18 Subj: Alice's Mailing
Date: 97-07-26 20:21:16 EDT

Hello all, i'd like to welcome you all back to my list. I will return to the format which once was popular, everyone seemed to like that allot, so here it is again. Though there isn't much to say......

-you can have anything you want

-at allice's restaraunt

-The past week hasn't been anything special.

-There has been a measle's scare here at berklee. They said that either you had to get a shot or proove you've all ready had the shot. I all ready had it thank fully.

so i didn't need to get a shot. So i called my mama y papa and asked them to send the proof, they didn't, so i got my 3rd measles shot.

-Dave and Lars visited me yesterday. Last night we recorded 2 songs dave made, they sounded pretty good, in a band now officialy called Big Baloons. Both songs were writen by dave, I am hoping to get these songs put on 7" (wouldn't that be GREAT!!!!). We hope to record more soon possably. Our bassist was Jonah, a bassist i met here at berkly. He would fit in the band perfectly, we think, except the fact he lives in cleavland. Oh well, Dave's other band, Lynchpin, who will be going on tour next month, their lead singer lives in pitsburg, so its not impossable.

- One reason boston sucks is EVERYthing is 21+. I can't go to any local concerts or anything. Me and dave and lars tried to go to house of blues but they wouldn't let us. On top of everything costing money, when you have some money, no one will let you in. This brings me to a theory that boston partialy sucks. I still much prefer providence, where there is no such thing as an age limit. Well, not much. There are still common ones.

-not to mention the pizza around here sucks. Though, maybe i'm a bit spoiled by the fact that providence is largely italian. As many states have a china town, we have our itily town, a part of providence called federal hill, where the yellow lines in the middle of the road are replaced by the stripes of the italian flag. So naturaly, we have excelent pizza. Boston piazza sucks.

-List member Val H. turns 18 in just a few days. Thursday I believe, everyone wish her a happy birthday, get her a present!

- rumer had it that that Stray Cat front man Brian Setzer was in town to do a free concert. Rumer had it it was canceled. Rumer had it am sad.

-the smorning, i went to a record shop down the st. which i hadn't been to yet called Mystery train II. A bit over priced, but i came across 2 very atractive records in the soundtrack section: Mel Brooks's "The Producers" and Arlo Guthrie's "Allice's Resteraunt". As many of you may recall, I was very fortunate to be able to see Arlo Guthrie play the song live at the Further Festival (PLEASE go see it when it stops neer you). I was absolutely amazed by his preformance, it was the best live preformance i ever saw. Just him and an accoustic guitar telling the story for about a half hour, never have i been so attentive twards spoken word. Its pretty good on this record too, though not as good as it is live, naturally, but i STRONGLY recomend it. though the rest of the album has clicked in yet, this 2 part song is well worth the price. Both parts together total nerely 19 minutes. Live was really cool because he added an extra part about richard nixon.

- all right, well thats about it, boston is boaring, every body PLEASE write me a letter.
Ben Garber
Box 818
Berklee College of Music
150 Mass. Ave.
Boston, Ma 02115


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