16: Subj: Weekend Off
Date: 97-07-12 00:24:10 EDT

hi everyone, i am home just for the night. why "you ask?" because
tomarrow i am going to be in a comercial. I have to be there by 6.45
tomarrow. Its a PSA against violance. It only pays $25, but its a start
on my road to fame. You will all know my face very well very soon, at
least the locals. anyways, berklee is cool. we are in the middle of
boston with no supervision really. in my musicianship corse, i am in a
high level 2 corse, as a drummer i think thats good, thats nerely a 3.
the other courses i'm not sure the levels. but i am in 2 different
fusion ensambles. I think one is a much higher level than the other, in
one of them, no one speaks english and most of them don't know standard
blues changes, the other one every one seems to know what they are doing.
well, i will take a second here, to let you know how to contact me.

1. You can call me, at 617-247-7936. This is a pay phone right out side
my room, so anyone may pick up when it rings (you DON't pay extra for the
pay phone). Let it ring a litte, as its a quiet one, and ask for room
#746, then ask for Ben.

If that line is busy or gets no answer call 617-247-7970 and follow the
same instructions. This phone is a bit down the hall though. If i'm not
in, leave a message, and CALL BACK!!! it is hard for me to call back, as
it is a pay phone and my funds are limited.

2. You can write me, send me packages, or better yet, VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!
Ben Garber
Box 818
Berklee College of Music
150 Mass. Ave.*
Boston, Ma 02115

*(PLEASE extend "Mass." to massachusets, but i spell it wrong so please
spell it right!)

3. My preformances will be on augest 7th, so please come!!!! call me
for more spasifics on when and where.

I want you all to send me mail, and i won't have much money so enclose
that in your mail please. I got the new primus album all ready, i got it
fast cause it came out on vinal fast, far bfore the CD so i don't need it
any more.

I like berklee, boston is cool, but it is just too much for me. Firstly,
there is NOTHING to do if you have not any money, which i ran out of
fast, as i spent well over half my money on repairing and replacing
things. Secondly, its just not safe. On tuesday night, at about 1am, so
that would be wed. morning i guess, my room mate was asleep. I went to
set the alarm, and as i tried to find the light switch,i herd a screaming
out side, someone was yelling at the top of there lungs "stop! don't do
this to me!" and stuff like that and i looked and i noticed there were 2
people over one person who they had on a car, who they were no doubt
beeting and i dunno what else, if they were robbing or raping or what
ever, and i just stayed there for a minute or 2 in disbeliefe, i wanted
to get help but it was like i was afraid it wasn't real or something, but
i went and knocked on the RA's dood (the RA is the closest thing we have
to super vision, but barely. Just a hired bearkly graduate to help us
find our way around and stuff), and i said "someone is getting beet up
out side" and she was like "what?" and so she said call 911 but i dunno
i was nervous but i did and they said they would send cops over. Someone
else must have called too because a fire truck arived soon and seemed to
know exactly where to go as me and Jodi the RA and my now awake room mate
watched out the window and then cops and ambulances came too and there
was obviously something there, just not some one any more and all the
fire, cop and medical people left, except the cops who talked to people.
But the next day my room mate said he was walking down there and he saw a
lot of blood, and the person probably got dragged off or something. i
dunno wether this person was murdered or what, but they are at least in
very intense pain now, and its just not a nice thing to think about,
espeshaly when you watched it happen, and even more when you are living
right where that happond. There are very loud sirens literaly every 10
minutes usualy, thankful for dorm security, you CAN'T get it the dorms
with out ID, but i dunno, i stopped going out at night unles someone is

I have been spending much of my time with list member Phaea C, a girl who
i met at camp when i was 11, i was very glad to see her, i haven't seen
her in 10 years. we have had an odd relationship, but we're cool like
that. She is unfortunately going to camp though on thursday so i will be
me and phaea have a wierd connecetion, a lot of coinsidentals, we tend to
say the same things a lot, we own a lot of the same things, or at least
similer i dunno, its hard to explain but we find this frequently. You
know what she asked me today? If i would go to her senior prom with her,
but i would have to where a dress. She said she wants to go in a herse.
Sound familier valerie???? i still want to go on a 2 person bicycle.
oh well, thats a nother 2 years a way, so.............. in the mean

I will tell you much more when i get back next month month. i'd like to
send a shot out to list member Erin S, see y'all later, bye bye. miss
you much, cha cha boom. besame, besame mucho.

love yer benjermin

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