7. 6-10-97
Epiphone Special

I am here to announce that the Federal Roosters do not exist anymore. Nor do the China Republics. However, me and nate and hunter and mike are now Overall Control.
Me - drums
Hunter - key board(s)
Nate - Bass
Mike - Main songwriter
howerver, we all write and we all sing. We had out first meeting today. However, it was just me and hunter. we made a redording, though its not yet good enough to post. We are still looking for a guitarist OR bassist. Nate can do either, though, i'd personaly like to stay away from over dubbing.
I have posted a play i wrote to hold your self over in the mean time:
If you are on aol, type in the following as a key word:
If You are NOT on aol, type in the following as a web adress

if you are using windows, download NAGAIN.WAV
If you are using macintosh, download NAGAIN.SND, or you can download NAGAIN.WAV if you prefer

time for letters with fethers!!
Liz Gatekeeper of Sony, Walkman writes:
"Dear Ben,
hey, this working?"

Dear Liz, yes, it hiz. thanks for helping out.

Liz Gatekeeper of Chuckberry Fields writes:
"Dear Ben,
do you know if the thayer street ]maxamillions[ serves lime rickies?

Dear Liz,
I think they do. I've never really been in there before.

people, PLEASE send real questions, i haven't recieved any this week. Thank you

another musician will be joiningthe likes of Curt Cobain, Bill Haily and Dr. Longhair on the Lupo's Wall. Rockabilly god Carl Perkins died this past weeked. He is most noted for writing rockabilly standard, "Blue Suade Shoes." I'm sure you all know that one, covered by a billion people (one for the mpnoey, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready now go, cat, go...). In other news, i have also learned that Jim Morrison died :-(

On thursday, the free WBRU concert will feature Combustible Edison, Morphine and the Royal Crowns. I don't know any of their music, but it is free. If you would like to lissen to the concert, you can either lissen to it on 95.5 fm (i think its on the radio) or you can go to http://www.wbru.com and lissen to it being brodcast on the web. WBRU has often placed number one amung medium sized radio station in the anuel rolling stone readers poll.

ON friday is the toasters concert at Lupos, as i will be going there. Saturday is ozzfest, featuring a black sabbeth reunion. I will see you all later, i will right again probably on sunday. See ypou all later. Sorry if these mailings are lacking lately, just PLEASE participate, send some letters, ask some questions.

see you all in hell
carne de vaca ben garber

The play above is now available only in mp3. I was planning on going to the toasters because i heard they were aswsome, but then i heard they were ska and i HATED ska, and so i decided the toasters suck and didn't go. By the time I wrote these notes, I still hadn't heard the toasters. Also, Carl Perkins hadn't really died yet. I died about a year later. I don't know where I got the idea he had just died. How wacky is that?[

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