have the best banjo player, and the best bassist in the
>world, hands down.

Well, i know of bela fleck, they are here every 5 days or somethiething
and every one at PCD was always \talking about them, i have herd they are
GREAT but i dont know their music, i am going to try to see them next
time they are here.

>2) Live- Mental Jewelry.... Yes, Yes I know that THrowing copper was their
>big hit, but MJ is more musical and very good (Throwing copper should be
>here too.)

I have never herd anything from this album, all i have is Throwing Copper
and Lukimia's Juice.

>3) Kevin Eubanks- "The best of...." and "Spirit Talk 2". One of the best
>guitarists out there and the writer of the tonight show theme song.

never herd of him.

>4) Eric Clapton- Unplugged. Yes, nirvana was good, but Clapton was great.
>end of story

Layla and Tears in hevan were absolutely fantabulous, but i think clapton
was quite over rated, and as a result i never lkissen to that album,
though i do have it. I love songs like Layla,. After Midnight,
Cocain.... but most of his stuff i find is just crap. He is a great
guitarist for session work and backing some body on tour, in the genre
of the blues. He is a great guitarist, he did wonderful on the white
album, which he did session work for. But i am dis appointed by a good
number of his origional things.

>5) Smashing pumpkins. Siamese Dream.

I thought about putting this one on my list, i have the poster on my
wall, but i don't know the album well enough and i couldn't lissen to
billy's voice for that long if i wanted to.

>6) Smashing pumpkins. MC and the INfinite sadness. (I know it has it's
>weak points, but what do you expect when corgan writes all the songs.
>Don't get me wrrong, I love him, and he did get 6+ hits off the album, but
>the weak parts degrade the album to a point where it becomes hard to
>listen to it. ON here simply because of the hits and the first song.)
>7) The Eagles- when hell freezes over. (is that the name?) I don't own the
>album, but it was great when I heard it.

I thnk 1979, 33... those songs are nice but they are boaring as fuck. I
dont think they diserved a full album, and its not like smashing pumpkins
is a real band. Its just billy corgan doing EVERYTHING and a drummer
playing drums. Thats what paul mccartney did with the beatles twards the
end some times too (wild honey pie, her majesty, do it in the road,
mother nature's son... those were all just paul, sometimes with a little
scorring). But that takes away so muchh feeling and energy from a song,
and this is why the pumpkins are notorious for putting on such bad
concerts. My room mate at berklee saw the live and never lissend to them
again, Darcey and James Iha are just their for concerts, and billy's
voice pisses the hell out of me, espeshaly on land slide, fleet wood mac
did that song so beutifuly, after i herd that i couldnt stand billys
voice any more.

>8) Pearl Jam.... Ten was really great, but their imports and singles take
>the cake. And they do great versions of "dock of the bay", "Masters of
>war", "Hungerstike", "sonic Reducer", "Break on through", "Light my fire",
>"My generation", "Roadhouse blues', and a version that's better than the
>beatles original "I've got a feeling".

The only peral jam album i have is Vs. Its wonderful, i have been trying
to get the rest for a while but there is always another record in the
way. Though it hasnt captured me like a great album should, i think its
wonderful and all but i dont keep lissening to it, it hasnt clicked yet
as an amazement. I plan on getting TEN soon.

>9) Aerosmith. Big ones. Get a grip was good, but Big ones holds the best
>songs from all their lastest hit albums. Nine lives is great too, but it
>needs more time.

Get A Grip i think explored very different part of music for them,
amazing and cryin were both slow and pretty, crying was very bluesy at
the same time and i thouught it was magnificent. i am against greatest
hits albums, usualy, and big ones does not qualify as an album anyways.
If you ever pay atttention at all to aerosmith, you will realise how much
is taken right from led zeppelin. On get a grip, they found a new band
they liked: Guns N Roses. Biggest spots are paradise city and november
rain, and lets face it, steve as often trying to copy axl here, right
from welcome to the jungle "ne ne ne ne neeeeeee, neeeeee" as they say.
I havent herd 9 lives yet, but hard on the knees a like, it so
aerosmith, and the song its self i think its cool cause they didnt
change the style a bit, it works well.

>10)DMB- I can't think of a specific one, but they're great.

i HATE dave mathews band.

>Other recognitions... Bosstones, TMBG, STP, Blind Melon, Soundgarden,
>phish, Blues traveller, Seahorses, NOT NOT NOT oasis, Kevin Lang (the
>sixteen year old blues guitarist.) PAUL GEREMIA. He deserves to be on the
>list, simply for existing, but his bnest album is from the early
>eighties... :(. anyone else? sure there are probably lots more, but I'm
>stubborn, and bored.

i HATE bosstones as well as the rest of ska, TMBG i loved, though i don't
like their albums since they got a band, i was unimpressed by factory
show room and john henery. Apollo 18 and flood were the 2 albums of my
middle school life, i first herd apollo 18 when i was 12 and loved it
instantly, and that was when it had just come out. My CDs of those dont
work any more though, CDs where out too easily when they live in my room,
and have been carried farther than hell, 2 of the best albums of all
times they should be in ALL your collections. They are a universal band,
they appeal to lovers of both TOP 40 and Rock music. For those of you
who are silly, TMBG stands for They Might Be Giants. I LOVE STP, though
i didnt at first, they have to grown on you. Blind mellon is wonderful
so i am pissed about shannon. My friend Lani used to know him, she has
pictures of thm together, they were good friends. I remember when i
found out abvout it, for morning anouncements that day at school, some
one wrote "Today's forecast: no rain, but no blind mellon.". I am glad
they have a new lead singer but they need a new name cause they arent
blind mellon any more really. I like soundgarden, i love phish but i
wouldnt put any of their albums in my best list, i HATE HATE HATE blues
traveler, dunno the sea horses and i will let you go off on the bad
ones. I one was at a phish concert, list member Lauren S was there too,
and they got suck down to hell, and thats where they herd the sound of
hell, the sound of rotting flesh. What was the sound of rotting flesh?
Next thing they did was sing champaign super nova.

>Last item to talk about.... is why jerry and pete aren't on the list. Bug
>the hell out of them. Subscribe them to the list involuntarily.... They
>never check their mail, but it's fun to help increase the trauma of when
>they do... get everyone to write them a one liner message with HI JERRY
>and HI PETE in the subject/heading box accordingly. and put courtesy of
>Dave McC.
>thanks a bunch.
>Talk to you again soon
>THe large Red Head, Dave McC

Jerry is on the list now, i dunno why pete. Hey pete, why arent you
subscribed? Tell them to get on.

Allright, back to sightings:
How many of you believe in ghosts? Tell us YOUR ghosts encounters and
stories in the next letter. I am worn out from daves letter so fwoof!

Yesterday, i took a 3.00ish bus to cranston where i waited out side a
dunkin donuts for Lars and his new be otch, Jen, to pick me up. We went
and got a lemonade, then to lars's house, then to warwick where Dave
Nelson's band, Lynch Pin had their last show, as dave is off too college
in washington DC, anbd i'm sure the others are too. They put on a really
good show in some ones back yard, they are a hard core band they just
screamed and distorted but they did it very well and it was all funny and
i was dancing the whole time and gettiing piggy back rides from reena.
reena was there, shes pretty cool. Does any one have her number? she
left before i could ask her. I also chilled with martha who i had met
once before, she is going to URI this year. I dont have her number but i
gave her mine and she s gonna call when she gets to URI so we can chill.
I met a lot of cool people there, every body was cool, no ass holes and
it was a hard core show so every one had cool hair and misfits jackets.
Most of them were from Toll gate, and i made a good impression on
everyone so i was proud. Then we went to TGI Fridays, then i went home
and WOOPS!!! Forgot to tell mummy i had gone any where!! i show up at
12.15 and my light is on in my room, i come in "bitch, bitch, bitch, go
to bed." All right, good night.

Till next time every body,
write me mail!! woo hoo!!!

I have gum in my hair and my ears now. Though i'm not goingf to say why
unles you ask.

Shut your trap and keep the door closed,
Ben Garber,
The Boy Who Is tired now and would like to take a shower.

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