19 Subj: Welcome Back!! (have some crack)
Date: 97-08-10 22:00:26 EDT

I am back, but tired and lazy. i will write a full letter later, but
write now, i would like to give it up for list member Liz G.

hey, everybody! liz here, and i just got back from six splendiferous weeks
at explo, followed by a somewhat bizarre weekend in vermont. (oh, by the
way, do any of you explo people know khadine's email address? or ben
chapman's? or lara rosen's?) anyway, i'm working too much already. i went
straight from vermont to rehearsal. i have rehearsal from seven until ten
monday through thursday. argh. the joys of working nights. not much of an
attitude problem from the cast this time, though, so that'll be nice.

anyway, so i went from explo to randolph, vermont to go to a party in a
church. see, my aunt up and decided that she would get married to this
farmer guy david in june and didn't tell anyone until after the wedding.
someone in the family decided to throw her a party and not tell her until
after she got to the party. turns out he's a member of a family that
closely resembles the beans of egypt, maine, in case anyone has read that
book. hicks, basically. one of his sisters is a religious fanatic with
seven children and doesn't show any signs of stopping this whole
childbearing thing. they're homeschooled and all the girls, even the
teenagers, had to wear blouses and jumpers and keds to this shindig. so,
after a few hours, i got a bit bored and decided to go off in search of
nico's summer house, seeing as how it was right down the road (random
coincidence, for all of you who don't know about this, and, oh, some of
don't even know that nico is a good friend from school.) so, i said i'd be
back by three thirty at the latest, and i took off down a long country
with farms lining both sides and beautiful views of vermont mountains. i
started up someone's long driveway just for the hell of it after about
twenty minutes of walking and encountered an obese man, shirtless,
sweating, sunburnt, driving a tractor and just about hitting a small
back on the main road it became clear to me that i really didn't remember
what number house i was looking for, so i just started looking at random
people's mailboxes and cars to see if they looked promising. at about
fifteen i ran into a man on the street with white hair that was yellow
dirt and bad management and was sticking out in all directions. his skin
was smooth like leather but with three or four deep oddly placed wrinkles
and a weird sand color. his eyes were wide open like a psychopath studying
me in a completely non-socially acceptable way. i asked him if he had ever
heard of the people for whom i was looking, and he hadn't, but it took him
ten minutes to tell me that, with pauses to think of things and of course
he had to name of all the houses that contained families he couldn't
readily identify. by that time it was just about time to head back to the
church, but it would take me almost an hour to walk back, so i decided to
try my luck at hitchhiking. damn that's fun. i got picked up by the first
car that passed, a small honda, i think, with what looked like a father
son and daughter, and he daughter was in a mcdonald's uniform. odd
folk. well, told them to drop me off about a block or so before the church
so no one would see me, but he didn't. he tried to drop me off right at
church, but i ducked down and made him go past it to where there was a dip
in the road. i ran through people's back yards to back before the church
and then emerged as if nothing happened, with nothing to show i had been
bad except a burr in my hair. no one was the wiser.

if you live in rhode island, let's do something.
everyone must email me back.
i'm sorry i didn't use paragraphs or capitalization in that anecdote.

Dear liz,
I saw the beans of egypt maine, that was a really bad indapendent movie.
back in 95.
love, ben

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