20 Subj: Quick! Shortly!!
Date: 97-08-16 00:56:32 EDT

i am bored so i am writing another letter to all of you, i know it has
been a short interval between this and the last one, but remembering the
2 and a half week wait between the last 2, i figure its ok, but the next
one will be out in the later half of the coming week probably, or maybe
even later, so we can both recooperate. I have more to say tonite
though. i would like to start off by welcoming Eric L. to the list, a
vocalist i met at berklee. He was always in the computer lab lissening
to real audio thingees so i couldn't help but notice him.

I will start off this letter with letters. Lets open up that big old
folder list member mail:

list member Nate D. of Alfdsdk, Kkjdy writes:

Dear benny-boy,

What the hell? did you play any james brown?


P.S. wher's mah munny?

Dear list member Nate D,
as a matter of fact we did play some james brown! Though i'm pretty sure
we didn't do it at the concert. We did a song called "chicken". I
actualy learned a hell of a lot about james brown, more than probably
anyother artist. One of the biggest things we learned about him was how
he and his band came up with the one theory. That is a theory to make
music sound funkier, by emphasising the one. the rest of the bar is
just anticipation for the next one. Music, if counted in 8th notes in
4/4, is counted "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and", and you just keep looping that
around, each one of those is called a bar. By accenting the one more than
any other note, the theory states the music will be funkier. Ususaly,
after the one is accented, the following "and" is left pretty much empty
(except for rythem, and sometimes sustained notes) and the melody/rythem
or what ever comes in again on 2. I also learned about how picky james
is, how he will dock your pay if you play a wrong note, he has fired
musicians on stage before. I also learned about how he discovered Bootsy
Collins, the most impotant funk bassist of all times. I hope that
answers your question.


PS. wut munny?

Jill ?. of On, Off writes:
dear ben,
life is boring. i'm goin to NJ with list member kate (maybe) saturday.
it's goin to suck. ok, that's it. here is my mail. i hope you enjoy it.

Dear Jill,
I am sorry you will be going away. Too bad while you are gone, every
list member who replies to this letter gets $1000!!! But they only get
it it if they reply on specified dates, which just happen to be the same
dates you are gone for. too bad, jill-o! (note to all other list
members: don't tell jill that this is not true) Have fun in Jersey!!
while you are there, say hi to list member Lauren S, who is from there.
I my self have never been to NJ really, but have driven through it, flown
over it and made pit stops there many a times. Though i don't fly

Everyone, keep sending in your mail!!!! Instructions at the bottom!

Now, with 1997 almost over, i am sure one question all of your minds is
"whats the best album of the year?" Well, everybody, you are in luck. I
all ready know what it is. Now, all of you probably remmeber all last
year's hoopla about beck's Odelay. Or, as local band Tarabas puts it,
oopla. Too bad they broke up. Oh well, i didn't like josh goodman's
vocals. nor did i like josh lavine. but they weren't bad. anyways,
last here was a load of horse shit. There is no such thing as the best
album of 1996, because every album released that year sucked. However,
this year, we do have the best album of the year, it is Radiohead's "OK
Computer". I dunno if you would all like it at first but it is a truely
magnificant album. But kep in mind that the best bands are the bands
that you won't like them the first time you here them. Pablo honey is
one of my favorite albums, a year ago the only song on it i could stand
was creep, which i think was a better album.

So, with the decade finishing up just as quickly as the year, what, do
you ask, are the best albums of the decade? Well, here is a list, i
suggest you pick up as many as you can, no paticular order:
-Radiohead: Pablo Honey
-Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magik
-They Might Be Giants: Apollo 18
-Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers: She's The One
-Young MC: Brainstorm
-Aeromith: Get A Grip
-Liz Phair: Whip Smart
-U2: Achtung, Baby (this album isn't ALL great but some of the songs are
so beyond that it -brings it up a billion times)
-Spin Doctors: Pocket Full Of Kryptonite
-Nirvana: Unplugged
-Soundtrack: Pulp Fiction
-REM: New Adventures In Hi-Fi (i have herd that atomic for the people is
amazing but i wouldn't know)
-Stone Temple Pilots: Purple
-Live: Throwing Copper
-Blind Mellon: (the one with No Rain on it)

Now, as i realize i still have more to put on, i have not herd everyy
album of the decade, or at least not enough of those albums to declare
them best of the decade. I am tempted to mention 10000 maniacs unplugged
but don't know the album nerely enough. Same thing with Pearl Jam's Ten.
But whats that? you disagree anyways? PLEASE, submit your best of the
decade list, and i will posteither indavidual ones or a compiled list.
Vote for your favorites!!! i ask that as many people submit as possable.

Now, i have thought a lot this week, and i thought "what if god lived
among the walrusus. And he wasn't just one walrus, he was all the
walrusus. And every thursday night at 7.30 pm, est, the walrusus would
hold a big meeting and deside the fate of the world for the coming week?
how would you feel about that?" Well, i asked a few list members that
to see what they thought.

List member Eric R. says:
"most walruses have 2 large fangs. signifying man and woman. if god were
a walrus he'd have 2 fangs. since 2 fangs is COMMON for walruses..god
wouldn't be special as one. so no."

How ever, a yes response from list member Jessica S. goes as follows:
"i guess that would be okay since in a sense its true anyway, cause god
lives in all things, for all we know god is the tree in my backyard."

While list member Marha P. again argues no:
"that would be as absurd as god being some guy in the sky with a big
white beard and a big white robe who makes things happen every minute of
every day."

List member Dave M. took a more simple aproach:
"cool... so long as I was one of the walruses"

I Guess if this were true, the song "I Am The Walrus" would have a hella
lot more meaning. But then what is an egg man do?

what do the rest of you think? I'm sorry if i asked you and din't use
your oppinion but you know, i couldn't use all of them. But what are
your ideas? Where do you think the universe goes? What do you think
about ghosts, about aliens? I will publish YOUR ideas in a little
install ment that i will call "Sightings". I will prepare what i get
for the next letter.

I think i forgot to tell you that i made the brian setzer concert!!!!
Here is my review that i sent to non list member Lani R.:
" On saturday, The Brian Setzer Orchastra had a free concert at the
governement center. The upside is that it was a fantastic concert, it is
very far beyond the stray cats, this is a full piece big band. He did do
stray cat strut though, but for the bass solo they went into the pink
panther theme {and after words went right back in tostray cat strut to
finish it], and he did rock this town and rumble in brighton as well.
But most of the show were covers of classic old big band and jazz, from
the 30s, 40s, 50s, early 60s. He did route 66 VERY well. And some
origionals too. The down side, is it made my hereing a lot worse".

He also played the song "Tequilla" and a latin version of the beatles
song "Got To Get You Into My Life". I went to the show with Jonah, a
pretty cool kid i met at berklee, he played bass on the tape we made when
lars and dave came up. He would be an official member of Big Baloons if
he didn't live lin cleaveland. But Dave's other band, Lynchpin, their
lead singer is from philly, so who knows, its all possable.

All right, well, see yall later, keep sending me mail, bye bye, miss
american pie.
Till Next time...
Your feathers,
BenJamin Rebrag


dear ben g -
ariela is home from six weeks in the israeli army and she is tan and
her hair is sun-bleached and she is beautiful as always. and best of all
she is alive! yay!
love, cornflake

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