17 Subj: The Basement of the Damned
Date: 97-07-21 19:08:12 EDT

Hello all. I am sad to announce I got kicked out of berklee so i will be home for the remander of the summer, as i am grounded as well. What for "you askø" well, for kidding, i am still here at berklee and am no where nere getting kicked out. your all too gullable, don't be so gullable, damn it. How ever, i am out of money, so in boston, that means i'm out of fun. i chill around alot. We watch jeopardy on the big screen tv every night at 7.30. Then watch a movie or too and just walk around newbury street with some chillis i have just resently met. I just started chillen with themn yesterday or something, but hooray!! There are a lot of ass holic people here, rather snotty about there playing and what ever, there aree a lot of cool people too though. My room mate i am sick of. He keeps me up every night lissening to the evil ska sounds of The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones and Lets Go Bowling. Though he puts on cool stuff once in a while, he has some beasties and diaggable planets too, so i guess hes cool like that. But hes kind of an ass. He won't let me go to sleep some times. I can't afford to do my laundry so i am whereing many repeat clthes, particularly pants. Figures, after but a week here, i nocked over my high hat, and it hit my room mates bed and the stand bent into un hatable conditions. So i brought it to The Guitar Center and trying to fix it, the springs were undone, wonderful........ so its cool i guess cause DW has a 6 year warentee on there high hats, so they sent it in and it won't cost a penny. DW is on back order so it won't be back for another 5 or 6 weeks, how perfect.... i have also run out of sticks and have no money to replace them, so thats a pain in the ass. I have stick left but they are all falling off or have no tips or are just to worn and what a piece of piss. As a funk drummer by nature, this is very bad. My pedals are more important to me than to most drummers, so other pedals don't do, and i need small sticks, most drummers like bigger ones, so theres another problemo. crap just keeps on falling out from behind.

but its fun for the most part, i get to do what ever the hell i want, no cerfew or anytthing, just like real college. I deffinatly plan on comming to college here. I desided i want to double major: in education, namely ensamble education and leading. I think that would be a wonderful job. And the other major i want is film scorring. Thats a promising field actualy. Think of all the indapendent films being made, and think how many people have a degree in film scoring? let alone a berklee degree, this is THE music school. This woud be good also cause my home town, which is but just an hour away, has the one of the best film departments in the entire country, that opens many doors. I could also go out to cali and get a job there, but do i really want to do thatø No, i don't like cali. I much prefer providence, and RISD opens a door. Ensamble leading will be helpful here cause i can write my music and will be able to dirrect my musicians better. And both are useful when playing in a band. All i have to do now is some how get into berklee, wheich shoiuldn't be too hard.

Every day i check my mail, mike m. and liz g. have sent me mail, and so have mom and pop, but they don't count, so wheres the rest of youø Send mail to:

Ben Garber
Box 818
Berklee College of Music
150 Mass. Ave.
Boston, Ma 02115

or better yet, call me god damn it. I have talked to brent and to mike and lars and dave and mom and pop and lani and phaea, but they don't count I want YOU to call me!!! 617-247-7936. This is a pay phone right out side my room, so anyone may pick up when it rings (you DON't pay extra for the pay phone). Let it ring a litte, as its a quiet one, and ask for room #746, then ask for Ben. The first 5 poeople to send me mail will get a prize, and the first 10 people to call me will get a better prize, and the 1st one to visit gets the biggest prize of all: A bunch of old archie comics! Some one just sat down at the computer next to me and is breathing hevily. i don't like that. well, i will write more later, my email has been turned on by Candi (oh, that was just bad). I will send out another mail later. You can all visit me tooøø

I would like to congradulate list member Phaea C on winning the archie commics. Too bad she as at camp. we all miss her all ready.

Oh well, see you all later. I need letters so i can put them in next letters letter collum, but i will only except real mail letters. by.

chill out,

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