8. 6-15-97
Know The Low Rider

Hello all, happy fathers day. I would like to welcome Martha P. and Matt R. to the list this week, making a total 25 members. Thanks for your support, everyone!! Remember, keep telling everyone you know to join my list. There are about 1200 people at Classical, why are only 2 of them on my list? i demand more!!

well, its fathers day, one of the 4 days of the year i hate most. the other 3 are mothers day, my dads birthday and my moms birthday. You no mothers and fathers day aren't even real holidays? they were just made up by card companies in order to sell more cards. So we went to some art show down town, one of the billion. It sucked but i got some furniture for my room. A couch, a table, and some chairs. Let's see, 3 of you have bveen in my mythical room. ya know the drum set and key bord? those are all upstairs now, in the living room, and i'm gonna find space (who knows where) to put all this stuff. But it will be cool, you will all like it cause now you wont have to sit on borken arizona bottles if you want to sit down. The rest of you will have to visit sometime.

Yesterday was OZZfest!!! Ozzfest is like the metal head version of Lollapalooza, it was at great woods. I'm not much of a metal head, so it was kind of strange..... Most of the bands at the mainstage sucked, it was bands like Type O Negative, Powerman 5000, Pantara, Machine Head...... but i liked a lot of the 2nd stage bands, down set was really really good, i like drain s.t.h, and nerousis had a really cool drum thing, and they were all playing drums, it was amazing. But then the best of all, of corse, was the head liner: Ozzy Osbourne. Black Sabbeth reunited, minus the origional drummer, and started off with a video with Ozzy dubbed into all sorts of things, from sitting next to Forrest Gump at the park bench, to playing the which in the wizzard of oz, to singing twist and shout with the beatles on the ed sulivan show, to being in the back of the car with alanis morrisette in that video she has when shes screaming in the back of a car, to interviewing Pricess Di. it was great. how discriptive a sentance i just used, eh? Anyways, they stopped, and then was ozzy's solo stuff. He preformed the standards: iron man, paranoid, of corse. But i missed a bit cause i accidently left early :-( i forgot ozzy was doing something with out sabbeth, so i left after the encore and i saw people take ing the drums off the stage. But it was great any ways. It took us 1 and a half hours to get out of the parking lot, then we got lost so it took 2 hours to get me home. I sawe the show with derik, who wrote a song.

Friday me and Nate played, he brout a guitar and bass and what ever and we made some cool things. I had an idea for a song called "Narcoleptisism". A narcoleptic is someone who keeps falling asleep at randpm, so we have this song, its an instrumental probably, and it just keeps stopping and random times. That night i thought was toasters at lupos, but it was actulay Max Creek, who i wanted to see also, but didn't feel like going out friday anyways, so i just stayed home. Max Creek will be back again, they are here every few weeks. The toasters are NEXT friday. whos going? gimmie a call, jeremy.

Thursday was the free BRU concert. The first band was The ROyal Crowns. They were suposed to be really good because they won the best local band in the readers poll in the pheonix. But they sucked. I think it was more the production than the band though, who ever miked the concert sucked. But the royal crowns were a rockabilly band, and the lead guy is the guy who works at In Your Ear. I think i might see them again though, cause that was probably just a bad show. The first time i saw the slip, they sucked. The 2nd time i saw them they were amazing, and aree now one of my favorite live bands. Cumbustable Edison was the 2nd band, they were really good, my favorite of the evening. Again, the production sucked, but they were so good it didn't matter. They were a lot like squirl nut zippers, but 1000000 times better. They used to do the music for the OK Soda comercials. yall remmeber OK Soda? That stuff was awsome. Morphine closed the show, i didn't like them too much. The good news is they all signed my adress book. The bad news is none of them put my adresses.

Concerts coming up, wait for the reviews: this thursday's free show, friday is the toasters, next thursday is weezer/no doubt, who knows whats imbetween. There is also horde, aerosmith, varuca salt, further fest, u2, phish, jethro tull and the blues festival planned in the neer future. i still need partners for most of them, so let me know.

Now, time for letters:
Dear Ben,
IS Your mom proud of you and your band? Does she support drug use and
promiscuous sex? Does she allow you to drink alcohol in her presence? If so,
can I come over sometime???

Sensually Yours,
With Love and Wet Temptations,
Farrah from "FUNKYTOWN"

Dear Farrah Faucet,
actualy, soon as the post man comes, my mom seems to dis appear. anyways, thats not our band, i think you have us confused with yo mama.

dear ben, what is your personal opinion on the coffee coolatta vs. the

dear Liz G,
coffee sucks.

i have more letters that will be answered in the next mailing, but i try to limit the letters to 2 each mailing. You can send me your more letters by following the instructions below. please do so.

Anyways, i think thats about it. I would like to congraduate Val H. and Mike M. for gradulating high school since the last news letter. Mike will soon be going to oregon where he will start college this mobnth for the summer semester. Val will be staying here in RI, going to CCRI in the fall. Erin, who graduated last week, will be in santa cruz i think????? Oh well, good luck! did you all know that, as of right now, i am not in school. I'm not enrolled in any school for next year, as i am done with the one i was at this year. Its not a good thing when i am trying to make a good impression on parents.... but i don't mind it for the most part. but i don't know what to say, cause its like, i'm not a drop out, but i'm also not a student. so what am i? oh well.

well, good bye, see you all new year. Bye bye. stay healthey and don't forget.

the godess of all mania,
carne de vaca ben garber

Both me and Nate's email addresses have since changed. The ones listed no longer exsist.

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