15 Subj: So Long, i Didn't Like Your Menu
Date: 97-07-05 21:24:35 EDT

well, everybody, i am off to berklee (Keyword to: http://www.berklee.edu/) un about 12 hours or so, so i
am wishing you all a good bye, farewell for now. I will be shutting off
my aol adresses so send all email to yahtzee@tiac.net, and please, send a
lot, i want to feel welcome when i return. You may also leave messages
on my answering machine (401-421-4003). Its my own line, so its jkust
me, no worry of those damn parental robots. I will be at bearkly
(http://www.berklee.edu) for 5 weeks, then i'm off on a short phish tour,
hitting burgettstown, PA; Darien Center, NY and ending at The Great Went
festival in Limstone, maine (vacation land!). I'm not sure when i'll be
back exactly, but it should be less than 7 weeks, that all i know, but i
will let you all no when i return. But in the mean time, i will keep you
all updated on important things, as i always do. Watch for this adress
coming from different adresses.

The Summer Performance Program emphasizes the mastery of playing, or
singing in a chosen style of contemporary music, either rock, jazz, or
fusion. Students will participate in ensembles, have classes in
performance theory, musicianship, instrumental labs, and will be able to
choose from a variety of electives. Over 120 student ensembles, each led
by one of Berklee's faculty members, will perform during the final "Blow
Out Week." All students will perform in these concerts at various
performance venues.

I will get you all my adress there, as well as phone number and
performance dates. I want mail!!!! so you all better write me. And
phone calls too. An you MUST come to my preformance. I'm going to be
doing the funk ensamble probably.

Time for letters!!!!! (fethers)

Dear Ben,
Did you ever consider shagging someone just to make ends meet?

Donna Summer, discoqueen of the 70's

Dear Donna,
please come to my preformance.

ben dearest -

my dad went to grade school with arlo (and his two brothers) in brooklyn.
arlo's brother joady was at my dad's bar mitzvah.

my english teacher last year (mr.robert, AP english, classical) played
drums for the dead on their europe tour '71.

i love 'rain'. that whole album is groovy - old brown shoe, and ballad of
john and yoko... which version of rubber soul do you have? one version has
drive my car, and the other has i've just seen a face - the latter if far
superior to the former, of course. do you know what the black album is?
a bootleg, has a lot of stuff from the white album and a lot of other
they didn't release. i have a copy, but it's in pretty bad shape.

i don't s'pose you know where i might get a bootleg of alice's restaurant
great woods the other night - i would kill for that. i dunno, you just
like the sort of person who might know where i could get a bootleg.

going away for a few days, in case that matters - back on wednesday.

love, cornflake

Dear Cornflake,
wow, you have GREAT connections. The 2 versions of rubber soul very like
this: the one with more tracks, the one that is on CD, was the origional
parlaphone release. Parlaphone released their records in the UK (i dunno
about the rest of europe). The lesser tracked one was the capitol
release, capitol was the american distributer, both were run by EMI. The
tracks missing from the capitol release are available on a capitol only
release called "yesterday... and today", which has never been, and
probably never will be released on CD. Capitol did this frequently with
most albums, up until 1967, both parlaphone and capitol from now on would
have the same tracks.

Yes, i do know of the black album, though i have never been able to find
a copy of it, though i do have many boot legs of the beatles. HOWEVER,
no matter what the shape, if you ever get rid of it, i would be happy to
save it from the evil hands of a used record store.

The first band at the further fest, moe, mentioned that the show was
being taped for a radio brodcast on a later date. Though they didn't
know when or what station ( i am assuming in boston, either ZLX or BCN
probably). If i can get a tape i will pass it along. Bye bye, have a
nice trip.

Other things:
The new primus album shall be coming out this week. It's called The
Brown Album and i need somebody to pick it up, on vinal (a cd is not
acceptable) and get it to me. I will pay you back. I also need the
video of Imagine, the rockumentry on John Lennon. And money is helpful
too, please please me, every body, and get me some gifts!!! I'd help you
out. While your at it, order bothe Squirl Nut Zipper records from
http://www.mammoth.com so get moving sir.

I would like to take a moment to send out happy birthday's. List member
Tara ?. resently turned 16, list member Val H. will soon be 18 and list
member Emanuel S. will soon be 16. I'm sorry if i missed any birthdays
but i didn't know, you will all get your turns. Here is a song:
It was a teenage wedding, and the old folks wished them well
You could see that Pierre did truly love the madamoiselle
And now the young monsieur and madame have rung the chapel bell,
"C'est la vie", say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell

They furnished off an apartment with a two room Roebuck sale
The coolerator was crammed with TV dinners and ginger ale,
But when Pierre found work, the little money comin' worked out well
"C'est la vie", say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell

They had a hi-fi phono, boy, did they let it blast
Seven hundred little records, all rock, rhythm and jazz
But when the sun went down, the rapid tempo of the music fell
"C'est la vie", say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell

They bought a souped-up jitney, 'twas a cherry red '53,
They drove it down to Orleans to celebrate the anniversary
It was there that Pierre was married to the lovely madamoiselle
"C'est la vie", say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell

well, thats it for me, good bye everybody!! i will miss you all, send my
love to yo mama!! bye bye, good night,m don't forget to write. See ya


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