14. Subj: The List Of
Date: 97-07-03 13:47:20 EDT

Hi every body. Once again, it's on.

Welcome to my cheese shop, where you will only find the finest cheeses
available in england. If you would like to place an order, please call

Wow, what a week. I took monday off, and didn't do a darn thing, dag
nabbit. But Tuesday, my friend Lars, his swiss cousin Jonnin (or
something like that...) and his cranstonite borther, Amherst (though its
really Anders) came and picked me up. why "you ask?" Because we were
going to the Further Festival!!!! It was magnificent. (at Great Woods)
We started off just chillin in the parking lot, asking for quorters and
buying some things from vendors. We got in, walked around, there were
all sorts of booths trying to sell stuff... We had really great seets, we
were maybe 30 feet from the stage. The MC came on soon (the MC was Arlo
Guthrie!!!!) and introduced the first band, Moe. They did a good set,
but it was short. The was Sherry Jackson. I thought the band kind of
lacked, she played violin, and also had a guitarist and a drummer. No
bass. But it was pretty cool when she put her violin through a wah wah
pedal. She got off when it was time for Bruce Hornsby to play, i never
herd any of his stuff before really, just knew he used to play with the
dead sometimes. I wasn't very impressed at first, but as the set went
on, i was wowed. Next was a filler by to acc. guitarists, i forget there
names, but they were maybe in there 50s, one of them had a Lupo's shirt
on!!!! That was retty cool. They did 2 acc. guitar jams, and then the
last one, the guy with the lupo's shirt brought out an electric slide
guitar. That was fun, but next was Rat Dog, the band of former grateful
dead member Bob Wier, who seemed to be in charge of the show. Pretty
good, the bassest had an upright 6 string fretless elctric bass and took
an amazing solo, then he started playing this simple bass line, which he
sampled, and started looping it. He then took out a 4 string fretless
upright electric and took another amzing solo. Then they did Willie
Dixon's song. Red Rooster, a classic dead cover. It was unbelieveable,
and then rat dog finished there set with just amazing music. I felt bad
for who ever came after that, cause you couldn't top it. Arlo Guthrie
came out, as he was the MC, and played the song Alice's Restaraunt.
Thats like a 20 minute song on the album, he did it for like 45 minutes
this time. This is a song he hasn't done since the 60s, so i was very
lucky to see it, it was just him playing this nifty acc. guitar line,
while he told the alice's restaraunt story. This was possably the
coolest thing i've ever seen live, if any of you get to see him, go!!!!!
though he doesn't play much anymore. Now what would go after this?
Well, considering that this show was put together by members of the great
ful dead, there had to be one thing. At EVERY dead show, there was
always a section called "The Drums". There wopuld always be a long
perc/drum section here, that would be absolutely amazing. Former dead
percusionist Mickey Hart played pecussion, as he lead 3 other
percussionists, a kit drummer, and a bassest in his band Planet Drum.
Now considering that this was primarily percussion they did an amzing job
making good music. There was one percussionist from i think puerto rico,
this guy could do anything. There was another one, really just playing
the talking drum, from i believe Zaire, this guy could go so fast just
using one hand, this was impossable, but he did it, and i couldn't move.
There was someone, i forget who from south africa, and then another
percusionist from North India, he was pretty good but i wasn't amazed by
his solo. Planet drum has an album i believe, though i've never herd it,
i'd strong;ly recomend you all get it, then let me tape it. After them,
bob wier came out with his bassest, and played paul mccartney's
Blackbird. Then a few more came out from various bands and they played
paul mccartney's I've Just seen A Face. I didn't know the other stuff,
but then the black crowes played their set. Not bad, but compare to
there others it wasn;t as good. But the 3rd song they did was a
magnificent blues tune that was magnificint. Then the final set was a
jam, led by bob wier, with a couple members of each band on stage. This
set was no doubt a tribute to jerry. They started with the dead classic
Truckin' (what a long strange trip it's been) from their album American
Beuty, bob did the vocals for it on the album, so he did them here to.
Then they did another classic dead cover, Buddy Holly's Not Fade Away,
Chris Robinson (i think thats his name, lead singer of the crowes) and
Bobby kept swiping vocals on this, really cool, then they let the whole
audience finish off, no one on stage said a word, but the audience, very
together kept singing "you know our love not fade away" and the audience
never faded till they started thge next song, a cover of bob dylan's
Knock Knock Knockin on Hevan's Door. By then end, it was by far a total
jerry tribute, when after the song, bobby did the jerry hand thing (you
know that missing middle finger), it was amazing. I want you all to see
it when it comes around. It ill be in california last (end of tour means
fire works!!!), so those of you in cali can check it out./ Go to.
http://www.dead.net and click on the Further Fest button. It will be
atotaly different show when you get it, though the same people, just
different sets.

Wednesday i went to Pop Mart with brent. the fun lovin' criminasls were
the bad opening band (NEVER see them live). Then we had to wait till
dark for U2 to come on, the show was very extravagant. They made a good
entrance, the walked through the crowd!!!! They played some new stuff,
some classics, blah blah blah..... The covered Ben E. King's stand by
me. Um, they then disapeard, a sapce ship came down, and a giant metalic
lemon opened up and there stood U2, as they started Discoteque. This
sounded much better live, i don't like the album version but always
thought it had the potential. It still could have been much better, but
it was pretty good. more songs, blah blah blah, good night, encore:
mysterious ways, not that good, it was too slow. One: amazing. This
was the last song, which was good cause they ended it perfectly, if they
did anymore they would have killed it. It was raining by the end, which
added a lot to it, but i was kind of hoping they would do something
special cayse it was the last show of the tour (so none of you can see
it). Bono came back in, this made me so happy, they covered one of my
favorite beatle songs, a little known non-album song (it was only issue
in 1966 as the b-side to the single Paper Back Writer, it was on the
album Hey Jude, but i don't think they ever put that on CD. it MIGHT be
on the blue album, but my advise: By the record of Hey Jude). It was a
cover of John Lennon's "Rain". I was very happy, i think i was the only
one there who knew the song, and i think this was the only show they did
it at (they played a Foxboro stadium by the way).

Today i got an ATM card so i will have money over the next 6 weeks. and
i am about to meet lindsey and annie to discus what concerts they will
see with me.

SORRY!!!! no one sent ltters this week. so i will amke some up.

Dear Ben,
how are you?
Love Ben

Dear Ben,
good, and you?
Love ben

Dear Ben,
Love Ben.

Dear Ben,
Love, Ben.

Until next time, bye bye.

if the rain comes
they run and hide their heads
they might as well be dead
if the rain comes
if the rain comes
when the sun shines
i don't mind
the weather's fine
i can show you
that when it starts to rain
everything's the same
i can show you
i can show you
when the sun shines
they slip into the shade
and sip their lemonade
when the sun shines
when the sun shines
i don't mind
the weather's fine
can you here me?
that when it rains and shines
it's just a state of mind
can you here me?
can you here me?

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