10. 6-18-97
well, I wasn't gonna send the next letter till later, but I saw something on the news tonite that disturbed me. a large baptist group in the south voted to ban the walt disney company. I herd this and I thought "yay!!! disney is a horrable corrupt company. what did they do now?" well, aperently, the baptist group is banning disney cause they are too gay friendly. now what the fuck is this? I quickly switched to disney's side. I would like to ask your help and right letters to as many organisations as you can, PARTICULARLY DISNEY, for being to baptist friendly. Not that you should hate someone cause they are baptist, but why should you hate some one cause they are gay? its just a similer strike back, maybe they will learn something. Anyways, I would like to ask that you all please help me with this, as this is a serious issue.

In other news, the meeting street papa ginos closed and matt rufo is in new york.

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