13 Subj: the BEN GARBER list of mail
Date: 97-06-29 18:12:18 EDT

Hi, all. I have switched back to aol because aol is not nice about
recieveing mail from the internet and many of you on aol haven't recieved
my last 2 mailings because of AOL's unkindness. So, for this reason, i
am sending you mail FROM aol, considering that most of you are aol users.
I think that when aol recieves internet mail adressed to more than one
person, it deletes it automaticly. oh well, ferget it. Some stuff in
here has all ready been published before but i'm publishing it again
cause the aol users not getting it, so sorry to the non aol users.

I will first start off by saying i will soon be leaving for boston, in
about of week, where i will be at the bearkly school of music. I will be
doing the funk ensamble and i hope to see you all at my concert in mid
augest. Its really cool, its just like college, no dorm checks or
cerfews or anyuthing, and i'm right on mass ave, directly across the
street from tower records, this one is suposedly the largest record store
in new england. I will try to send out my adress if i can, and you can
ALL right me and call me on the phone. Espeshaly you, phaea. Anyways,
as you might guess, the mailing list will be down while i am gone. But
you can all email me. However, you can't email aol. AOl only holds
email for 35 days, i'll be gone longer so i am gonna shut off my aol
mail, just to make sure none of you mail there. You will all have to
email yahtzee@tiac.net, and i will expect a lot of mail when i get back
so pile it up, jack-o!

Here are some letters. These are the last 2 letters colloms which most
of you aol people haven't read yet, though many all of the non aol users
have all ready. right, casandra? Casandra, i never here from you!!!
we miss you here in canada. anyways, now its time to open the CBS mail
bag with old repeats.

Dear Ben,
Have you ever thought about Mike Gordon in a way that could be
construed as "perverted"? We have.
Lauren, Michele and Andrea in Greenwich Village, NY

No, thats disgusting!!!! But, how ever, i do often think about Gordon
Shumway. Remember him? When he moved to earth, he changed his name to
love, ben

Jen H. of Gilbert, Sullivan writes:
Dear Ben,
hey how did you know i had a page. thanks for the im.

Dear Jen:
Your father showed it to me. He came over the other night we went online
and found your page. Did you get that last shot of heroine? I told hime
to save it for you.

Emanuel S. of Byebye, Birdie writes
Dear Ben,
i'm trying to organize something with brent and lars and carl and
PK. what day are you free?

Dear Emanuel.
I am no longer free, sorry. I have desided to put up a $20 monthly fee
to all subscribers, so everyone send yur checks now. You are all over
due from may still, june is almost up. I will be awaiting all of your
payments. Please make all checks payable to jen h's father (again,
thanks for the heroine!)

Please, send me more questions, espeshaly Casandra. Follow the
instructions at the bottom.

one complaint i've gotten about the list is that when you read it, you
don't always know whos who. I am working on fixing this. One i dea i
had, which i have all ready started is, I want ALL of you to submit a
small writen thing about yer self: who you are, Your name, where your
from, where you go to school, hobbies, what ever... If you have a web
page, that too. Just put what ever you want people to know and i will
post it at http://www.tiac.net/users/yahtzee/whodunnit.html so if you
want to know more about someone, you go to that page and view their
discription. I would like to ask that every one submit their
discriptions. I will take care of those who aren't list members. Thank

also, don't for get my other pages: http://www.tiac.net/users/yahtzee and

Speaking of which, i got some new records today. Including the Buddy
Holley boxed set on vinal. Its pretty good.

well, this week has been nifty. Well, tuesday was cool. Lanna convinced
me to go to a beginners ball room dancing class at Brown University, so i
did. When i got there, i was quite surprised to find carl and his sister
there. So we started, i danced with lanna, carl danced with his sister
mary. But lanna had to go :-( but thats when i started raking in the
bitches, mofo. And you know who else was there? The mother of list
member Eric R. I'm totaly serious!! but it was really fun, we danced to
Rod Stewart unplugged, which i have to by. You should all get this
album, and take ball room dancing lessons too.

wednesday sucked and i don't remeber.

Thursday i went to Bren'ts house, carl and nick were there, as well as
tyler. That ended by about 8 something and i just wondered around for a
while. Another fight on thayer st, the guy who owned store 24 came out
and yelled at everybody, there was an ambulance too. The area hasd
gotten much more violent over the past few years, its surprising. But
thayer still isn't too bad, its still pretty peaceful most of the time.
I got home at like 11.30.

Oh yeah, wednesday i went up to NH to visit a boarding school. I got
excepted, i got into finestine too, and will probably get into ALP.
However, i am strongly considering not doing anyof those, and insted,
joining City Year (thats a comunity service thingy). City Year will
give me the equivilent of a high school diploma, a $5000 scholarship for
college, and $130 a week and a nice uniform, and above all, i get to help
out people who could use help, and i am happy to do that.

On friday night, i called up Dave N. If i were to marry a bvoy, it would
be him, but i won't so it won't be. We rounded up a passi and we all met
on thayer st and chilled all night. He got lars and his friend martha
who i didn't know before, and we found reena there too. I haven't seen
reena in a while, she cut her hair short, she looks cooler now with it
short. Dave brought his guitar and started playing, when this nutty
australian guy came up and told us about kangeroo killing, marajuana
growing and how much he hates the english language and he started singing
to daves guitar, he was funny but annoying. we stayed at thayer till
maybe 11.30 or so then we had to go. The next day i met lars, brent,
natanya, ed, list member emanuel, ashly, katie, amanda, carl and who
knows who else at meeting st cafe and hung out on thayer for a while,
went to brents for a while, went to the cremery for a while, went back to
brents for while, then me and lars and tyler to thayer and we just sat
out side hot pockets and talked to some girls i dunno then went across
the street and talked to some girl i didn't know well then chilled and
waited for lars's parents and while waiting, the nutty australian found
us, and hit on every girl who walked by. He left soon, so did lars, so
did I. today i went with brent to thayer aNd then to his house and
refuse to leave again cause it stoo damn fookin hot.

random Notes:

-Overall Controll has changed names again, now Plastic Wings. Wheres the
name from? From 2 post beatle bands: Wings and The Plastic Ono Band.

- I'd like to send a shot out to my boy mike who has started the summer
session at Oregon College. He doesn't get enough mail, and would like

Michael A. Markovich
1220 University of Oregon
Carson Hall #63408
Eugene, Oregon

- I'd also like to send a shot out to Liz. Shes going away this summer
and wants mail as well, so every one write her:

Liz Gately
Exploration Senior Program
Wellesley College
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02181

- I have a question for anybody who can tell me, so if you know, PLEASE
right back. How do i protect the rights to my written work? I would
like to put it on the web and stuff, but i am afraid someone will see it
and use it, and when i deside to publish it officialy someone will say
they wrote it and take my money.

anyways, see yall later. Bye bye.

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