11. 6-22-97
Color Me Redd
Hello, i am back for another round of "mail that letter". Up in the kitchen, dinner is cookin'. What is it "you ask?" its peparoni pizza flavored hot pockets. I would like to welcome 3 new members since the last issue: Jon Mazoki, Jill Whonose, And Danniell pronounced Danneell. In this list, you will learn whats happening in my life, so you don't have to worry so much about yer own.

whats happend since wednesday?? well, thursday was another free BRU concert, so i went. There were 2 bands, i gfor get the second one, but the first was Jill Soubile. She did an all acoustic set, with just her and some other guy who played piano, hermonica, acordian and backing vocals. She did guitar, and played drums on the last song. She sings Kiss The Girl, for those who don't know. It was really good, and i taped it, but my tape played broke, that piece of crap. So no tape. I left durring the 2nd band cause they sucked.

Friday i was gonna see the toasters, but i couldn't egt in touch with no body who wante dto go. But Brent invited me to see Batman and Rogain. He never called back, so i stayed home. Oh well, i enjoyed the evening. I made my self a pumpkin pie. it was delcious!!! I want to bake you all pie someday!!


Hi Ben. You can let everyone I'm going to New York City for a couple of
days, and will not be available for services until I come back.

Dear Ben,
Have you ever thought about Mike Gordon in a way that could be
construed as "perverted"? We have.
Lauren, Michele and Andrea in Greenwich Village, NY

No, thats disgusting!!!! But, how ever, i do often think about Gordon Shumway. Remember him? When he moved to earth, he changed his name to ALF.

thats it for letters!! Keep on sending them in!!

Saturday i was suposed to go to my cousin's birthday, but considering everyone else there would either be over 50 or under 10, i STRONGLY didn't want to. But the ACT picnic was the same day, so i said i was going to that, thoygh i had no way of getting there, so i said i was going with brent. My only way of getting there was my dad, who i SEVERELY didn't want to go with. My mom has been away all week and i am going nuts with him!!!!. So i left to brent's, who wasn't even home so i wwent to thayer, but my dad desided to stop by brents. then he desided to go out looking for me, no good. But i saw brent later and spent the afternoon with him, till we went to list member Jeremy K's party, as his parents were outta town. Lana was there. She is EVERYwhere i go, literaly. I see her everytime i turn the corner. I like her though, i'm gonna give her call, maybe take her out some night or something. Anyways, Jeremy, your party sucked. Ooooh, my dinner is ready. yum yum. Jeremy, when you throw a party, make sure there is more to do. Just having alcohol and a beastie boys CD is rather boaring. And you were an ass hole to me too! you wouldn't let me do a damn thing! i lay down on the couch and you won't let me do that? what the fuck is that? thanks for making a shitty party worse!!!

sometime with in the next 2 weeks, i'm gonna ask out my spannish teacher on a date!! i think it will be fun. she is only 26.

Brent stayed over after jeremy's ass hole party. And then left in the morning. My dad went sailing today for hours, we had a big thunder storm, and my dad is out now picking up my mom from the air port. SHe was in texas, i belive. Ok, well thank you for tning in, see you ;later, cha cha cha. Bye and have a plesent tomarrow.

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